Chapter 276. Fiercely Fighting Cave Beasts


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Chapter 275. Frightened Monster Den

Chapter 277. Breaking In Together

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The team had three mages with an element of fire: Mo Fan, Song Xia, Zhao Min Yue.

And all three of them immediately used “flaming bones” on the plants that interfered with the view.

As soon as the vines were burned, the team noticed that suddenly there were two caves.

Ahead and behind there are likely to be a huge number of groups of terrifying cave creatures. Of course, you can block the passage of magic, but you still need to be afraid of unexpected attacks. A whole team of seventeen people were scared to death by such a sudden attack. In such a turbulent situation, it is easy to wound teammates with your spells!

“Rather, destroy the second cave,” came the angry voice of Liu Zheng He.

Mo Fan did not expect this at all. This man, of course, became proud, and he was driving very badly. Surely it was he who ordered to burn the vines.

Of paramount importance now was to deal with the monsters from the second cave. After all, they can try to attack the group. Magic power to destroy the monsters is more than enough. However, there is one detail that complicated everything. This detail is the biggest drawback of magicians before the beasts – this is a close combat, which animals can easily impose if they attack unexpectedly.

They can attack with their bones in the melee, and then their power will be like the strength of a thousand gold hammers.

Of course, every member of the team was an outstanding magician. However, not everyone could take control of themselves and their forces at such a moment. That guy, whose name is Xiao Feng, just got into this situation. He was simultaneously attacked by two cave creatures on both sides!

“” Mirror Shield! “” – Xiao Feng immediately used his protective object at the moment of danger.

However, the monster’s monster worked well. One of the monsters tried to bone-pierce Xiao Feng, but could not. Seeing this, the second cave creature immediately attacked the unprotected part of the body – the shin!

Bone quickly hit the guy’s leg, he had absolutely no time to dodge the attack, from which he made such a sound that all his hair stood on end.

“Aaaaaaa! Help! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! He did not have time to remove his foot from the blow. He had just been all right, and now his leg was almost completely loosened. Damaged meat and blood immediately dyed his pants in the appropriate color.

His knee was completely broken. Everything was covered in blood. And the young man himself painfully fell to the ground. Xiao Feng immediately crawled toward his comrades – the natural reaction of a man who was threatened with death.

In such a state, not only to use magic, not to faint – an achievement. Although these magicians are different from ordinary people: their spiritual strength is enough for a lot. However, in such a situation, when the shin was shattered …

“Ice field!”

Everyone noticed what had happened to Xiao Feng, who had stepped aside from the group, rushed to his aid one by one. The first was Mu Ning Xue and her ice element.

The ice quickly covered the space around the monsters, and then began to freeze them.

“You can’t save him with an ice field!” Said Peng Liang, noticing an ice spell. He knew that instantly freezing the animals would not work, and if he slowed down, Xiao Feng would be cut into pieces.

However, when Peng Liang looked up at Xiao Feng again, he saw that the movements of the sinners slowed down.

Only a second passed, and the hind limbs of the beasts froze to death, and then the monsters were completely covered with ice.

Cave creatures attacked in order to kill a man, but did not notice how their body was completely frozen. All they could do was scream madly.

Very quickly, moving monsters turned into ice statues.
Peng Liang opened his mouth, he could not believe what had happened. Usually, the ice field spell needs about four seconds to freeze the target. However, Mu Ning Xue took less than two to turn the monsters into statues. This is indeed a sorcerer with a spiritual level of magic even stronger than usual!

“Ah-a-and-a-ah!” – Xiao Feng is still painfully cried. Peng Liang quickly used “escape the shadow” and instantly delivered the young man to a safe place.

“Leave it to me,” said Bai Ting Ting, who was well defended in the center of the team.

At the moment when Peng Liang laid the wounded Xiao Feng on earth, Bai Ting Ting had already formed the constellation of the element of healing. Pale green rays of light fell on Xiao Feng’s wounded leg.

The rays penetrated the wound, healing it. Xiao Feng immediately became better, he even stopped shouting painfully.

“I will ease your pain. I will need time for treatment, ”said Bai Ting Ting to the white-faced Xiao Feng.

Xiao Feng wiped the mixture of nozzles and tears on his face. He almost just broke up with life, so he had no strength to speak.

“Help other people first. I … everything is fine with me, ”the healing spell acted, among other things, as anesthesia.

“Xiao Feng, are you alright?” Asked Min Cong, who still had a lightning bolt in his hand.

“I almost died. It’s good that Ning Xue intervened quickly, ”Xiao Feng wiped sweat from his forehead. He knew that now is not the time to scratch with tongues. The most important thing now is to get rid of the threat of attack from two caves.


And in front of the group was the draft beast Zheng Bin Xiao – the cave demon. Even despite the fact that he had a stone body, he still got from the cave creatures. The bones of these animals mercilessly smashed half the body of a poor draft animal.

“Zheng Bing Xiao, call off your draft animal,” came the voice of Zhao Man Yan.

Zheng Bing Xiao sent the crippled cave demon back into the call-out world. At the same time, the young man noticed a water mist that appeared from somewhere. Zheng Bing Xiao turned and saw that Zhao Man Yan was using a mid-level water element spell. A seething water wave, as if uncontrolled no longer by an invisible dam, rushed forward into the tunnel.

The storm wave raged, boiled and swept toward the group of cave creatures, which after a moment were in the epicenter of the spell. Monsters continued to carry the flow of water.

As soon as someone applied mid-level magic, she immediately gave a noticeable result. A huge number of monsters in front was exposed to spells.

“Let me”

Sun Xia screamed, and a mid-level fire element spell formed in her hand.

After the wave of Zhao Man Yang passed through seven or eight monsters, they could hardly stand up, and those who could rise were terrified to death by the next spell.

A red light illuminated the entire tunnel. Cave creatures in both caves could not evade or hide from a huge fist. The cries of animals froze in one last cry, after which they turned into handfuls of ash. The smell of burnt meat filled the whole tunnel.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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