Chapter 291. Water Spider


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“Just a little bit and turn green!”

“Hell! These large lizards became even more! If we don’t clean up, we’ll be their dinner! ”

“Green, green!”

“Get down, faster!”

A group of people fled from this point.

Shortly thereafter, a group of large green-skinned lizards appeared straight from the marshy urban area.

A roar of waves swept through the countryside. A group of magicians, surrounded by monsters from all sides, used various charms in order to escape.

At least it’s good that the magicians had thought up a plan of retreat beforehand, otherwise it would have failed to escape from the monsters.

“Your mother! Only completed this point, but already such difficulties! Yes, we will die until we go through all the points! ”, Said fat man Lo Sung, breathing heavily.

“We do not have Mo Fan, and therefore there is no power of his element of fire. We will have to spend a lot of energy to fight this group of monsters, ”said Peng Liang.

The power of Mo Fan’s magic is worth saying the following. Even compared to Mu Ning Xue, Mo Fang’s destructive magic was higher. The elements of lightning and fire, which are reinforced by a seed, have become very powerful and could have easily destroyed a large number of servant-level monsters in one application.

“Oh, yes, this little guy can only get into trouble and pull the rest of them. And after that, he also says that he will go alone and finish the task. In my opinion, he will be back soon and we will all see that he could not do anything, ”said Liao Min Xuan.

The team needed to conduct reconnaissance first, and only then begin a survey. At last count, it took about two days. In addition, the device itself for the survey attracts monsters during operation. And you need to protect it for three hours! If you leave the device without protection, then nothing happens.

“Indeed, maybe he died at all,” Luo Sun nodded, thinking that it would be good if Mo Fan died, this talent, and with two seeds!

“It seems that you have to upset you. Judging by my watch, it is coming here … “, – said Zhao Man Yan.

All had wristwatches that showed the approximate location of the owners of all other watches. The distance between the points was difficult to determine, but the direction is always obvious.

Zhao Man Yan had already looked at his watch for a long time and noticed that about an hour ago Mo Fan had moved and headed for the group …

He moved very fast. As if he didn’t walk at all on an abandoned and very dangerous city. It seems that Mo Fan had no need to hide from the monsters and he walked directly.

Zhao Man Yan was one thing that was not clear: did the dark wolf of Mo Fang become stronger. How else can you move so fast? Yes, and move so boldly.


People found a place to hide. The place was an almost intact church.

When people erected this church, they thought that it would stand longer. The building was designed in such a way that the plants were not so easy to grow. The church did not let in badly the fact that the plants, but also the dust, it was much less there than in other buildings. It is worth a little clean up and then you can live.

Three people remained in the church. Sung Xia, who could not move independently, Bai Ting Ting, who treated her, and Min Cong, who always followed Sung Xia.

“They began to return, only they will return the same way. I don’t know if we can get out before nightfall, ”said Min Cong Bai Ting Ting text of the text message sent to him.

Bai Ting Ting was sitting on her knees near Song Xia. Her superb forms at one glance immersed in dreams …

Min Cong was not a man of high morality. Without fear, he devoured the eyes of Bai Ting Ting, knowing that she was busy healing Sun Xia and would not notice anything.

Liao Ming Xuan really liked Mu Nu Jiao, everyone knew that. He rubbed near her just like a honey bee. And from Mo Fan, the young man was nauseous.

Min Cong initially had nothing against Mo Fang. However, he later noticed that his Bai Ting Ting is very good towards Mo Fang. And besides, this young man was constantly arrogant, that he had awakened two elements. Therefore, Min Cong already disliked Mo Fang. The last was that Luo Song, Shen Min Xiao and Liao Min Xuan frankly ridiculed Mo Fang and Min Cong, noticing this, immediately joined their ranks.

The idea to wait in the church belonged to Min Cong. He wanted to be alone with Bai Ting Ting to talk about his feelings.

“Min Cong, please bring clean water. I want to wash her wound, ”said Bai Ting Ting.

“Yes, you just use drinking water”

“We will need a lot of water, and drinking is not enough. We need to save, ”said Bai Ting Ting.


Min Cong took the jug and left, wondering where it was possible to get water …

He soon remembered that when they came here, they saw an overgrown reservoir. Water in order to wash the wound should be enough.

When the young man reached the reservoir, he did not notice anything unusual. He indifferently plunged the jug into the pond, filling it to the very edges, while at that time he himself was thinking about the beautiful forms of Bai Ting Ting.

Bai Ting Ting, Mu Nu Jiao and Mu Ning Xue differed from each other. Min Cong liked girls when they were not too thin. He liked that when he touches the girl, he feels not the bones, but the soft body. That is why he liked Bai Ting Ting.

In most cases, people who happen to be in a similar city think of monsters. However, Min Cong was thinking about Bai Ting Ting. He watched a lot of films about the end of the world and thought that together with Bai Ting Ting they could coexist here perfectly.

Much time has passed since the group went on a mission, and Min Cong still did not give vent to his feelings. From this dirty thoughts in his head from it became more and more.

Min Cong thought and relaxed.

Meanwhile, an animal, very similar to a water spider, crawled to the boy in the sleeve. Min Cong did not notice anything at all!

Translucent water spider climbed under the clothes and stopped making any movements.

“Okay, time to go back. What is there to stand, think, you need to go back to Bai Ting Ting and talk to her, ”Min Cong was not a jerk, he knew that now you need to forget about sex. The most important thing now is to find the right words.

He turned and went back to the church, and with him went the water spider.

“In this damn place some insects. Zadolbalo “, – said Min Cong and scratched his back. He felt as if someone had bitten him.

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