Chapter 29 Inflammatory Heart Fruit


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The mine is just ten miles away from Chu Town.

When Chu Xingyun came to the cave, more than a dozen Chu family deacons, who had been waiting for a while, bowed to Chu Xingyun one after another.

Since Chu Xingyun became the patriarch of Chu family, the Chu family has swept away its decline and started to flourish.

Fist of all, it doesn’t matter how the spiritual materials are exploited, cooperation with Baibao Tower is enough to make other families take up the initiative to make good offers. If it goes smoothly, lots of more money can be made.

Also Chu Xingyun did not privately swallow up all these wealth instead, put them into the family treasury, bought training resources or used in the development of the Chu Town. Although it shocked the family members, it made them thoroughly recognize Chu Xingyun as the new patriarch.

At present, most of the deacons our here have been personally selected by Chu Xingyun and can naturally be fully trusted.

“Listen, don’t allow anyone into the cave.” He then took Chu Tiger and entered the cave.

Entering the cave, Chu Xingyun could feel a heat wave on his face. The walls were inlaid with shining reddish crystals,the fire crystals.

Looking ahead, the deeper you go into the cave, the more fire stones there are, but in contrast, in the depth of the cave, a dense condensed fog can seen which does not disperse and gives out a gloomy feeling.

“Sure it’s heart-warming fruit!” Chu Xingyun was delighted. He took out two potion vials from the storage ring. One was taken by himself and the other was handed to Chu Hu.

“What kind of potion is this?” Chu Hu took the potion and asked Chu Xingyun.

“Mind clearing potion.” Chu Xingyun answered casually, but it made Chu Hu’s eyes dull, holding the potion, his hands started trembling.

When it comes to this potion, I’m afraid there’s no one who doesn’t know about it.

Although this potion ranks in the second grade level, after serving it, it can clear away the magic barrier, stabilize the mind, and play an unparalleled role in the practice of closure, or breakthrough into the realm of cultivation.

Baibao Building has just sold mind clearing potion. Within a few hours, it was snapped up and the price was doubled from 8,000 to 16,000.

Even so, mind clearing potion is still in short supply, with countless people trying to buy one.

Looking at the potion in his hand, Chuhu suddenly had some intolerance. This swallowing was equivalent to swallowing 162,000 yuan into his stomach. It was too luxurious. Even the families of the wealthy and armored side dared not be so casual.

In fact, Chu Hu did not know that the formula of this potion was given to Qinshan by Chu Xingyun. After Qinshan handed it over to Qin Yuyan, Baibao Building began to study and refine.

This potion on the market has poor efficacy, only 30% of which is poor, and the highest is not more than 50%.

But the potion in Chuhu’s hand was made by Chu Xingyun himself, and its efficacy reached a perfect level. It is no exaggeration to say that this one is worth three from outside.

“What are you stunned about?” Chu Xingyun looked back at Chu Hu and said, “This fog will make spiritual power violent. After taking the potion, he can stabilize spiritual power and take it as soon as possible, so as not to have an accident.”

Hearing Chu Xingyun’s urging, Chu Tiger nodded sadly and took a deep breath, and consumed the potion.

After taking the potion, Chu Tiger felt much calmer, and his spiritual power was no longer urging, even the influence of that heat was much smaller.

The two men went on, and as they went deeper and deeper, the cave became bent, and the walls of the cave were inlaid with innumerable volcanic stones of high quality, which made Chuhu laugh so hard that his eyes were bright.

As for Chu Xingyun, there was a faint smile on his face, but what he cared about seemed not to be the spirit stone of fire.

It wasn’t long before they reached the end of the cave.

Here, it is a relatively broad flat room, surrounded by walls on three sides, almost all of which are pyroxene, with red sparkles, as if they were burning in flames, which made it seem particularly spectacular.

Chu Xingyun did not care about these flint stones. His eyes fell on the center of the flat land, where there was an ancient tree with a peculiar shape, which bore more than a dozen half-green and half-red fruits.

“It’s rare that there are trees in such a deep cave.” Chu Tiger also looked at the ancient trees. As soon as he stepped forward, he felt that his spiritual power became violent and seemed to break out.

Chu Xingyun’s eyes were sick and his hands were quick. He pulled the tiger back. He saw that the tiger was wet with sweat all over his body. He gasped heavily and was in a state of shock.

“Master, how could this happen?” Chu tiger pointed to the ancient tree in front of him, his eyes wide.

“This ancient tree, named Yanxin Tree, is quite rare. It can grow only in hot and intolerable places. When Yanxin Tree blossoms and bears fruit, it will emit a mist. Inhaling this mist into the body, it will make the spiritual power violent, you may even exolode and die.”

Chu Xingyun’s words made Chu Hu shiver. Without explanation, he also knew that the fog must be the strange fog that enveloped the whole cave.

Most of what happened to him just now was that he was sucking too much fog to start a spiritual riot.

If Chu Xingyun hadn’t pulled him in time, I’m afraid the consequences would be unthinkable.

“There is such a horrible demon tree, it seems that this vein of fire cannot be harvested.” Chu Hu sighed helplessly.

“The fog of Yanxinshu mainly comes from Yanxinguo. When Yanxinguo is ripe, the fog will dissipate. Moreover, this kind of fruit ranks as the third-class spiritual material. As long as the warriors in the quenched condition take it, they can break through directly and go to the next level without any side effects.” Chu Xingyun looked at Yanxinguo and suddenly flashed a glimmer of delicacy.

“Three levels of spiritual talent, but also can lead to a direct breakthrough?” Chu Hu took a sharp breath of cold.

After awakening Wuling, he knew how difficult the way of practice was. Even if it was a hardened state, it would take a long time of hard work and no slack at all for every promotion.

Just now, Chu Xingyun said that these strange-looking fruits could make the hardened martial artists break through the realm directly, which is a little subversive of Chu Hu’s recognition.

An inflamed heart nut can easily break through a heavy day after taking it.

At present, there are more than ten inflamed heart fruits on this inflamed heart tree. If you take them all, can you step into the level of gathering spirit in a short time?

Perhaps guessing what Chu Hu thought, Chu Xingyun turned his eyes and explained, “Although Yanxinguo is strange, it is also limited. After swallowing one, it will continue to swallow, and its effect will be minimal.”

“In addition, these fruits are not yet mature, and need to wait for another 10 years before they can be taken off. Before that, these fruits have no effect, just like ordinary trees.”

Chu Xingyun shrugged his shoulders and said the voice, which made the smile on Chu Hu’s face become extremely stiff, and that kind of excitement in his heart disappeared directly without trace.

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