Chapter 289. The Extermination of the Wolves


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\\\I heard a wolf howl ///

A large and powerful three-eyed wolf howled right during the battle.

It was the most common howl that could be heard even at a far distance. A short time later, there was some excitement nearby.

Mo Fan was on the dais and could see everything perfectly. Nor did the group of gray silhouettes appear near the house, which was cut by plants. It seems that the silhouettes responded to the call of the wolf and ran madly in his direction.

“What, can you not be alone, did you call for help?” Said Mo Fan to the three-eyed wolf scornfully.

No matter how Mo Fan was not related to the beast, this did not abolish the fact that groups of one-eyed wolves rushed to the call from all sides. There were so many of them that the joint tramp of their paws made the whole area shake.

While the number of wolves was increasing, Mo Fan recalled that about sixty such animals were enough to crush a large number of magicians.

However, Mo Fan was not going to retreat. The device for conducting the survey for two hours already as it was mounted in the ground. If he removes it now and returns to the team empty-handed, then Shen Min Xiao, Luo Song and Liao Min Xuan will make fun of him.

“Okay, I’ll think about authority afterwards, now on the first paragraph there will be massive bloodshed!”

“Creatures, I would have escaped from you before, but not now, now I’m going to cheer you up, otherwise why was there anyway to learn magic?”

“Agile wolf, you concentrate on him, and I will take on one-eyed wolves,” said Mo Fan.

The summoning animal made an approving sound.

Mo Fan jumped from the column onto the roof of the half-collapsed building.

“One, two, three … seven pieces, fine, together and die”, – Mo Fan smiled in flight and began to form a star system.

Within seconds, a flame appeared around his body, which was completely controlled by the young man. The fire was concentrated in Mo Fang’s right hand.

The power of bright red fire accumulated in his hand, calmly awaiting command. After some time, Mo Fan brought down the power of the fire element right on one of the streets.

At this time, seven one-eyed wolves were racing along the intersection. They thought their leader had found something delicious.

However, it was at that instant that a large, fiery red light, similar to a meteorite, was reflected in the eyes of animals.

The wolves, which fled first, immediately realized that the case smells of kerosene. They turned sharply and ran back. However, the animals that ran behind did not have time to react to such a sharp maneuver and collided with them.

However, this was the last thing they managed to do. The hot, merciless flame of the fiery rose immediately swallowed them. The wolves, who did not immediately burn to ashes, but were at first discarded by the shock wave of the spell, were a little less fortunate. Although the torment of neither the first nor the second did not last long. The last thing the beasts had time to think was: why did the leader call them into such a cruel trap?

The local wolves differed from the wolves from the southern part of the country. But for the magicians it didn’t matter: it was equally easy to kill both.

In one sitting, it was so easy to overwhelm as many as seven animals, yes, it accelerated the pulse.

Those who were not chased by a huge number of similar wolves, did not understand Mo Fang’s feelings. He was very excited, and the thought was spinning in my head: how many I will meet you today, so much I will kill!

Two wolves hid well in the ruins, and therefore, seeing how Mo Fan switched to other animals, attacked.

They opened their wolf’s mouth to bite off the young man’s head. The monsters attacked from the right and from the left side so that Mo Fang would have nowhere to jump.

“Your movements are still slow, did you really want to attack suddenly?” Mo Fan grinned scornfully.

For a mage like Mo Fan, to feel nearby a couple of animals of the servant level did not present any difficulty. In addition, Mo Fan has repeatedly fought monsters and knew exactly how they like to attack. Even such strong and fast monsters as a scaly parasite monster and monsters from the curse aura could not kill Mo Fang with a sudden attack. What did these two wolves count on?

For Mo Fan, they were clumsy!

As soon as the animal’s teeth clenched, the silhouette of Mo Fan slipped into the shadow near the place where he had just stood.

The next second, Mo Fan was already standing on the roof of the neighboring house. He looked mockingly at how the two one-eyed wolves almost bumped into each other. At that time, the young man had a bright red flame in his hand.

“Love each other well in my flame!” Said Mo Fan and threw fire at the beasts.

A bright red shell flew into that building.

Having carefully calculated the time, the young man waved his hand and detonated the projectile.

The small building was unstable, and after the explosion it collapsed completely, pulling those two wolves along.

Immediately after that, Mo Fan formed even more flame in his hand. He wanted those two wolves, which already could not get up, to suffer a little more. There was a continuous and plaintive howl …

There was nothing to look at. The wolves immediately burned alive.

Entry-level magic was already very easy to get off of Mo Fang. Now for the young man it was not difficult to kill the animals of the servant level.

“I wonder if, after killing all of them, can I make one full soul?” Said Mo Fan, looking at a large number of monsters.

After killing everyone on the same street, Mo Fan gathered a considerable number of souls. After he got to this city, he already had five stars of lightning element …

One soul of the pack leader corresponds to about twenty souls of servants. On the way here, they all together killed many animals of different levels. From this, Mo Fan was the big winner.

“Wow! More powerful one-eyed wolves! I’ll deal with you first. ”

The stronger brethren of the one-eyed wolves already represented a threat to Mo Fan. That is why the young man did not spare his magical powers. Mo Fan was surrounded by dark violet lightning. Eyes of the young man sparkled!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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