Chapter 292. Cultivating Beasts


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The water has arrived. Bai Ting Ting immediately added antiseptic to the water. Sung Xia’s wounds healed slowly. It was obvious that the thing that hurt the girl also had some kind of poison. Therefore, part of the wounds could not be cured by magic. First, it was necessary to wash the poison from the wound.

Bai Ting Ting felt hot in the church. She had already taken off her outerwear, exposing her snow-white shoulders. Droplets of sweat began to accumulate on different parts of the body, including the beautiful chest.

Min Cong stood beside him, and from his height there was an excellent view of Bai Ting Ting. The young man’s eyes glittered.

Based on what Min Cong saw earlier, Bai Ting Ting most likely put on something like a sports bra, hiding her unique hills from everyone around.

Fantasia Min Tsun was played out in earnest. He no longer even tried to hide what he was openly staring at at the girl, so much so that his eyes would fall out of orbit soon!

Bai Ting Ting washed the wounds of Sun Xia and wiped her sweaty forehead with her hand. Unfortunately, when the girl lifted her gaze, she crossed with Min Lung’s lustful eyes.

Bai Ting Ting was dumbfounded, but tried to keep calm and said: keep your manners.

However, Min Cong did not react at all and stared at Bai Ting Ting unswervingly.

Finally, Bai Ting Ting realized that the desire to possess, which she saw in the eyes of the young man, was not very simple.

Min Cong stood motionless and devoured the girl with his eyes.

Right now, the young man found something and it seemed to him that he was in some sort of Japanese porn. Min Cong thought that he could act willfully with Bai Ting Ting.

The end of the world, an abandoned building, a lonely man and woman.

There was an angry laugh and an embarrassed female cry. The clothes on Bai Ting Ting were instantly and brutally torn. Now Min Cong has ceased to exist, there was only a beast that does not know moral values and wants to satisfy natural needs.

“What are you doing, you jerk!” Bai-Ting-Ting shouted angrily.

Bai Ting Ting was not one of those who let others quietly do what they want.

The girl retreated a step in a rage, a constellation appeared next to her.

She did not want to use magic on her own, but this act is an edge.

The girl did not live in this world for the first day, so she knew that vulgar thoughts often appear in the heads of guys, but these are just thoughts. And then such an act.

Bai Ting Ting did not think that such a noble person like Min Cong could do that.

“You are such a cattle, what are you doing?”, – heard a male voice from the entrance to the church.

It was Liu Zheng He who saw what Min Cong did, along with the flywheel.

The dark lyuvovolk quickly ran to the young man and crushed him.

Min Tsuna calmed down, but no one could believe what he saw.

There was silence in the church for a long time.

Bai Ting Ting put on her coat. She was still a bit angry.

The case has definitely gone too far. How he even got into the team of the Imperial University. After they go back, Bai Ting Ting will ask him!

“Min Cong, have you lost your mind?” Said Liu Zheng He and gave the youth a slap in the face.

Min Cong seemed to come to his senses and saw how everyone was looking at him.

When he looked at Bai Ting Ting, he saw that her clothes seemed battered.

After a moment, it dawned on him, and the young man’s face turned white.

Did it really happen? Was it not his fantasies …

“I … I …”

“Are you still going to explain something?” Xiao Feng, Xu Da Long, tie him, ”said Liu Zheng He.

“I really do not know how it happened. Forgive me forgive

“Yes, I did not think that he was such a person”

“Yes, Jing Jing, you walked beside him, you’d better stay away now,” Zhao Min Yue said in a whisper.

It all happened so unexpectedly. No one could have imagined that everything would turn out that way. Xiao Feng and Xu Da Long tied Min Cong to the pillar. The team began to discuss the next point, but the situation was very strange.


It was almost night. The exhausted group was about to go to bed, and the sound of footsteps came from outside.

“Don’t worry, it’s me,” said Mo Fan.

The door opened and the young man smiled and went inside.

His eyes immediately, involuntarily looked at those who were not indifferent to him.

Who would have thought that as soon as Mo Fan entered, Bai Ting Ting would rise, break away from his seat and run to meet him. No sooner had the young man figured out how the girl had embraced him.

Light, pleasant to the touch, the elastic body of the girl suddenly made Mo Fang happy.

Everyone was stunned.

Everyone noticed that Bai Ting Ting loved to be near Mo Fang, but no one could have imagined that their relationship had become so close.

Bai Ting Ting was scared, and Mo Fan in her eyes was perfectly suited to the role of comforter.

“Um, did something happen?”, Mo Fan could not understand the reasons for this behavior, everything seemed to be in perfect order.

“Let’s not go away anymore?” Said Bai Ting Ting. Her eyes were red and her body was weak. It seemed as if she could only rely on Mo Fang.

“Well … well,” Mo Fan agreed hastily.

The beauty herself threw herself into his arms. However, the fact that this happened so suddenly seemed to Mo Fang a bit strange.

Has their relationship become so close already ??

“The one who wanted to do the research himself came back, what did he get?” Said Liao Min Xuan in a bizarre tone

Mo Fan paused Bai Ting Ting for a bit, then pulled two devices from his pocket and threw them at the person in charge – Mu Ning Xue.

“Two appliances?” Asked Mu Ning Xue a little surprised.


“It seems that he really finished. Mo Fan, how did you do it? So far we have dealt with one point, almost all have died, ”said scared Peng Liang.

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