Chapter 28: Founder’s answer


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“How long have you been crying? Stand up, Sasha”

As I spoke, she slowly turned her crying, swollen red eyes.

“It’s too early to give up”

“… Can I erase me instead of Misha?”

Nominative change “I can do it if I can or can’t. It was <>? Missha’s rejection must be triggered because you are immature.”

He turned his eyes on Misha’s appeal.

“that is not allowed”

“Relieve. I won’t do that.”

This time Sasha said.


“I wasn’t there at first. It’s strange that Sasha sacrifice.”

Sasha and Misha appeal to me. They should cover each other and disappear.

Yeah, how healthy. But unfortunately their claims are not my style.

“Speaking of which, there was such a question in the suitability test.

Looking back on the content of the entrance examination, I said.

“Suppose we have a daughter who is powerful but poorly qualified by a demon king, and a son who has no power but is well-qualified as a demon king. Which one should you save? State your thoughts at this time. ”

I turned to them and asked.

“What is the correct answer?”

“Skilled person”

Misha answered.


“No matter how powerful the demons are, they are not reincarnated.

So that’s it. It’s like this era. At present, with emphasis on pedigree and aptitude, that may be the right answer.

“That’s wrong.”

Misha stares at me.

“Do you reincarnate in someone with power?”

If you choose the former, the idea is that the one with power is the Demon King. But–

“It’s also wrong.”

Misha blinked her eyes as if she did not understand.

“Who is the one who asks which one to save in the first place? The ancestor said when he could only save one, the curse of God? Why do I bow down like God?”

I headed for Sasha and Misha, and said dignifiedly.

“The correct answer is to save two and the Holy Grail.”

You know what I mean. Powerless, but Sasha certainly stood up.

“We’ll both help”

“… but how do you …? I can’t understand without thinking like that. Our body and soul are originally one, and we can’t keep it in two. You can’t live long if you only have half your soul. Reincarnation is the same. ”

Sasha argues that it is impossible. But she stood still. If you knew it was impossible, why did you get up?

You are expecting it. You bet on a little hope. Just like a team-by-group competition test, I’m overturning this common sense.

I can’t live without meeting those expectations.

“The cause is that you were originally one.”

“… So you can’t do that …?”

“No, it’s a simple logic. Then just do two things.”

Sasha opens his eyes wide and reveals surprises.

“How do you do that?”

“Change the past”

Sasha ceased to speak. I guess he didn’t think the past could be changed. But true magic transcends even lightly.

At this level, I can’t say it’s easy.

Time operation “For about 15 years, go back with <>”

Then Misha said,

“If I change the past, I will not be born”

Separation and fusion reincarnation “… Yes. The magic of <> was the first time Misha was born. If we were twins from the beginning, Misha here is now gone. Absent……”

Even if you change the past, Misha will not be born this time. It is literally occupied in all directions and impossible.

But what destroys even the impossible is the Demon King.

“The two separate souls, the roots, are destined to return to one day, so why not just have another root?”

“What’s that?”

Separation and fusion reincarnation “If there is another Sasha. If another Sasha is divided by <>, Sasha and Misha whose roots are also halved will be born.”

Mid-stunned they are listening to me.

“Sasha fuses with Sasha and Misha with Misha. It’s a simple addition, and you’ll be born with two complete roots.”

“… I don’t know what it is … If I’m another, maybe that’s where I’m? There’s that magic to make the exact same person?”

“Unfortunately, no magic can produce the same person. There is only one source in this world.”

“Well then, isn’t it impossible?”

“No, I can’t create the same person, but I can go see another person.”


“I told you you can go back in time. You are in the past and you are now.”

As expected, Sasha and Misha have an expression that they do not understand. Time manipulation They do not know the concept of time that arises when using the origin magic <>. In mythological times, how many demons could change the past a few seconds ago.

“In other words, send the roots of the two who are here now, fifteen years ago. There are roots of your newborn. The roots were originally one now and in the past. Misha and Sasha Is the same person, of course, but the past Misha and the present Misha are the same person, and the two sources try to return to one, then the source of the past Misha and the present Misha And Sasha is the same. ”

“……What it will be……?”

“In essence, fifteen years ago, you were born twins.”

There are various rules for past modification, and it is troublesome. If someone notices that a twin has been born, a time inconsistency arises and past modifications will not work. So do it so that no one notices, even the world realizes.

Separation and fusion reincarnation “The past is altered, but you, Ivis, and Misha misunderstand that Misha was born in <>. The only thing that changes is that Misha is here at midnight tomorrow. ”

Sasha said, saying incredible.

“… Can I really do that …?”

I nodded clearly.

“Can the royal family use origin magic?”

“I can use it …”

When she looked at Misha, she nodded.

The time manipulation “You use <> because you go back in the past and nothing happens. Your roots go back in the past, and Misha and Sasha were originally born.”

“… Wait, I know the basics of origin magic, but that great magic isn’t very …”

Demon King Army “I used <> for that”

The Demon King’s Army The three of us are connected by the magic line of <>. I can pour my magic into them and help them exercise through magic lines.

Demon Eye “Leave me the magic and the exercise of magic. One thing you do is look at the origin with it. There are two sources of interest.”

I raised my fingers up.

Time operation “One is your own origin. Look at the time when you were on your mother’s stomach. It determines the time <> goes back.”

If you can see exactly the origin of those days, you can go back 15 years.

“Another. This is important, but the origin of the power of helping to establish magic is the founder of the Demon King.”

Origin magic uses the rule that older ones have more magic. It’s not a simple story to say that if I get help from me two thousand years ago, I should give my help now. In using the magic of origin, it is much stronger to get help from me two thousand years ago. The age of 2,000 years increases the magic power and strengthens the magic.

Well, there is no way to explain the troublesome magic concept. Fast talk, one thing to say.

Time manipulation “Is it okay? I am the founder. The demon king of violence you believe is a fake made. Believe me as the founder, use the origin magic. Otherwise <> will not succeed.”

Misha and Sasha look away. And they nodded each other as if determined.


Said Misha.

“Either way, I have no choice but to rely on you anymore. If only a little is possible, I believe I’m a devil.”

Yes, Sasha said.

“Don’t forget that word”

Time control I hold my hand and draw a solid magic circle of <> in the room. In the blink of an eye, Sasha and Misha formed a magical formula that transcended time. Concentrate on consciousness to exercise magic.

It was that time.

A loud noise is heard, and the ceiling collapses.

The collapsed rubble pile follows the gravity and pours into this place. And there was a shadow that fell faster and straighter than that.

The moment my eyes caught the skeleton’s face, he was already just a few centimeters away. In his hand is a jet-black magic sword, as if he had condensed the night.

A gem of a mythological era. The evil evil sword easily broke through my anti-magic, breached the skin, slashed the flesh, and certainly penetrated the heart.

Fresh blood scatters.

“… Anossu …!”

Sasha screams like a scream.

“Farewell. It’s a strong demons you don’t know.”

One of the Seven Demon Elders, Ivis Necron, whispered low and pushed a magic sword into my chest just to stop.

“… Sasha …”

“… I know!”

Creative architecture Misha uses the magic of <> to cover Ivis’s body with a steel prison. At that moment, Sasha puts as much magic into .


In addition to falling rubble, objects around you make a noise and shatter at once.

“It should be quiet”

Ivis waved one hand. is sealed off and the steel prison is broken. The magic of <> was activated, and a chain of magic tied Sasha and Misha.

Separation and fusion reincarnation “You are important vessels. It is good to be calm. It will be soon. <> Is completed, and the founder will be reincarnated here.”

Ivis looks up to the sky and looks at the falling moonlight.

Separation and fusion reincarnation “Hm.

Astonished, Ivis saw me with a sword stuck in his heart.

“… It’s ridiculous … The wound of the magic sword gaddle should not heal …”

Certainly, the recovery magic did not work at all. But that’s all.

“Did you think I would die just to crush my heart?”

I grab Ivis’s face. I dared to hit him to get him to this close range.

“I thought it was about time to come, Ivis Necron. I applied the fusion magic that I studied over a thousand years to my offspring. I can’t seem to overlook the ruin of being spoiled.”

Draw a magic circle inside his body. Demon in mythic times cannot pass half-life magic.

“Bad, but I don’t have time to play. I’ll get you out soon.”

Hitting the condensed magic into the inside of Ivis at a stretch.

Hellfire annihilator “<>”

At the moment, the jet-black sun that emerges inside Ivis tears the anti-magic of the stretched-out man into shreds and collapses the body from inside. Black light began to leak from Ivis’s body and burst greatly.

“Gu … but uh … what is this magic … this is stupid … not only knowledge of magic, but this is stronger than me …?!?”

Ivis, a blown-out gun, is desperately trying to resist the raging <> in his body.

“Hmm. As expected, it’s quite mythical demons.”

I withdraw the evil sword gaddle from my heart.

“I can’t heal the wound of this magic sword.”

A magic sword gaddle was thrown at Ivis. The jet-black sword pierces the skull of Ivis as if inhaled.

The momentum still ceased, and his body floated in the air, and was immediately attached to the wall with a magic sword.

“Gu ………………”

Is it such a place? Not dead, but at least not for a while.

Restricted Demon Chain I used anti-magic to cut <> that is binding Sasha and Misha.

“Are you safe?”

The two nodded.

HM. 15 seconds left until midnight? I could afford. However, when it comes to altering the past, it’s the real thing.

“Now, the final touch. Trust me.”

Time manipulation Pours magic into the constructed magic circle and activates the origin magic <>.

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