Chapter 284. The lizardfish!


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Chapter 283. Predatory Trap

Chapter 285. Top of the Food Chain

The city hall has literally bloomed. Mo Fan and Bai Ting Ting stared at the building in shock.

The branches crawled along it as if alive, as if they had already recently managed to profit from something.

Mo Fan and Bai Ting Ting first saw such a sight. Even the magicians of the plant element thought that the plants could not be alive. Having seen such branches of animals growing up among animals, no one would have thought that they themselves are a living monster, or rather its parts.

“What to do? They seem to have difficulties there, ”said Bai Ting Ting with a serious expression on her face.

These lianovid branches were even stronger than the alumina wall. They had already grown inside and reached the main hall of the building.

“Look up!” Mo Fan pointed to the second level of the building, which was also a cube.

Bai Ting Ting lifted her head so that the skin on her head unpleasantly stretched.

At the second level of this building you could see a huge, ferocious head!

This skull did not look like an animal’s skull, more like a big stump. If it were not for the constantly opening mouth, it would be impossible to think that this thing is alive!

The wooden head covered the second level of the building, numerous shoots beginning at the monster’s neck constantly fed the creature. From afar, it seemed that this monster was breathing with his whole body, sucking something into himself.

“A magical monster plant!” – Bai Ting Ting unwittingly sighed. She first saw such a creature with her own eyes, everything inside her turned upside down.

“This … this thing … after all, is it a monster or a plant?” Mo Fang took a step back.

This creature is a magical type. Covering the entire building with dense vegetation, the monster gives the impression of absolute security and pacification, and in fact it is thus setting up a home for itself. (p.p .: the name of the monster in the hieroglyphs literally means “the monster that creates a false appearance”).

When there is not a single living creature nearby, the monster lives in the territory by itself. But as soon as another living creature gets on its territory, it immediately becomes its food!

“He belongs to creatures with a highly developed circulatory system.” Having reached maturity, it is almost impossible to overcome. However, he is afraid of the light, so most of his life is hiding in dark places … I even could not imagine that Jin Lin would turn into the habitat of this monster. Covering the walls of the building with dense vegetation, the monster provides itself with protection from the sun’s rays and fresh food from lost animals, using the branches as tentacles … ”said Bai Ting Ting. Undoubtedly, she was the best in the subject of magical beasts. Although there was little official data on this being, it was enough to analyze them.

“If only he did not belong to the level of the commanders-in-chief of the beasts … I will try to use fire to bring it down,” Mo Fan responded.

“Do not be angry with him. Fire against this monster will not be effective. Even if we had one more, we would still not be able to resist him, ”said Bai Ting Ting excitedly.

“Then are they all doomed?” Mo Fan asked numbly.

“All is not good. If there is no light inside, then within 10 minutes it will fill all the space ”- Bai Ting Ting frowned.

She stayed outside for the sake of Mo Fan, not realizing that this lad would thus help her to avoid certain death.

Now the two of them could not help it. Entering inside was tantamount to suicide. They could only wait outside the rest.

At the heart of Mo Fan, it was also hard.

Mo Fan was worried about Mu Ning Xue, Mu Nu Jiao and Zhao Man Yan, all the rest were damned.

If the fire element was ineffective against this monster, then the lightning element is also useless. It only remained to wait outside.

There was a sound of wind.

At the moment of the highest intensity of emotions, in the distance, something black and whirlwind appeared. With a whistle, it reached something in the neighborhood of the city hall.

A whirlwind with a whistle demolished the standing bike and violently collapsed on the roof of the neighboring house, continuing to spin.

Mo Fan and Bai Ting Ting did not understand what was happening.

Their breathing became even more uneven, their body was covered with cold sweat … they saw something indescribable!

From the black cloud one could see the wide scope of the huge wing!

Under the wing, they saw a huge lizard-like body, which was covered with bumpy skin from head to tail. The sharp tip of a long tail cast cold light.

“Run!” – Mo Fan shouted Bai Ting Ting.

The creature of incomparable power inspired such a fear, from which the faint-hearted people could immediately lose consciousness. Even Mo Fan for the first time saw such a beast, to resist which was clearly meaningless! And only one thought “RUNNING!” Spun in my head.

Bai Ting Ting could not budge … With a pale face, she looked at Mo Fan …

Mo Fan grabbed her arm. At that moment it was no longer possible to hide, it only remained to use the magic of shadow.

“Damn it! The constellation is interrupted! ”- Mo Fan still could not make up the constellation of the shadow element. He did this only from the third or fourth time.

Grasping Bai Ting Ting, Mo Fan created a dark shadow and hid under the crown of a tree adjacent to the road.

Moving away in such a way further to the big street, the oppressive atmosphere of these two did not seem so heated.

“You … You have 4 elements!” – Bai Ting Ting could not believe what had happened, everything in her head was completely mixed up.

“I will explain everything to you later” – Mo Fan turned and looked towards the municipality.

At this time, a large winged monitor lizard dropped to the third level terrace. Like an eagle, he circled another circle …

As soon as the monitor lizard fell to the second level, he opened his huge mouth, baring rows of horrific fangs.

There was a crunch!

A huge winged monitor lizard bit off a piece of cement on the second level of the building, chewing it with his teeth into powder like foam.

The real purpose of the lizard was the head of the magical plant monster, the victim issued a heart-rending squeak to the whole neighborhood.

All the branches of the monster set in motion, apparently destroying the main hall … Thus, the magic monster-plant tried to prevent the monitor lizard …

Tentacle branches began to crawl through the windows, trying to stop the attacker.

But for the monopod lizard, all these branches were like a web. With ease, he passed through them, bringing his deadly fangs closer to the skull of a magical plant monster, leaving his victim no chance …

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