Chapter 278. After killing monsters


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Chapter 277. Breaking In Together

Chapter 279. Escape from the Cave

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There was a knock.

Fierce creatures were everywhere.

This time, the meeting of Mu Ning Xue with the cave creatures was not so smooth. On the one hand, there were seven of them, and on the other hand, her ice magic needed time.

In this cave it was impossible to release the magic element of the wind of the middle level, as it was too crowded. Mu Ning Xue could use the wind path only to delay time while the ice magic stopped them.

However, these creatures were not so stupid. Seeing that ice chains covered their legs, they immediately began to beat them, turning them into a pile of white powder.

Moo Ning Xue was struck by their similar behavior, and she had no choice but to continue backing away.

“I will have to wait for him,” Mu Ning Xue thought ruefully.

Mu Ning Xue and herself understood how much she butted. It was not clear when Mo Fan, who did not have the ability to move quickly, could come to the rescue.

If he were here now, using the magic of fire and lightning, destroyed them. She did not possess the magic of such destructive power.

“You need to use a magic item” – thought Mu Ning Xue.

She had already used the path of the wind, her next attempt might have been unsuccessful.

“Jianjun / Thunder of Lightning!”

Out of the darkness, a silhouette suddenly appeared, the body of which was already surrounded by numerous lightning.

Following Mo Fang’s decree, these lightning bolts aimed at the creatures that were chasing Mu Ning Xue.

The spiritual magic of the lightning element with the Jianjun seed instantly turned one of the animals into a pile of black roasted meat.

Seeing Mo Fang, Mu Ning Xue’s eyes flashed.

Breathing heavily, she quickly moved closer to Mo Fang.

“One, two, three, four, five … six – just right!” – smiled Mo Fan. There was still lightning energy in his left hand, and suddenly a flame appeared in his right hand.

More recently, he could not let out his burning fist, so as not to hurt Mu Ning Xue, now that she was standing next to him, he did not need to stand on ceremony.

“Fire Rose / Flaming Fist / Concussion!”

The flaming fist of the fire element, as a rule, covered the whole space, especially if it is so close.

Burning fire violently attacked the cave creatures – their screams were not enough to stop him.

Mo Fan Fan’s fist with the seed of a fiery rose had increased cruelty. When Zhao Man Yan and Song Xia released a flaming fist / shaking, they destroyed 7-8 cave animals at a time. Flame Mo Fan has twice the great destructive effect, causing unbearable suffering to the doomed.

Mu Ning Xue stood beside her and looked at Mo Fan, as he confidently behaves, felt the hot breath coming from him … A shiver ran through her body unwittingly.

Mo Fan, who made the impression of a man from whom speechlessness was lost, now he has changed simply beyond recognition. Even when she was small, Mu Ning Xue understood one thing: only if there is enough power, a person has the right to choose. Thinking then that their roads would disappear forever from Mo Phan, she could not even think that they would meet again as magicians of equal abilities.

“Am I not really cool?” Mo Fan said with a brow.

“This time you appeared faster than I expected,” Mu Ning Xue replied.

“Ha-ha,” Mo Fan smiled, thinking to himself, “Can shadow magic be slow?” Speaking in lofty words, this is what it means to rush headlong to the rescue of a teammate! ”

Fragments of the flame burned out everywhere, illuminating the situation ahead.

Mu Ning Xue, looking ahead, said: “There is a further turn.”

“Which leads to the next batch of beasts,” said Mo Fan.

“Yeah, go ahead already.”


15 people were still unable to cope with the cave beasts. The remains of two lay here, and it was not known how many of them are still found here.

Fortunately, there could be no side threats. It remained to defend the front and rear. They were divided by 7 people on each side to track the cave creatures.

“Behind there is another pile of cave beasts”

“Calm down, they will not risk breaking through here to attack”

“Strange, behind them is heard some roar …”

“No matter how many of them, they will again try my burning fist.”

Sun Xia sent a fiery fist and the result was expected: she killed four.

Everyone could not understand why the beasts, pouring in one large stream, now met in such a scattered way …

“Fire rose / flaming fist / braking!”

“Ice plate / ice dungeon / grinding of bones!”

Magic boy and girl suddenly heard from the dark. Deadly magic turned all the accumulations of beasts into ashes.

The magic of ice fixed the beasts, and the magic of fire destroyed them. Strong vibrations of the braking effect pushed paralyzed creatures right into the boiling flame!

The magic of the middle level with spiritual seeds destroyed all the cave creatures behind. Their fiery ice union destroyed at least 120 individuals!

“This is Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue!”

“How did they get behind the herd?”

“Well mother! That’s for sure! ”

Everyone was literally dumbfounded, their faces flashed.

These two defended the rear of everyone else!

While seven people from both sides were trying to resist the beasts, these two scattered all the creatures from the back side!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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