Chapter 277. Breaking In Together


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Chapter 276. Fiercely Fighting Cave Beasts

Chapter 278. After killing monsters

Cave creatures howled. They were afraid that middle-level magicians would hit everyone in their path.Therefore, the corpses in front of reaching the monsters helped follow the next.

Mid level magic is strong. However, she could not cope with such a strategy: the front ones fall – the rear ones take the place of them. “Bone Hammer” was getting closer and closer to the heroes.

“Beat, beat them to death! In no case do not let them get close to us, otherwise everything here and we will get bogged down! ”Li Zheng He shouted loudly.

Now, nobody spared magic. Entry-level magic transformed the battlefield: flashes of flame everywhere, ice fields, lightning, and spells of light. The passage shimmered in different colors, from time to time there were explosions.

In order to form an average magic level, you need forty-nine stars. The speed of casting a spell leaves much to be desired. And in such a bloody battle, where every second could cost you your life, the monsters could not allow the magicians to complete the formation of the star system.

In order to finish a mid-level spell you need anywhere from three to six seconds.

It was lucky that the team was numerous, as many as seventeen medium-level magicians without interruption conjured. Some spells combined with each other, giving a particularly devastating effect. From time to time someone used mid-level magic to kill animals even more effectively. It can be said that the position has stabilized slightly. From the very beginning of the battle, the magicians did not allow the animals to a distance of twenty meters.

Monsters running in the front row were living targets. They had no chance to survive in such a fire.

However, the danger came from the second cave: it was unknown how many ugly monsters were there.

“Watch out!” Said Bai Ting Ting, noticing something strange about Liao Ming Xuan.

Liao Ming Xuan quickly responded and changed location using the “flash pitch”.

A cave monster of stronger constitution struck a bone in the place where Liao Ming Xuan’s head had recently been.

“Damn it! But why don’t you take rest!

In total, there were three more caves.Monsters didn’t come out of the two, as if they cleaned up the quality.However, the remaining third cave was large. And the monsters from there ran out at least ten. Some have already used their protective items, Bai Ting Ting has not ceased to heal …

“Mo Fan, let’s go in there together,” said Mu Ning Xue, pointing to a large cave.

“Is it worth it to worry about it?”, – Mo Fan didn’t really want to go there. God knows how many monsters there are.It may well be that after entering there, you can no longer return.

Mu Ning Xue did not want to talk in vain with Mo Fan. She used the element of wind and quickly snuck inside a huge, impenetrably dark cave.

Mo Fang was all that remained to selflessly follow the beautiful Mu Ning Xue.

Once in the cave, the heroes noted that it was large, about two times larger and wider than their tunnel. It seems that the hostel of these cave creatures is nothing. Here you dad now and fry!

Mo Fan concentrated the flames in two hands. In the left palm was the spell “burning bones”, in the right palm the “shock wave”. The young man did not care if there were monsters or not, he was banging, and then it will be clear. And if he does not kill anyone, then at least he will light the space around …

“Shockwave” consecrated the cave in red. Mo Fan’s eyes looked at the sparks and the cave. Unexpectedly, the young man noticed one thing. The cave was through!

“Your mother! It is not surprising that the cave creatures felled from here in such numbers. This cave is through, animals from other caves can easily get here, ”Mo Fan involuntarily swore.

Mu Ning Xue was ahead. Mo Fan saw only her cold, proud, graceful silhouette. The “wind path” she used was faster than the others. A talented and courageous girl overcame the cave and went to the through part of it, from where the monsters came.

The ice saucer not only froze the air around Mu Ning Xue, but also allowed her to better feel unusual things around her. This extended even to those areas that were not visible.

As she passed through the cave, four pairs of blue eyes lit up in the dark.

Cave monsters not only possessed night vision, they also perfectly hid in the dark. They waited for the charming Mu Ning Xue to come here.Few of the monsters guessed that the nicknames were already stretched ice claws.

Four cave creatures shrieked and attacked Mu Ning Xue from all four sides.

Mu Ning Xue stopped, her eyes sparkled in a fierce, icy glare.

Ice Dungeon

Elemental star system was already ready in advance. It is ridiculous that these monsters really believed that they hid well.

From nowhere, an unusually strong ice dungeon appeared, which immediately struck all four monsters at once !!!

Cave creatures immediately hung in the air, connected by chains of spells.

“Grinding bones!”

Mu Ning Xue screamed the second part of the name, then the ice dungeon squeezed the victims with amazing force.

There was a terrible sound of broken bones. All four monsters stopped resisting. In an instant, all four lost their lives.

Since Mo Fan’s arsenal didn’t have a moving spell, when he caught up with Mu Ning Xue, he saw how “ice dungeon, grinding of bones” killed monsters. Standing in the midst of four corpses, Mu Ning Xue turned to Mo Fang, slowly looked at him and, without saying a word, carried herself forward using the “wind path”.

Mo Fan is also silent. As soon as the young man was going to rush to catch up with the girl, he felt that the dark talisman vibrated.

“Similarly, these little souls can be transformed into a full-fledged soul,” he immediately recalled Mo Fan and quickly took the souls of all four monsters.

The souls of animals can be collected in a very short period after their death.If you do not do this, they will simply dissipate.

Having finished with this, Mo Fan ran for Mu Ning Xue. Who would have thought that she would be so decisive in intent to kill cave creatures. She did not feel any pity peculiar to ordinary girls. On the way, while Mo Fan ran for Mu Ning Xue, he found frozen corpses.

Mo Fan resolutely took their souls.With great difficulty, he noticed somewhere in the distance an attractive body of a girl. But after a moment, she was gone.

From this Mo Fan could not stand it, and with a downcast gaze, he cursed: “Bl *, why I am haunted by the obsessive feeling that I’m like a small level character in a dungeon in some kind of online game where everyone does everything for me ?

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