Chapter 293. The Spirit of Seduction. Part 1


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“I have a brilliant plan,” said Mo Fan with a mysterious smile.

“In any case, there are no animals there,” said Shen Min Xiao.

Lo Sung entered the conversation: “It’s nothing.”

“If you yourself are rubbish, do not think that others are the same traffickers,” said Mo Fan.

Liao Min Xuan scored a little more air: “You say that we are all just rubbish, but the fact that you initially have two elements is just luck, and she’s such a bitch that today’s with you and tomorrow turns away and you’ll stay with nothing!”

Mo Fan looked into his eyes, it was clear that Liao Ming Xuan was offended at his infirmity and envied him.

“If you want to fight, I am ready at any time, just say it and not yelp like a Pug!” Said Mo Fan.

“You think I’m afraid of you?” Liao Ming Xuan shouted furiously.

Everyone around understood that it smells like fried.

Mu Nu Jiao approached Mo Fang and said: “You are not hot, we are on a mission. Decide on your return. ”

Liao Min Xuan did not calm down at all; on the contrary, he flared up with even greater rage, wondering why Mo Fang had such attention for this, that it was God’s anointed, besides Mu Ning Xue also has some feelings for him, for all this such arrogance . Banal luck, and nothing else.

“Come on, whoever the fuck is going back to the university,” Liao Ming Xuan set out to go to the end.

“Well, go ahead!”, Mo Fan hated such upstarts.

“Stop making noise!” Liu Zheng He shouted and began to pull Liao Ming Xuan back, and he pushed him away with all his might.

“What are you doing to yourself?” Are you the commander of what ?, give orders to the right and left? You barely tolerate at the Imperial University, who are you, to teach me? Like a little pug, you cringe in front of Mu Ning Xue, trying to show off in front of us. ”

Everyone gasped. No one thought that the one who had come to separate, Liu Zheng He would only aggravate the situation. And with his phrase, he definitely got into the painful spot of Liu Zheng He.

“Do you have something against me?” Better not to mess up, ”Liu Zheng He said with embarrassment in embarrassment.

“To contact? Yes, you are just a part of the utensils in Mu’s house, you can’t openly approach a girl who likes it, but instead you feel sorry for spreading out, bedding! ”- the ears turned red from the words of Liao Min Xuan.

Liu Zheng He was dumbfounded by what was said, involuntarily looking into Mu Ning Xue’s eyes. Her face did not express any emotions, only in her eyes one could see a slight disgust, and surprise to how petty people are.

“Xu Da Long, Xiao Feng, he’s crazy, roll him up!” Said Liu Zheng He.

“You two, do you listen to him like obedient doggies?” Said Liao Min Xuan.

Xu Da Lun, Xiao Feng, just kept silent, that they somehow fall under the distribution?

As a result, Liao Ming Xuan twisted and sealed his mouth so that he would not continue to grind all this nonsense.

“What ultimately happens? Everything was good, when suddenly Bai Ting Ting was rude, they quarreled with Liu Zheng He and Liao Ming Xuan, ”Peng Liang, who was sitting by the fire, whispered.

“I don’t know, but I think everything is due to the fact that lately there has been too much stress,” said Zhao Man Yan.

“It would rather be over.”

“Heh, the test has not yet come to an end, and the resources allocated to us are already running out.”

Previously, everyone, sitting by the fire, had fun, listened to Peng Liang’s silly stories, and now the camp looked more and more like a military man.

Mo Fan chatted with Zhao Man Yan, discussing who would marry Bai Ting Ting. While they were talking, she approached them, cold as ice, Mu Ning Xue, moving her eyes from one to the other.

“Ha-hah, well, you chat here. I’ll go and check Song Xia’s wound, ”Zhao Man-Yan tactfully walked away.

Mo Fan was a little perplexed about what was going on and was not trustingly looking at Mu Nin Xue.

She grew up a beautiful girl, long eyelashes, thin eyebrows, silver hair, appearance-dream, descended from the work of the artist.

“Why are you doing this?” Said Mu Nin Xue.

“Doing what?” Said Mo Fan, perplexed.

“Wrong,” said Mu Nin Xue.

“Yes, it seems like it will go, everyone has a dark side in their hearts, everyone has their own skeleton in the closet, and everyone sometimes wants to let off steam. Liao Min Xuan is extremely narrow-minded, he is also envious of horror, ”- Mo Fan put his hands behind his head, as if there was nothing to talk about.

“There is something else wrong,” said Mu Nin Xue.


“Bai Ting Ting, you have a strange relationship with her, she wears you in front of everyone. In my opinion, it is not fragile at all, ”Mu Nin Xue concluded her sentence.

“She is secretly in love with me, a trifling matter. You used to be in love too, even said you want to run away from home with me, ”Mo Fan said with a grin.

“Then I was stupid,” said Mu Nin Xue.

“But I agree,” said Mo Fan.

“Sorry …”, Mu Nin Xue became even more gloomy, she knew that at one time her family had hit the family of Mo Fanya badly.

“You shouldn’t apologize to me, even if you tell me now that you leave Mu’s family, I’ll be with you,” Mo Fan laughed.

“We are already adults, you should not joke like that,” said Mu Nin Xue.

“And I’m joking well. Previously, you wanted to escape from the clan, because you were too controlled. I wanted to help you. I always, without hesitation, agree to help you. You know why? ”, Mo Fan looked into her ice-cold eyes.

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