Chapter 294. The Spirit of Seduction. Part 2


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“All because you are for me, like a princess from fairy tales, imprisoned in a castle. Many in their entire life can not find something for themselves that will make them drop everything. And since childhood you are the one with whom I was ready to run away and overcome any difficulties, it is a pity that we were immediately caught. ”

Mu Ning Xue kept silence for a very long time. And, finally, she spoke:

“You’re the same as them.” Strange.”

“Maybe,” Mo Fan shrugged. Not a drop of his former smile remained on his face.

“Then there is nothing to talk about,” Mu Ning Xue was much more concerned with the affairs of the present.

“But what I once agreed to, I am always ready to finish.”

“What is the point? You yourself are well aware that all this was childish. The current family of Mu, not the one that was before. And you yourself have brought trouble. Moreover, you are not in my taste, ”Mu Ning Xue openly declared.

How old were they then? Mu Ning Xue already forgot everything that was with them. For Mo Fan, this is a blow, and he was ashamed that he raised this topic.

“Just don’t say that you didn’t fall for my charm,” said Mo Fan without a hint of shame.

“You are very strange, really. However, so that you do not have a soul, I still have to say no. The family has already found me a groom, and, although I do not have any feelings for him, love for me is not in the first place. And do not think that I can turn away from the decision of the family, no matter how I was dissatisfied with him, this is all irrelevant, ”said Mu Ning Xue.

For her, to say something similar was unusual, usually she hid all that was in her mind and thought that she had long ago thrown out the thoughts of Mo Fana from her head. He is the owner of two elements from nature with unlimited potential, and there is no reason for taking for his youth and throwing everything to the wind.

Mo Fan listened with open mouth. From the insensitive words of Mu Ning Xue, he went into himself. However, it is good that she said it directly, without being sly.

Despite the hopeless situation, he was very inspired by it, now it’s something that you should fight for in life has reappeared.

The question is, is it really worth it? She was his first love, and now when asked if he could let her go, the answer is unequivocal: yes. But something was wrong, and he was overcome by many feelings.



All night the atmosphere around the fire was tense.

All of the fact that Mo Fang had a heavy stone in his heart, which, with the help of his own thoughts, dug deeper and deeper. And when he became particularly ill, the suspension around his neck began to glow.

It was a weak and almost imperceptible ripple moving in unison with the thoughts in Mo Fang’s head.

This glow carried with itself an amazing magical spell, in an instant, everything that Mo Fang had in his soul faded into the background, as if he had been dipped in cold water, returning him to his usual state.

As if the shroud had fallen from his eyes.

He looked at Mu Ning Xue’s charming back, his thoughts were transparent, and he understood that he was being imposed, but still:

“Ning Xue, wait,” Mo Fan called.

Mu Ning Xue turned her head to him and looked into his eyes, this Mo Fan and the one that stood in front of her a couple of minutes ago were different people. As if someone woke her in the middle of a dream.

“What else do you need,” Mu Ning Xue said uncertainly.

“Very strange,” said Mo Fan seriously.

It looked like Mu Ning Xue, like Mo Fan, came to her senses. Shaking her head, she said: “Just now, you were like everyone else.”

“I think it was something like a seduction spirit. The suspension that the director gave me protected me! I myself have just been in such an incomprehensible state, ”Mo Fan said seriously.

Mu Nin Xue was completely absorbed in her thoughts, she certainly assumed that there was something similar, but she was surprised that all of today’s strange actions were provoked by seduction.

“Perhaps Min Cong was also the reason why Bai Ting Ting was rude today, his own thoughts, in addition to the actions of the spirit of seduction, everything merged together.

“Another envy of Liao Ming Xuan, and Liu Zheng He’s discontent, everything happened for the same reason.”

“Bai Ting Ting likes you, after what happened, she seems to feel a little dependent on you.”

“Just now you … well, you know yourself,” said Mu Ning Xue.

Mo Fang was embarrassed. The case, for so many years warming the soul, suddenly revealed itself from a completely different side. But finally, he is free.

Oh, but first you need to resolve to the end what happened.

“The very first thing that happened was Min Cong. I’ll go ask Bai Ting Ting where he went, ”said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan approached Bai Ting Ting, she looked at Mu Ning Xue, not hiding hostility, only now it is not clear for what reason.

Mo Fan took the suspension and put it in Bai Ting Ting’s palm. She was covered with luminous ripples again, Bai Ting Ting started, her pupils widened and narrowed again, her eyes became clear.

Remembering what she had done, her face was painted and could not look into Mo Fang’s eyes.

“Nothing, nothing. I guess what the matter is. I need to know: where did Min Cong go, like this church is closed, and there are no traces of monsters nearby … ”, said Mo Fan.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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