Chapter 290: Improving All The Seven Stars


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In stronger representatives of one-eyed wolves, the reaction and movement speed is higher than in normal ones. Mo Fan knew that these cunning creatures could evade his magic element of fire.

That is why the young man decided to act simply and rudely. No matter how fast these wolves may be, they will not be able to catch up with the “thunder and lightning strike”.

Thunder rumbled and a terrible, black-violet lightning formed a kind of firework in the air. And if we consider that the effect of the spell was enhanced by the seed of lightning, it was clear that the monsters had no chance.

I’m afraid the animals didn’t have enough reaction even to understand that they would die now. One-eyed wolves instantly turned into a lot of bloody stains!

The rain began to bloody. Scarlet drops fell on the relatives of the dead wolves. The most cowardly of wolves, in a daze, looked at what had happened to their brethren. They understood that these wolves were the strongest among them, they also understood that this man instantly killed them. Where did he come from, to such a powerful man?


Ruthless magic only once again showed Mo Fan’s indifference to the lives of these animals. Without waiting for the rest of the wolves to recover from the incident and attack, Mo Fan used the “whip of lightning” and took the remaining animals under control.

While the monsters could not move, Mo Fan formed as many as three fire spells.

The fire struck the beasts immediately after the lightning. There was nothing tricky about this technique. First you immobilize with lightning, then you attack with fire.

“BUT? Dark blue shine? ”

“Oh, it’s a soul! Today I am lucky, in the end I managed to gather my soul ”

Mo Fan Fang was decorated with a joyful smile. He has already killed quite a few servant-level monsters, and the soul has appeared only now. Now I understand why magic tools are so rare.

Mo Fang is lucky that he has four elements. Another mid-level magician in his place, in the absence of attacking spells, would have had to flee …

Having received another soul, Mo Fan was able to improve the sixth asterisk.

And if you take into account the souls of the dead one-eyed wolves, it turns out that almost half of the whole soul has been gathered …

The agile wolf roared. He substituted himself under the attack of a three-eyed wolf in order to crush the last bite in the neck.

After this bite, a fountain of blood splashed out of the wound …

The three-eyed wolf covered his paw with a fresh wound. Now the animal just could not cope with the agile wolf. The three-eyed wolf looked at the old car standing nearby and jumped on it. A moment later, the powerful paws of the beast carried him away from this place.

“Udual to escape?”

A shadow thorn appeared in front of Mo Fan.

Spike flew silently and quickly.

At this moment, the three-eyed wolf ran toward the grass grove. Suddenly the monster’s huge body stopped, as if it had been nailed with something.

The beast was madly trying to run on, but all he had to do was stomp the land beneath him. It is a pity that the wolf had no chance to budge.

“Hurry, finish him; he has a terrifying power,” said Mo Fan to the agile wolf.

The three-eyed wolf was really strong. His effort was enough to loosen the shadow spike and weaken the effect of the spell. Mo Fan noticed this and was not sure how long he could hold a monster.

The agile wolf did not need to repeat the command. The wolf rushed towards its victim. If desired, the wolf of Mo Fan could be able to catch up with the three-eyed, even if he were free and began to run away. Still, this wolf’s agile is called for a reason. His paws moved with such speed that it seemed as if the beast was not running, but flying at the speed of the wind.

The wolf flew like an arrow shot from a bow. And when the distance between the animals was about twenty meters, the agile wolf seemed to be turned into a cold sparkling, cruel claw!

The wolf’s body struck the victim’s nape, as if pierced with a sword.

The three-eyed wolf wanted to protect itself from being hit by its paws, but who knew that the force of the blow would be so huge that an agile wolf would simply cut the monster’s paws.

Two fat wolf paws made a flip in the air, splashing everything around with blood.

However, the ferocious punch of an agile wolf did not stop at the victim’s paws and ripped part of the three-eyed wolf’s neck, exposing even more blood vessels.

The wolf’s head slowly fell to the ground, and was immediately crushed. Since the body of the wolf was still pierced by the shadow thorn of Mo Fan, it did not fall, but continued to stand still. From the horrific picture of the standing, decapitated body of the three-eyed wolf breathed the breath of death.

In another instant, the blood gushed out of the place where the head had recently been. At this time, the action of Mo Fan’s spell ended, and the body of the three-eyed wolf fell to the ground like a collapsed building.

The agile wolf loved purity, so he immediately walked away from the blood-spattering body. After the scarlet fountain ended, the animal slowly approached the corpse and unhurriedly ripped the belly of a three-eyed wolf. An instant later, the paws of an agile wolf took out the beast’s heart.

The wolf swallowed the internal organs of the congener in one sitting. Everyone knew how much such an action helps animals to become stronger. That is why the monsters ruthlessly absorb part of the victim’s body.

As soon as the three-eyed wolf died, the one-eyed brothers became confused. They absolutely did not want to get involved with Mo Fan and the agile wolf, so they chaotically fled to all four sides.

“Once you’ve finished, I’ll see if there’s anything left of the three-eyed wolf,” said Mo Fan to the agile wolf.

The wolf, as a human, stared his eyes at Mo Fan. He finished this battle, what else is there to look for?

“You still ate the most valuable thing this wolf had – his heart, and now out of the way!”, Mo Fan hurried the wolf.


If you take a closer look at the corpse of the monster level leader of the pack, then you can find many expensive things. For example, unusual claws, skin and bones can be sold for tens of thousands of yuan. Prices were so high due to the fact that such things are actively used to create magical objects and tools. If you can sell them, you can earn a fortune!

Unfortunately, there were no unusual bones in the wolf’s corpse. I was also lucky that Mo Fan discovered an unusual edge in the corpse of the one-eyed wolf. Such a good bone is used to create defensive magical items. Most likely, without problems, it will go beyond one hundred or two hundred thousand yuan.

“Not enough shower?”

“I have already improved the sixth star, I almost managed to transform the magic of the initial level”

“Okay, I’ll fight with the monsters at the next point and sure enough!”

Mo Fan approached the survey device and began collecting it. A green light was on the instrument, indicating that all data had been received. Now it remains to take the device specialist and all.

The next point was not far from here, so Mo Fan, taking the map in hand, fought his way towards it. The shower immediately was enough to strengthen the seventh star of the lightning element. However, doing it right now was a little unwise.

When he returns to the team, he will be able to do it, and now it remains only to carry out the task alone.

Yes, with the advent of power, he became so capricious!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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