Chapter 286. Leave the team and go alone


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Everyone decided to find first a more or less safe place and relax.

Song Xia’s injury was very serious. And if Xiao Feng’s leg was fully restored, that while walking he didn’t feel any discomfort, then Song Xia’s condition left much to be desired – it was not known how long it would take for her to recover.

Whatever it was, since she did not die, she was already very lucky.

“It’s good that Mu Ning Xue froze the bleeding in time, otherwise …” said Bai Ting Ting.

Sun Xia slowly began to regain consciousness, she saw Mu Ning Xue. She shook her head in response.

“How do we continue our journey?” Said Zheng Bin Xiao.

Among them was already seriously wounded, and even some of the students shouted that they wanted to go back. The team was fragmented, it was necessary to decide whether to continue the mission at all.

“I can’t leave,” said Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue insisted on continuing the assignment. It does not matter from which university the student is, for everyone this was the most important test in life.

Mu Nu Jiao supported Mu Ning Xue. Being an offspring of a noble family, I knew firsthand that even the strongest mages could not pass this ordeal, but it could also affect the course of further cultivation.

Cultivating abilities does not mean an idle life within the walls of a safe city when you just sit and think. As for the battle, she knew that if she retreated now, then next time she simply did not have the courage.

“If Mu Ning Xue remains, then I cannot leave either …” said Liao Min Xuan.

In the case when even the girls are determined to complete the mission, the rest simply will not turn the language to say about the return.

Only three of them, Liao Ming Xuan, Shen Ming Xiao, and Cong Ming, did not abandon their claims to Mo Fang, deciding to place all responsibility on him.

“Mo Fan, if you want to continue the path, then you should shut up. Who would have thought that Mingzhu University would send such garbage as you to the competition, who immediately runs away, seeing the danger, ”Liao Min Xuan said rudely.

Min Cong, shaking his head in a sign of agreement, added: “It is still unknown if everyone could get out of it if it were not for my magic blade of light.”

“If you want to measure your strength, then no question! Come together here! I will not kill you, but I will cripple you so well that you immediately run away with tails between your legs! ”- Mo Fan confidently took a step towards the guys.

These two clearly did not enjoy the respect of Mo Fan.

If they want to attack, why is it like that?

“Enough already swear. We should not waste time, better explore the neighborhood. ”Mu Nu Jiao looked at Shen Min Xiao and Lo Sun.

“I do not want to go with these dogs. You better go yourself, and I will go on reconnaissance from the other side. So we will not quarrel and save time, ”said Mo Fan.

“Mo Fan, don’t you worry so much,” said Mu Nu Jiao.

“Right. Alone in a ravaged city? All together it will be much safer if we meet a beast, it’s not a fact that we can even fight it all together, ”said Zheng Bin Xiao.

“Let him go alone, and I will see if he can return from there alive or not,” Liao Ming Xuan interjected.

“He himself wants to separate from the team,” added Lo Sung.

Mo Fan said no more.

Initially, Bai Ting Ting wanted to go along with Mo Fang, but since Sun Xia had not yet fully recovered, she could not put her life at risk.

Zhao Man Yan also wanted to join Mo Fang, but he persuaded him to stay in the team.

“Since you have decided so, then you must stay in touch. And after you finish the reconnaissance there – immediately return to the team, ”said Mu Nu Jiao.

“Relax! Just find out everything and immediately return back! I can’t leave you among these ungrateful ones, ”said Mo Fan.

Shen Min Xiao and Luo Sun hated him, but that was understandable.

But Liao Ming Xuan why did it go so far?

In such a dangerous place as this, where at any moment you can lose your life, you must have the spirit of adventurism, but these small people, of course, do not have it.

“You have to be careful, as you walk alone,” said Mu Nu Jiao, realizing that Mo Fan was subjected to arrogant attacks. After hesitating, she pulled something that looked like a crystal bead out of a bag, and handed Mo to Fan: “this is for you”.

“What is this?” He asked.

“Crystal protective bead. When you meet the danger, then send magical powers into it, and then immediately break it. Soon, something like protection from crystal water, flowing, surround you. It can help just once, ”said Mu Nu Jiao.

“This thing … must not be cheap.” Mo Fan looked at Mu Nu Jiao’s sincere face, his gut feeling filled with warmth.

“Best of all, if you come back and return it to me,” said Mu Nu Jiao sternly.

Mo Fan and Mu Nu Jiao could usually talk uncontrollably about any nonsense, but after the endured danger, she realized that in this city of life you can lose at any moment.

Mu Nu Jiao did not want anything to happen to him. This bead was her talisman, which she always carried with her.

“Thank you, Jiao Jiao. But if I do not come back … then you should not be faithful to me, find a good person and marry him, ”said Mo Fan, brushing theatrically.

Mu Nu Jiao, just turned around and arrogantly left.

She did not want to answer him. Marry a good man? When does he himself weave for every skirt?

Not. Not! No one is going to keep him loyalty!

Having fun on Mu Nu Jiao, Mo Fan is gone.

Going further, Mu Ning Xue also said something to him. This suddenly made him feel like the lord of women’s hearts.

Saying goodbye to the team, Mo Fan went to the place of the already collapsed municipality.

“A magical monster plant is an amazing creature. Interestingly, does he leave a soul after his death? ”- Mo Fan talked to himself.

Mo Fan ran to the place where the gnawed skull lay, and inadvertently exhaled.

Perhaps too much time had passed and the soul dissipated, but here he found nothing.

“Well, well, well, dark talisman, you have so far remained without lunch. Now you need to dig something worthwhile. We should not forget Mu Nu Jiao, Zhao Man Yan, Bai Ting Ting, Mu Ning Xue – they all need to bring something, and what about the rest … I would not want to share with them the laurels ”- said Mo Fan to my dark talisman.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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