Chapter 287. Seed of a Magical Monster Plant


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It is not clear why, but the dark talisman near the city hall began to exult as if he found something interesting.

Even at the entrance to the city hall, Mo Fan wanted to find something worthwhile for his talisman.

More recently, the city conducted a study team of hunters. And if the students themselves got into the city hall purely by chance, then was there a team of hunters here?

They also found something worthwhile?

Mo Fan left the team not because someone said something. He wanted to see for himself what was hidden here.

Everything around was in ruins and branches. Mo Fan himself did not know where to look for what the hunters wanted to find.

In this case, he was helped by a dark talisman. He began to glow with a specific radiation. A faint glow meant that the subject was far away, and a bright one meant that it was somewhere nearby.

Mo Fan reached the ruins of the main hall. Alone, he made his way through these ruins. With the magic of the shadow element, he did not have to worry that the ceiling of the dilapidated hall might collapse at any moment.

Passing along the left side of the hall, Mo Fan saw a littered passage. The passage was almost completely clogged with ruins, and on top of it lay still intertwined dead plants. If it were not for the magic of the shadows, Mo Fan would never have been able to pass through here.

There was a crash.

Suddenly, the column began to collapse, almost crushing Mo Fang.

Cursing, he quickly dodged her.

Mo Fan cleared his throat. The column collapsed, and the caustic dust from it for some time irritated the nose and throat, causing him discomfort.

The talisman glowed ever brighter, which meant the subject was somewhere nearby.

Mo Fan took a few steps forward, but the radiation of the talisman weakened somewhat. He took a few steps back, the talisman shone brightly again, and then his glow diminished.

“So, is he here?” – Mo Fan lowered his head, suggesting that the item was inundated with ruins.

“Agile wolf!”

Mo Fan drew a silver constellation calling his animal to appear.

An agile wolf appeared, spreading around the aura of the leader of the pack with a touch of aristocratic waywardness.

After that, the owner ordered him to dig here.

The wolf with exemplary perseverance began to execute the command of the owner. Now it seemed that the agile wolf is no different from the usual second-rate dog who likes to dig in bones.

The agile wolf’s claws were very sharp. In a matter of seconds, he crushed the granite flooring, and after a few minutes a huge pit had already formed in front of Mo Fan.

“Go on!”

Mo Fan went down into the pit and his dark talisman shone even brighter.

Soon he found the roots of a magical plant monster, which was buried in clay soil. It was not clear how much of these roots were under the layer of the earth.

The roots were dead, and very soon the agile wolf undermined them all.

“It is strange, it seems that these roots are wrapping something up” – soon Mo Fan found some mysterious place.

The agile wolf smelled something, he began to dig even faster, and clay soil flew from him in all directions.

As a result, the nimble wolf cut its roots with its claws, from under which could be seen something openwork. Beneath this openwork was a pale green glow, quietly hanging in the air. Item of unknown origin.

The wolf was also impatient. His claws worked even faster .. He pulled out something similar to a seed with green radiation, and laid it in front of Mo Fang.

Mo Fan raised this thing, which looked like a pea, and only this radiation confused him.

“What is this thing? A glowing pea? Not. Not that … Pea, hidden under the roots … “.

Mo Fan carefully examined the discovery and said something to himself. Suddenly, his mind struck a thought, and the perplexity on his face was replaced by enthusiasm: “Seed !!!”.

“Yes, this is exactly a seed!”

“What is this seed … This is exactly the seed of a magical plant monster!”

“Wow! In adulthood, a monster plant looks awful … And this seed must be something like a magical baby, which … can be grown by the magician of the element of call!

Mo Fan immediately jumped for joy.

No matter what the enemy in the battle was at the magical monster-plants! He had a seed from which another monster-plant can grow! This meant that the value of such a seed is very, very high.

“Take him with you.” We can earn very good money for him! ”Said Mo Fan and carefully put a seed.

Although Mo Fan himself possessed an element of conscription, he never found a beast worthy of being contracted by an average level magician. We will have to wait until the magic monster grows from the seed, so that Mo Fan can conclude an agreement with him.

Unfortunately, the magical plant monster was very specific, and Mo Fang didn’t really like the rooting animals.

The best option was to sell the seed, and at the same auction immediately buy a more suitable cub.

Because of such prey, Mo Fan’s mood was just great.

Spending on his wolf, Mo Fan was stranded. The spiritual seed of the shadow element was very expensive, even more expensive than the spiritual seed of the lightning element. He had no such money at all. Now the situation has changed, he has this seed …

Like the spiritual seed of the element of shadow, the animal under the contract was also worth investing in.

Cubs for sale were many. The average cost of a slave-level calf ranges from one to two million, and the cub-level commander-in-chief is even higher, from 20 million. Therefore, despite the level of origin, any cub could be sold.

The magical monster-plant belonged to a high level among the commanders-in-chief. However, Mo Fan did not know how much such a plant-type monster was valued among the magicians of the summoning element. He was of little interest.

“We go to the intelligence point. We must make sure that we are not noticed. ”

Mo Fan in high spirits from his multi-million discovery jumped onto the back of an agile wolf and directed him to move to the point.

The agile wolf sped with great speed. Among the wild plants, which overgrown the streets of an abandoned city, there were a lot of abandoned cars. The wolf literally flew on the bodies of these cars, leaving the buildings behind, and the wind whistling in the ears …

Very soon they reached the intelligence point.

The intelligence point was located in a place that was hidden from the animals. There was a facility that made specific sound waves. Every three hours there was a return of sound waves, which were automatically recorded on the number of animals in the area.

It is worth noting that the signal of this installation was unstable, so the animals could detect it at any time, and no one could guarantee that this installation would remain in the same place.

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