Chapter 285. Top of the Food Chain


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Chapter 284. The lizardfish!

There was a crash.

In the end, the magic monster-plant could not withstand such an onslaught of canines. The whole head turned into powder between the jaws of the winged monitor lizard. To all this, part of the building also collapsed.

Varan carefully sucked his head, sucking up all the brain fluid to the last drop, which for him was very nutritious.

Thickets of plants that densely covered the hall of the city municipality building, numb. The monster plant dies very quickly, just as a huge alligator gnaws the goat’s throat – in this case, all attempts by the victim to escape only accelerate the inevitable outcome.

“They ate him …” – pale Bai Ting Ting could not believe her eyes.

Mo Fan was stunned no less. Seemed more recently as a huge powerful beast, the monster in a short amount of time became food for another. And if the purpose of the monitor lizard were they? They would not have survived for a few seconds in his jaws.

When he was fed up, the monopod monkey waved his one wing, licked the remnants of brain fluid at the mouth, and rose into the sky. It seemed that today he no longer had other plans.

There was a crash.

After the monitor lizard flew away, the second level of the building completely collapsed, pulling the third one along with it …

The towering building, which supported the skies with its construction, collapsed so powerfully that it touched the neighboring apartment building. As a result, both buildings turned into a pile of construction dust.

The crashing sound of the collapsed buildings was felt not only by Mo Fan and Bai Ting Ting, he swept across the plain on which the city was located.

At that moment, only one consolation was that the city was empty, otherwise how many innocent lives could be destroyed by the collapse of buildings, against which people look like ants …

In the hall of the municipality, the ceiling began to collapse under a huge weight, the columns crashing down one after another …

14 people struggled out of the building. Surrounded by all sorts of protective objects and shields, the students were lucky that the building was sturdy. Having begun to crumble from the second level, the building thundered, the foundation subsided – there was a great probability that they would simply crush.

The plants no longer blocked their path, the students gained speed.

“Run to the exit!”


“Praise the heavens! We have time! ”

The cave demon carried Sun Xia on his shoulders, the others used either the wind path or an earthen wave.

The building collapsed on the other side, but the shock wave spread everywhere. With urine, they literally flew out of a crumbling city hall.

“We are here!” – Bai Ting Ting happily screamed when she saw that everyone had time to run out.

“Hurry, save Sun Xia, she is about to die!” – Zheng Bin Xiao in a hurry ordered the cave demon to lower Sun Xia in front of Bai Ting Ting.

Bai Ting Ting, seeing an open wound on the girl’s abdomen, realized that the organs were in a deplorable state.

“Melt the ice” – Bai Ting Ting could not hesitate, she immediately began to release healing magic of the average level.

The healing spirit slowly entered the bleeding wound, around which ice was already melted …

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Sun Xia was already one foot in the grave, her weak breathing could stop at any moment.

Bai Ting Ting spared no effort to treat the girl, continuously pumping blood into her body …

The internal organs were not completely damaged, but there was almost no blood left – the bleeding was so heavy. Song Xia was livid.

“Well, who was it?” The one who said to enter this building – almost killed all of us! ”- it is unclear who smeared with mud.

Liao Ming Xuan, glimpsing Mo Fang, angrily said: “You said so! Well done, do not say anything! He himself stayed outside, and sent us to certain death! ”

Shen Min Xiao and Luo Song also soon attacked Mo Fang with accusations. They had not liked him before, but now they could not miss such an opportunity to set all dogs on him.

Mo Fan was actually the one who offered to enter this building. In addition, he remained standing outside, while the rest were forced to go through all the circles of hell, completely losing control.

“If I wanted to kill you, I would just block the door,” Mo Fan said with an unfriendly smile.

“You say external reinforcement? Then what the hell are you hiding here? There is not a drop of humanity in you! – Liao Min Xuan shouted angrily.

Liao Min Xuan’s legs were chipped, all this time he endured the pain of clenching his teeth. Now he has found a man to whom everything can be thrown out.

Bai Ting Ting continued to treat Sun Xia, and she did not have the opportunity to side with Mo Fang. He, too, was already tired of listening to the chatter of these idiots.

“In the end, what are we discussing? The building suddenly collapsed, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

“The beast on the top of the food chain of this city has saved all of you,” said Mo Fan.

“I mean?” Mu Ning Xue asked.

“It was a monopod. Most recently, he devoured the magical plant monster, ”Bai Ting Ting put in, catching her breath.

After Bai Ting Ting told a story about how a lizardhead came down from heaven and devoured the monster, everyone was dumbfounded.

It’s a good thing that the monk was interested only in the monster, otherwise they would all just die. In terms of its characteristics, it was an animal commander in chief. In the eyes of all those present, even the monster plant was terrible. They would not endure one of his bite.

“All right, I’m dumping!”

“I’m with you, it’s too scary here! Director Sun He went to the roof completely, since he sent us here. He himself would not have been able to deal with all that we met here! ”- Liao Min Xuan spoke first.

The plant was extremely dangerous: Sun Xia brought to such a state, and even nearly dragged a few more.

All the hair still stood on end. They were able to escape only due to the fact that some lizard monster took in head to eat! And after the building collapsed completely, at that moment there were no more intentions to conduct any research here.

“The report provided to us by the hunters union is wrong! The danger level here is much higher than stated! However, we are also very unlucky to immediately come across all these huge creatures. Then I ask everyone to be careful, and then we can complete our mission! ”- Liu Zheng He tried to persuade them.

Liao Ming Xuan and Xu Da Long looked at Liu Zheng He with surprise. They interpreted the seriousness of the current situation a little differently.

“I don’t think there are any mistakes in the hunters’ report, ”Zhao Man Yan put in.

“We’ve gone too far for such an adventure.”

“Everyone saw the body (or its fragments) in the hall. Everything is clear. If we survive, we will inform hunters about this. Most likely, they themselves have not seen anything like this here. And then the time was not so … But if they met this … “- Zhao Man Yan tearfully laughed tearfully, -” if they met such a huge monster, then surely they would die! And there would be no report! ”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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