Chapter 28 Huoling Stone Veins


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Chu Xingyun left the room and just came to the courtyard, when he saw Shui LiuXiang.

This time, she wore a white gauze skirt, stood at the door with her head raised slightly, and looked at the sky with some ecstasy. This scene was like an absolute picture scroll, which made Chu Xingyun a little reluctant.

“Brother Yun, you’re out of closed cultivation?” Seemingly, Shuixiang looked back at Chu Xingyun, and immediately a touch of moving laughter appeared on her face, and she came over quickly.

“Did I worry you?” Chu Xingyun stepped forward, holding LiuXiang’scheeks in both of his hands, and his eyes became softer.

Shuixiang saw the gentle eyes of Chu Xingyun, and a tinge of red rose on his face.

Although she was Chu Xingyun’s wife, she did not perform the courtesy of husband and wife. She was shy about such intimacy.

“Brother Yun, can I ask you a question?” Suddenly, a glimmer of light flashed through the beautiful eyes of the Shuixiang.

“Ask.” Chu Xingyun nodded.

“During this period, whenever I start to practice, there will be a strange cold in my body. Under the influence of this cold, my inner spirit will dissipate by itself, and I can not communicate with the world at all, and gather martial artifact.”

Shui LiuXiang frowned and seemed to have been bothered for a long time, and some of the frustrated way said, “Does this situation mean that my talent is too low to cultivate like ordinary people?”

“Hasn’t martial artifact been gathered yet?” Chu Xingyun was surprised to hear Shui LiuXiang.

On that day, he had just returned from Baibao Tower to Chu Town, and he heard Chu Hu say that after three days of closure of Shui LiuXiang, martial artifact had not been condensed.

It’s a little strange that the Shui LiuXiang had not yet condensed martial artifact in the past ten days.

After all, in Chu Xingyun’s cognition, martial artifact is the basis of practice. Ordinary people only need one or two days to get together successfully, and no later than seven days.

Chu Xingyun stretched out his hand and laid it on the shoulder of Shuixiang. A weak spiritual force spread along his arm, slowly flowing in the body of Shuixiang, and finally completed a big Sunday.

“Five Zang-organs and six Fu-organs are not damaged, and the meridians are normal. The only deficiency is weak constitution.”

Chu Xingyun retracted his hand and laughed at the scent of the water. “To gather martial artifact, we need to communicate with heaven and earth. In this process, we must be physically and mentally integrated, without any slack. The reason why you failed is mostly because your constitution is too weak.”

You know, in the past sixteen years, the fragrance of water has not lived as well as the rest of the people, not to mention the cultivation of resources, even three meals a day, it is very difficult to guarantee, the constitution is naturally very weak.

“What about the cold? Where did it come from? Shui LiuXiang asks again.

“I have just checked carefully that there is no cold in your body. In my opinion, this cold mostly comes from your martial artifact. Although you can’t cohere, the breath martial artifact can affect you and begin to swallow up the spiritual power of heaven and earth. Such a martial artifact should be of high rank.”

Chu Xingyun’s words finally let Shui LiuXiang drop the big stone in her heart, and she thought that she had no training talent and would drag Chu Xingyun all her life.

“During this period, you don’t need to rush to gather martial artifact, take nourishing potions first, nourish your body well, when weakness is completely removed, martial artifact will naturally be able to condense.” Chu Xingyun smiled faintly and gave Shuixiang an encouraging look.

“Young Master!” At this moment, Chu Xingyun heard the cry, and even saw Chu Hu appear outside the door, rushing over, with a trace of ecstasy on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Xingyun also felt the unusual appearance of Chu Hu.

“Master, you’re out of closed cultivation. If you’re a few days late, I was going to break in.” Chu Hu’s eyes exuded brilliance. What he said made Chu Xingyun more doubtful. He didn’t know what it meant.

Seemingly aware of Chu Xingyun’s doubts, Chu Hu took a deep breath and began to talk.

A few days ago, a mine under Chu’s control suddenly collapsed, revealing a cave. After entering the cave, you can clearly feel the hot and dry gas. Further on, there is actually a vein of fire spirit.

Fire stone, with hexagonal crystal shape and hot gas, is a rare mineral. If it is used to forge the blade, it can make the blade hot and powerful.

The Fire vein, estimated to be hundreds of meters long, if fully exploited, would be tantamount to having a golden mountain, enough to make all families envy and blush.

Compared with the excitement of Chu Hu, Chu Xingyun is still calm and calm.

As an old monster who has lived for thousands of years, he knows a lot, and how can he be surprised and overwhelmed by a vein of fire spirit?

“Since the fossil veins have been discovered, they should be exploited as soon as possible. What shall I do when I get out of the gate?” Chu Xingyun knows how important a vein of fire spirit is to the Chu family.

With Chu Hu’s character, it should be exploited at the first time. Why wait for Chu Xingyun to leave the customs?

“Do you know, young master, the cave along with the fire vein also has some kind of condensed gas, if taken into the body causes the person to lose his spiritual power.” Chu Hu sighed.

He also knows how precious the fossil veins are, and if they drag on, they are likely to be discovered by other families.

But in that fog, he had no way but to consult Chu Xingyun after he left closed cultivation.

Chu Xingyun was stunned when he heard Chu Hu’s words.

As far as he knows, most of the places where the fossil veins exist are hot and intolerable, such as this bad place, there will be no spiritual beasts, and there will be no fog, moreover, this fog is so strange that it can make spiritual power become violent.

“Can you say…” Suddenly, Chu Xingyun flashed a bright light in his mind, which seemed to be what he thought of.

He looked at Chu Tiger and asked, “Is there a slight sweetness in that cave besides the mist?”

“How do you know, Master?” Chu Hu stared at him, feeling a little incredible. He replied, “Yes, there is indeed a slight sweet taste in the cave. The deeper it goes, the heavier it will be.”

“Then I understand what’s going on.” Chu Xingyun’s mouth slightly raised a curvature and said with a faint smile, “Come on, take me to the mine.”

“OK.” Seeing the self-confidence expression on Chu Xingyun’s face, Chu Hu felt a little excited in his heart.

I don’t know why, since the Family Assembly, Chu Tiger has a special feeling, it seems that as long as there are Chu Xingyun, all confusion and doubts can be solved.

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