Chapter 282. Absolutely Bad Place


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Chapter 281. Entering the desert city

Chapter 283. Predatory Trap

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Having passed through many abandoned residential areas, the heroes began to approach the city hall.

The whole municipality consisted of three levels. On the first was a large hall and several floors. The area of this part of the building was huge. The second part of the building was right on the first and was in the shape of a cube. A distinctive feature of this part of the building was the architecture.

The third part was a high house, which, apparently, had not been allowed to everyone before. This building towered above the rest like a crane among chickens.

“Here, too, need to look. Just something seems strange to me this building. Have you noticed those plants? Instead of reaching for the sun, they sprouted inside a large hall.It is incomprehensible to mind, ”said Jing Jing.

Woo Mu Jiao had an element of plants, so she carefully considered these vines or trees. The branches of this plant were very large. Some were as thick as the human body. They grew up in the windows, doors, ventilation. Even despite the size of the hall, it was all covered with these plants. It seemed that the vines invaded the hall to capture it.

Due to the fact that even the light did not get there, the place became gloomy and scary.

Chairs were scattered everywhere.Everything was covered with dust, and the moss grew even on shards of window glass. Some boxes from the document lay on the floor. It seems that during the disaster, someone tried to save some of the papers. In some places some strange, stinking liquid was spilled.

“One or two will stay here, the rest will go inside,” said Liu Zheng He.

“I will stay,” said Mo Fan.

“I stay too then,” said Bai Ting Ting.

Liu Zheng He and Song Xia looked at these two. Then, neither saying a word led the rest of the team to the hall.

The remaining fourteen people disappeared into the darkness of the great hall. Mo Fan and Bai Ting Ting remained guard outside. (Pp .: In the original, really fourteen people entered the building, although there are seventeen people in the team [17-2 = 15]. It’s possible that the author’s typo or something else …)

Mo Fan glanced briefly at Bai Ting Ting and immediately remembered how her juicy breasts swayed there in the forest. Memories plunged Mo Fan into lewd thoughts. Twenty-year-old girl, and even without a guy …

Bai Ting Ting knew what Mo Fan would think about, so she decided that it was better than to be in danger.

Bai Ting Ting – the magician of the element of healing. Naturally, she did not want to put herself at risk once again. The fact that she decided not to go inside is normal. In addition, Mo Fan’s strength will be enough to protect him in case of anything.

“Strange …,” said Bai Ting Ting and walked to the edge of the flower bed, as if noticing something.


“There is half-eaten food. The food had just got moldy, but it had not yet completely deteriorated, ”said Bai Ting Ting, wearing graceful gloves.She took the leftovers in her hands.

Mo Fan approached and looked with his own eyes. Food turned out to be packaging of dried meat. It looks almost nothing unusual. Yes, only one thing was clear: the meat would definitely not have survived in this form for fifteen years.


At this time, in the overgrown hall, Liu Zheng He and his dark canopy walked ahead. Lyutovolk ran to the overgrown stairs and looked around at everything with his keen eyes.

The elevator is definitely not working.Have to find a ladder.

“There are several travel bags here. It seems that someone left them, ”said Liao Ming Xuan.

“Maybe the hunters visited this place,” Liu Zheng He did not attach importance and sent the team up the stairs to the second floor.

A conference center was located on the second floor. There were even more plants here. It seemed that all the aisles were filled with them.

Students went ahead and saw an elevator, the doors of which were twisted and mutilated by vines. The plants themselves sprouted right in the elevator shaft itself. Looking more closely at the vines, one could notice some brown, dried liquid. I wonder what it shed?

“There must be a passage ahead,” Liu Zheng He was brave, he walked in front of everyone with his flying wheel.

Less than a few moments, Mu Nu Jiao stopped. Her beautiful eyes were cautiously studying the vines sprouted into the elevator shaft.

“What happened?” Asked Liao Ming Xuan, who was almost always with Mu Nu Jiao.

“There seems to be something between them,” said Mu Nu Jiao, pointing to two intertwined vines.

Liao Ming Xuan thought it was time to show courage and went to the vines, saying that there was nothing to fear.He immediately took out the object between the vines.

Liao Ming Xuan froze, his face pale.


Liao Ming Xuan produced an impressive scalp that hid an important thing from prying eyes. At first, the young man did not even understand what it was.

It was black, soiled skin from a human head. Eyes hung on the skin. How did Liao Min Xuan not immediately understand what it is?

“Dead, this is a dead man’s head!” Zhao Min Yue standing next to him cried out. In the middle of the branches there was a skull, only such a skull could belong only to man!

The skin, of course, was dirty, but not rotten. Everything looked very fresh.Although there was no blood and other remains of the body, it became obvious that this corpse was not more than ten days old. It seemed that the remains of the body were eaten by someone or something.

“Here too!”

“And here!”

“What the heck? How did these people die? Or which monster was eaten? ”

Everyone was in turmoil, what they saw clearly hinted that there was a team of hunters, each of whom died a tragic death!

“We have already checked, there are no monsters in here!” Said Shen Min Xiao.

Mu Nu Jiao and Jing Jing exchanged glances and all had a bad feeling.

“These plants are very strange,” Mu Nu Jiao reminded everyone.

“What, what other plants? Why did the passage disappear behind us … My God! Why there is no passage! ”, Shouted Xu Da Long, responsible for covering the retreat.

Everyone turned their heads and saw that the way they had just come was so overgrown with vines that it was impossible to go back. When did these plants manage to occupy the passage?

Out of habit, everyone checked to see if there were any monsters around. No one could have imagined that these plants would close the way back!

The fact that the passage was occupied by plants could not help but surprise. They just went here!

“Plants, they are moving !!”, – someone from the group noticed this frightening fact.

“Run, run faster !!” shouted Liu Zheng He.

These plants, which had invaded the building, the recently killed hunters, an inexplicably cut off retreat …

This municipality is a very bad place !!

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