Chapter 279. Escape from the Cave


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Chapter 278. After killing monsters

Chapter 280. Just D

There were many cave creatures, but students could use mid-level magic. Slave-like animals of this kind could not withstand mid-level magic.

The cave creatures, having understood that they had suffered a complete rout, began to run out of the cave.

They ran randomly, but there were still a lot of them left. The fragments of the corpses of beasts were strewn all over the iron path.

Mu Ning Xue released snow, and seeing that in the tunnel (pp: the tunnel that passed through the mountain, inside was divided into caves, which were created by cave creatures) there is not a single living cave creature that froze everything inside the cave even more.

The ice wave turned into an ice wall, which sealed the way out of their dormitory cave creatures. Mu Ning Xue thus killed several beasts with one spell.

“We are going faster! There is no need to kill them anymore, ”Mu Ning Xue told everyone else.

The railway tunnel was so narrow that the magicians of the elements of wind and lightning could not release their average magic level. No one knows how many cave creatures are left alive buried inside. Only those that escaped survived.

“Come on!” Liu Zheng He shouted loudly.

The team went ahead, and behind it came a roar and a rattle of monsters claws.

Xu Da Lun, Zhao Min Yue, Jing Jing and the rest were exhausted, and only now were able to breathe freely with a full breast.

“Forest dungeon!”

Jing Jing was finally able, under the cover of her comrades, to release the magic of plants of the middle level, which blocked the entrance to the cave with prickly shrubs and vines.

The forest dungeon, leaving no stone unturned, covered everything with flowers. The guys in the tail group – Xu Da Lun, Zhao Ming Yue, Shen Ming Xiao, Jing Jing and the rest – were quick to join the team that had gone ahead.

“Elementals of the earth, use the earthen wave!” – loudly commanded Liu Zheng He.

Xu Da Lun and Luo Sun together released ground waves that made the ground under their feet go folds. Now the whole team could run even faster.

The two-kilometer tunnel was filthy and smelly. There you could see the corpses of animals and a large amount of feces. The pursuers were behind, but the students, not paying attention, ran along the railway …

“Ahead light appeared! Soon we can go outside! ”Shouted Liu Zheng He, who was ahead of everyone.

Liu Zheng He has already called on his lyudovolka, so that he cleared the road, going ahead. It seemed that success was already guaranteed.

The rest of the team, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, also added speed.

When you suddenly come out of the darkness into a bright light, it’s hard to open your eyes. Coming out of there, everyone immediately began to wash – the well-being of everyone improved noticeably!

“Count people, count people!” – Liu Zheng He looked preoccupied. From the moment they left the tunnel, he did not relax for a minute.

“We have everything!” – Liao Min Xuan quickly counted 8 people from his university.

Sun Xia, too, quickly began to count, and having counted to 8, her face changed: “We lack one!”.

There were 9 people in the Mingzhu team, including Bai Ting Ting with a healing element. Ms. Sun Xia already counted everyone the second time, and still it wasn’t enough for one.

“Who is missing?” Mu Nu Jiao asked excitedly.

“Peng Liang is here, Luo Song too, Zhao Man Yan … Oh god No to Mo Fanya! ”Said Song Xia, startled.

“Let’s go save him!” Said Zhao Man Yan, gathering to return to the cave.

Mu Nu Jiao, too, without hesitation, decided to support Zhao Man Yan. However, a beautiful silhouette with an ice haze ahead of her.

“Do not rush you so most likely, he has already turned into a pate, staying there,” said Shen Min Xiao.

Having escaped from there with such difficulty, Shen Ming Xiao would never agree to return there again. There is dirty and stinks. In addition, more than half of his magical energy has already been exhausted. He was not willing to risk his life.

“Who do you think turned into a pate?” Said the voice of the silhouette that emerged from the shadows.

“E * bah, how did you scare me!” – Zhao Man Yan, seeing Mo Fang, cursed.

The rest also stopped and took a breath.

Almost to lose one before reaching the city … Who knew what lies ahead for them?

“Where have you gone? I remember that from the very beginning you always walked ahead. ”Mu Nu Jiao looked at Mo Fang in amazement.


In the eyes of Mu Nu Well, Jiao expressed doubt. However, Mo Fan did not answer, but she did not question further.

“Well, if so, then we’ll get out of here faster. We need to find a place to eat and rest, ”said Song Xia.

“Yes, let’s go faster, otherwise I am terribly hungry.”

“My head is already spinning … So much magical energy has been consumed.”

“How is Xiao Feng doing?”

“The bone is still growing, you have to wait …” – said Bai Ting Ting.

At the entrance to the tunnel, everyone was self-confident, and at the exit from it – exhausted, covered with dirt and abrasions.

Xiao Feng suffered the most. Peng Liang is now fully dedicated to caring for him.

The good news is that the team had a healing magician, otherwise they would have lost one of their own without reaching the city!

Having found a water source in the vicinity of the railway, and making sure that there were no animals nearby, everyone began to settle in for a halt.

At nightfall, the guys sat down by the fire, and the fire was reflected on their young faces.

The night was calm, only the sound of the fire was heard. Suddenly, Zhao Man Yan calmly asked: “Are they really swimming there now?”

“Yes, Mu Well Jiao and Mu Ning Xue are also there.”

Everyone started to play hormones. Someone regularly swallowed, someone licked his lips, and someone constantly looked in that direction.

“Peng Liang, go there, see what and how. You have an element of shadow, they are unlikely to notice you. ”

“This is … This is not very good,” answered Peng Liang confusedly.

Even saying that this is not very good, Peng Liang prepared to fulfill the request. His body turned into a black silhouette and dissolved into the shadow of the trees.

Seeing this transformation, the guys admired … Well, why did they fail to awaken the element of the shadow …

“Wow, how the forest was covered with ice …”.

“We can assume that it was revealed. Ha ha ha. Peng Liang does not know the magic of our commander in chief! Her magic reacts to the slightest magical movement in the vicinity, Peng Liang fell through! ”- began to laugh Xu Da Long.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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