Chapter 280. Just D


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Chapter 279. Escape from the Cave

Chapter 281. Entering the desert city

The moon in the clear sky illuminated the plain and the forest. In its rays danced the shadows of trees, the water flowed in the stream.

Near laid out clothes. She was full of different colors and fragrant with pleasant smells.

The crystal clear mountain stream flowed slowly, and although it was slightly cold, no one felt any discomfort.

Under the light of the moon, beautiful girlish bodies looked fascinating, a rare laugh from any of the ladies echoed in her heart. Curls of hair developed from light gusts of wind, and droplets of water flowed down their necks, down their breasts, along their thin waists, onto flat tummies, slowly falling below them, and falling from their hips back into the stream. From this, do not take your eyes off.

“It is impossible to endure!”, – suddenly came the sound from the forest, and again dissolved in the shade of the trees.

“Oh no no no!!”

Zhao Ming Yue, Bai Ting Ting, Mu Nu Jiao and Jing Jing were all utterly swept away and sank back down into the water, turning around, looking for the source of the sound.

“What? What happened? ”Wondered Sun Xia from the shore.

“It seems that there is a man there.”

“With a shadow element.”

“And who is with the element of the shadow?”

“Peng Liang.”

“Yes, exactly, Peng Liang” – they all repeated in chorus.


The strong floor at this time sat by the fire and discussed the affairs of the past and the future. In short, sat and balabolili.

But soon, their comfort was broken, suddenly appeared ladies. Indignation was read on their white faces, and their eyes were burning with anger.

“Who was it?” Sun Xia looked at everyone who was sitting in the circle with a look.

“Like who? Do you know many shadow magicians in our squad? ”- under the onslaught of anger, Jing Jing Peng Liang turned white.

“I what? I just got to the forest, and I don’t know about any streams. Yes, I really did not see anything. ”

“Peng Liang, I never would have thought that you were one of those. As a classmate, I am very ashamed of you, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

“Zhao Man Yan, you …” – Peng Liang felt betrayed.

Just now, all the guys present here insisted on him to go see, enjoy the spectacle, and now they are building people of high moral character in front of the girls.

Peng Liang gave up. He confessed to all his plans, but he did not spy and did not even get to the creek.

“C’mon, Sun Xia wasn’t around to you all the time, but went somewhere nearby.”

“Enough, absolutely lost shame!”

“The shape of a man, the heart – the beast”


The guys sitting around nodded together, and, having calmed down, the girls returned to their tents.

From such a betrayal Peng Liang wanted to cry, he felt humiliated worse than ever.

Pretty soon everyone forgot about what happened. The time is past midnight, and, leaving the sentries, the majority went to bed.

“Mo Fan, where did you go?” – Zhao Man Yan and Mo Fan, and Zhao Man Yan were the first to be the first to watch, noticing that he had departed somewhere, he decided to ask.

“I’m a bit paranoid and went to find out what’s here and how,” Mo Fan answered with a serious air.

“Hmm, if I’m not mistaken, you have the subject of the element of the shadow,” as if without much interest Zhao Man-yan asked.

“Hehe,” Mo Fan was a little embarrassed. Initially, he did not see any flaws in his plan, but as a result Zhao Man Yan was exposed at a glance.

“And How? Who is the best figure? ”- craving for a detailed answer, asked Zhao Man Yan. Suppose he did not see with his own eyes, but he learns only the words of Mo Fan, but for his sexual fantasies this will be enough.

“Now I can only assure you with certainty that Mu Nu Jiao deserves maximum D”

“Come on, how not to twist her figure – candy. Then what kind of figure damn attractive figure pulls on With a score? Well, if you think there is a higher rating than D! ”

“There is someone else whom you haven’t thought of,” as though Mo Fang said anything that did not hint.

“Wow, wow, let’s go do it soon!” – Zhao Man Yan, for waiting, was ready to break Mo Fang.

“Bai Ting Ting has the most.”

“Herasy, you can’t tell by her, but yes, it suits her talents very much!”

“What about Mu Ning Xue? She is a skater of any kind and sexy, and her snow-white skin is enough to be enchanted by her. ”

“Unfortunately, I did not manage to see her beauty. But also fortunately that she was not there. Her ability to feel magic is incredible, and in the place of Peng Lian I would end up ”


A silhouette of a man appeared near the headscarf, he quickly moved through the forest, and, resembling a beast driven into a corner, rushed from one place to another.

Already, near the water, the vigilant Peng Liang caught up with him. It turned out that it was just someone who decided to go to the toilet at night. And after he finished emptying the bladder into the river, he returned to the tents to go to sleep.


The time is long after midnight, the fire has already burned down. On the grass, six tents were placed in complete silence, and in each of them three people peacefully slept.

Zhao Man Yan was patrolling around the campground, and Mo Fan was located on a hill, almost at the very top of the tree. Lying there, his shadow element allowed him not to strain his eyes, as soon as someone casting a shadow appeared, he would undoubtedly know about it.

“Already collected many particles of the souls of monsters, I wonder when the whole spirit will be formed?”

“OU? Began to form! ”

For Mo Fan, it was a pleasant surprise, the souls he had gathered set in motion, the spiritual river boiled, particles gathered together in it, eventually floating up in a cloud of light and frozen over the river.

After, this glow shattered into hundreds of small ones, they collided, repelled, looked like a light war was going on. Of the hundreds left no more than fifty. They froze again and after a short pause continued the fight.

It reached Mo Fang that initially there were as many souls as he caught, then the brighter ones began to devour dull ones and, as a result, there were seven eight. After only one soul remains, its green glow cracks, like a shell, and gradually turns into a brilliant firefly.

“United spirit! The combined spirit turned out again! ”, Mo Fan could not rejoice at what had happened.

Without thinking for a long time, he sent this spirit to the second star of the lightning element, and it increased in size.

“Five more, and my lightning element will reach level four. I do not even know what happens. There are not many magicians in the world who have this kind! It must be something cool! ”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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