Chapter 283. Predatory Trap


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Chapter 282. Absolutely Bad Place

Chapter 284. The lizardfish!

Lianas began to move, in the previous quarter of an hour they did it carefully, but now the plants were actively intertwined with each other. It seems that people have fallen into a huge mechanical trap. Everything around has stirred, has come to life.

At this time, a plant quickly emerged from the elevator shaft, which immediately began to change its shape. Liana began to take the form of a spear, and after a second rushed in the direction of people trapped in a trap.

“We are finished! We will all die here !! ”Lo Sung cried out shrilly.

Luo Song and Xu Da Long were behind the group. And at this moment the branches from the steps madly crawled and intertwined into a multi-layered wall of plants. Even light did not pass through this wall, and it was extremely difficult, if not impossible, to destroy it.


There was a human cry. It was Sung Xia. At the moment when it formed the elemental star system, one of the vines pierced it.

The tip passed her through the abdomen, then the vines dragged the girl straight into the wall of plants …

Xing Xia felt a taste of fresh blood in her mouth and immediately saw that her blood was also on the ground. At the moment when she screamed, she no longer had the strength.

This terrifying picture of how a man is pierced like fruit on a stick is frozen in the eyes of people.

“Why did we get up, let’s run!”, Shouted Luo Sun, who was not very worried that Sun Xia had pierced the vine.

“Save her”

“What kind of salvation, she already has everything, is doomed to death!” – Liu Zheng He shouted in cold blood, trying to reassure others.

Ice Dungeon

Moo Ning Xue was the first to form a spell and sent it to where Song Xia was.

A chain of icy dungeon quickly flew towards Sun Xia and tied her body.

At that moment Mu Ning Xue grabbed the other end of the chain and pulled sharply toward her.

On Sun Sung’s stomach, a large through-hole of a bloody color appeared. The blood began to pour all around and attract everyone’s attention.

The ice dungeon pulled Song Xia from the next world, but the wound on the girl’s body was very serious. It is not known how long she will stretch …

“Ice frost!”

Mu Ning Xue used ice magic on Song Xia, and the girl covered herself with ice for a few moments.

The blood stopped flowing. Only now weakened Sun Xia right there and fell, pain in her eyes froze.

“Hang on, we’ll get you out of here,” said Mu Ning Xue Song Xia.

The girl stared at Mu Ning Xue. Blood still flowed slowly from Song Xia’s mouth. She would never have thought that she could die in this place and certainly wouldn’t even think that Mu Ning Xue would save her.

“I will take care of her,” said Mu Nu Jiao Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue nodded and looked at Liu Zheng He.

He calmly said: “I was only thinking about universal well-being.”

“I will command,” said Mu Ning Xue. She did not want to leave the right to command Liu Zheng He. She always believed that people’s lives could be sacrificed only as a last resort.


Mu Ning Xue skillfully used the path of the wind and was right at the place where there was a passage recently.

And at this moment a thorn appeared on the side, which immediately rushed to Mu Ning Xue. Sheep aimed right at the heart, if you miss such an attack, then you can immediately die.

The spikes attacked very quickly, not giving the mages time to create spells of the average level or to take at least some measures.

It’s good that Mu Ning Xue took precautions in advance and created small diamond-shaped pieces of ice on her clothes …

In one second, the diamond-shaped fragments of ice joined together and created a beautiful, snow-white ice armor.

The ice armor was elastic and strong. He turned the elegant Mu Ning Xue into a snow queen right on the battlefield. The girl looked menacingly in this form.

The snow-white ice armor perfectly protected the girl’s body. The spike hit the ice and broke. After which the vine, which attacked the girl, hastily hid in a wall of plants, like a wounded beast.


The ice chains of Mu Ning Xue flew towards a group of people, protecting them from unexpected attacks from the side of the vines.

“Water Shield”

“Holy Shield”

“Water Shield”

The rest also did not stand, mouth open, those who could, used defensive spells, protecting each other.

“These plants squeeze the walls. When they finish, we will suffer the same fate as those hunters. We need to clear the passage as soon as possible! ”Said Zhao Man Yan.

“Who has an attacking magic item?” Now is not the right time to hide it! ”Said Mu Ning Xue.

The girl’s ice dungeon was only suitable for protection. To break the thick vines you need something more efficient.

“Mu Ning Xue, freeze these plants, my light blade will become more efficient,” said Min Cong.


At that moment, Luo Song and Jing Jing, as magicians of the ice element, helped Mu Ning Xue with freezing plants.

The “freezing field” intensified in both speed and efficiency, because it was created at once by three magicians. Several layers of the wall of lianas frozen.

“A decapitating blade of light!” Min-Cong concentrated and summoned a golden-colored sword.

The blade was entirely of light energy. As soon as people saw a razor-sharp sword, they gave way.

This type of attacking item is very expensive. Since this time the exchange of experience took place in dangerous conditions, the Min Cong family did not stint on this thing.


Magic items are energy dependent. The more magic you put into the attacking magic artifact, the more powerful the effect will be.

The magic tool that Min Cong used was definitely worth more than a dozen million yuan. The blade radiated radiance and was very hot, the plants did not dare to approach the youth.

As soon as Min Cong began swinging his sword, the power of the blade became apparent. The wall of plants began to yield, and the burning weapon burned the branches …

In just an instant, the blade made a large, wide hole in the wall of the vines. The branches were very frightened by the holy power of this sword. Even those branches, which the blade did not touch, released the passage in fear.

“This is worthy of imitation!”

“Rather, run! Creepers are shrinking stronger and stronger! ”

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