Chapter 281. Entering the desert city


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Chapter 280. Just D

Chapter 282. Absolutely Bad Place

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All the way, the students experienced various paths, overcoming various obstacles.

As they walked along the railroad tracks, they encountered various philosophical sayings that made them think. In addition, the heroes were distracted from the contemplation of the beauty of these places the idea that this land belongs to monsters.

Fortunately, after what happened in the tunnel, the heroes did not meet any groups of monsters.

In addition, their magical power was large enough not to die without even starting to fight.

By the time their foot journey lasted for ten days, they saw the city of Jin Lin in the distance. The railroad tracks again passed through the mountain range, however this time everyone unanimously decided not to go into the dark-dark tunnel, but to go through the mountains.

As soon as they climbed the hill, they immediately saw a wide plain.

In the west one could see the endless valley, which was perfectly visible from this point.

In the north, there was a river that ran along the crumbling, overgrown walls of the city. The river went far to the east.

“There is Jin Lin. Fifteen years have not passed, and he has already changed so much, ”said Zheng Bin Xiao, looking into the distance, at the city of Jin Lin.

“Since monsters have sheltered here, it is not surprising that everything now looks exactly like this. All buildings, streets, roads, everything was destroyed beyond recognition. And the plants grew faster due to the large number of monster feces. Moss, grass appeared everywhere, ”Jing Jing said.

“Let’s go, first look for and count the monsters around the city,” said Sun Xia.

Around the city of Jin Lin was a forest plain. If someone needs to restore the city, then first of all you need to find out how many monsters are hiding near the city.

It’s good that they were given the task not to destroy all these monsters, but simply to count them. In the end it was the second city of China. He is just huge. And if we consider that this enormous city has become the habitat of monsters, then even the best-trained and powerful magicians would not stick themselves here to kill monsters without any preparation.What can we say about the rebuilding of the new city.


When the team began to scour the neighborhood of the forest, I was surprised to find that there were no groups of monsters. There were only rare individuals who were looking for food.

Yes, with the search for monsters in the woods, everything was just wonderful. Heroes boldly painted over the forest on the map in green, noting that there are almost no monsters.

“Let’s enter the city already. Let’s start earlier finish earlier. We wander here for so long, but there are no monsters.My heart is restless, ”said Lo Song.

During these ten days, the young man pretty much lost weight. He really did not want to stay here for long.

“How can we do this so quickly? We have a lot of points to check. Well, if we just separate … “, – said Liu Zheng He.

“Moving apart is unwise,” said Sun Xia.

As long as all seventeen people go together, they will be able to confront a large group of monsters. But if you divide, it will be difficult to say whether they can fight monsters as effectively.

“Let’s go, one by one”

Seventeen people began to enter the city. They wanted to go along the main road leading to the city, but it was full of cars, so the heroes went the other way. Apparently, when people fled, then at some point a traffic jam formed and the people decided to flee, leaving the car.

During such disasters, the car is not the best way to travel, because it is heavily dependent on the road.

Passing through the surrounding motorway, the heroes began to fall at home.

At some point, students got a cleft right in the middle of the road from which weeds were growing peacefully. It seems that these weeds have a great will to live, since they have sprouted in such a place.

Inside the houses it was dusty, and outside, many of them were covered with vines of grapes. The windows of the houses were dirty, broken and worn.

The trees that used to grow on the road were now left to themselves and raised in height. Meanwhile, our heroes walked through a lush forest with buildings, into which this part of the city had become. Hearing the roar coming from afar, all the students were alert.

This residential area is the first to be seen at the entrance to the city. It is safe to say that a large group of monsters once lived here. This could be determined by the everywhere encountered dried excrement and bones …

“I am even afraid to imagine what happened here. Such an excellent city, ”said Bai Ting Ting and sighed. She was a sensitive girl, and the atmosphere was intense.

The city was completely empty. In the alleys and streets there was not a living soul. The more the characters peered into the lonely streets and abandoned houses, the more they became sad. All because there was not felt the former, active, boiling life.

Empty, overgrown with weeds, mournful, empty … these are the epithets best suited to describe the city.

“Let’s first find a safe place to stay,” said Shen Min Xiao.

“Since we entered the city, infested with monsters, we are constantly in danger. Therefore, the place where we stay should be safe enough. At least in case of danger, there must be a retreat from this place. And it would be nice to be comfortable there to defend there … ”, said Liu Zheng He.

“Then where would we rather stay?” Asked Song Xia.

“Multi-storey building. We need to take possession of a huge house, from where a good view of the surroundings will open. In addition, it is necessary that other houses should also be close in order to evacuate in case of danger, ”said Liu Zheng He

“Yes, there will be a good view from a high house and we will be able to see in advance when a huge group of monsters will approach us”

“I think that building will do,” said Mo Fan, pointing into the distance.

The gray building towered above the rest. It looked not as dirty as the others. It looks like the rain has tried.

Most importantly, this building is well preserved. And this is a definite plus, not to mention the fact that this is one of the best survey positions in the district.

“The building that you chose … judging by the map is Jin Lin City Hall,” said Sun Xia, smiling, checking the map.

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