Chapter 288. Standing up to Death


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The rainy season has come. Mist covered the sky above the ridge. The rain poured in both a bucket and from far away there were sounds of drops hitting the water.

Around it was gray gray. Gray sky, gray mountains, dense veil of rain.

In the distance, white wings were visible, slowly flying to the west. It looks like it is ruh and on it is a military man. Extremely rare combination. Usually, even raising such an animal on purpose, it is impossible to force him to join the battle. He approached, spreading his wings.

“Remember, from now on you have no relation to the military and military corps of North China,” said the man who was sitting on his back.

The man went over his beard, had a pipe in his hand, and after each word he took a puff.

In our time, very few people smoking a pipe, but about 6 years ago it was a whole cult. But for him it was not an end in itself. This, flying on the back of a majestic creature of the level of commander in chief, was disturbed only by pain in an old wound. None of the living healing mages could help him, and this special herb helped relieve pain.

“Liu Nan, 300 kilometers left before arriving in Jin Lin, around the sea of blood, is it necessary to kill everyone who meets?” Asked a girl with a combined eyebrow who did not look attractive.

“No, it is not required. When you arrive, please immediately dismount, ”Liu Nan replied.


“Failure is not allowed!”




On the south side of the Imperial University is located an extraordinary palace of bamboo. Loving tea, director Sun He sat on a reed round rug, spreading a smile, enjoying the aftertaste.

**knock Knock**

Suddenly the door opened with a bang.

“Who is such a polite?”, Director Sun He’s brows crushed.

“It’s me, old man.”

“Zhan Kon?” Sun He looked up at the young guy. He examined it more closely: there were five long scars in the middle of his chest, shaped like the tops of an iceberg.

“These scars … Just pi * dec,” said Sun He, bitterly in his heart.

“Not dead, yes and good. Just scars that just spoiled my beautiful body, ”Zhan Kon laughed.

“This is a winged wolf, right? His claws are endowed with the ability to degrade the properties of blood. You urgently need rest in order to heal the wound to the end, ”said director Sun He.

“Yes, he is. And I, the great Zhan Kon, finished him off like pathetic livestock. But I’m here after another, ”said Zhan Kon with an important look.

“What? Does your southern branch also have an interest in this guy with two elements? ”- he tried to guess Song He with a chuckle.

“What is there interest, this is my called brother. I covered him in the city of Beau. But I’m worried about something … ”, said Zhan Kon.

“Relax. Old Man Xiao and Qiu Yu Hua are clearly against, even Liu Nian couldn’t do anything, ”said Director Sun He.

“That’s why I came here. Recently, I met a friend from the northern branch, he said that Liu Nan resigned of his own will, and his whole gang with him went away, ”said Zhan Kon.

“His act is alarming, more than confident, for a long time nothing like this happened in the military. He probably found his way, ”said Director Sun He.

“I say he is out of his mind. Liu Nan clearly showed that he is ready to go against everyone, madman! ”Said Zhan Kon.

Director Sun He was dumbfounded, he realized what was going on.

“Hardly,” said director Sun He.

“What is unlikely?” Now tell me where he went! ! ”Said Zhan Kon.

“He is in combat practice,” said director Sun He.

“Liu Nan knows?”

“Yes, he knows,” said director Sun He.

Zhan Kon simply could not find the words, then chastised: “Have you got the roof off? Anyone who was under the submission of Liu can now use any, even the most insane way, to achieve the goal, especially now that some of them have resigned, and some have deserted. ”

“I never would have thought that this could happen. The case does not require delay. We urgently need to go to Jin Lin. You can’t let their terrible plans come true, ”said Director Sun He.

“Save your old knuckles, I can handle it myself,” said Zhan Kon.

“The hunter in the Imperial University is responsible for this case. I’ll tell him to go with you. He has magical wings, with them you need to get there faster, ”said Director Sun He.

“Swept up!”



In Jin Lin, like a big cat, wearing a black shirt, Mo Fan sat on top of a colony and watched his nimble wolf fight with a three-eyed.

They moved from roof to roof, trying to hurt each other. The three-eyed wolf was huge in size, but it is obvious who will win.

Once upon a time, Mo Fan was standing on a similar street, in front of him was a terrible monster and his hocks were shaking. Whether the thing now, when he again met with the three-eyed wolf, his heart did not whimper, and his agile wolf will easily fight back.

Mo Fan looked at the body torn to shreds, everything ended as he had supposed.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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