Chapter 295. Self-Destruction


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“I asked him to go get some water. Most likely he went to the nearest reservoir, ”said Bai Ting Ting with a red face.

“Okay, I’ll go see if he’s there. Look, keep your hidden thoughts with you, otherwise this thing can influence people, reinforcing their inner feelings and emotions, ”said Mo Fan.

“Aga” – Bai Ting Ting shook her head.

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue exchanged a few words, since it was unclear how much more people were under seductive action, giving out their innermost thoughts.

The magic tool of concentration helped Mo Fang to maintain her inner state of mind, Bai Ting Ting also helped her to recover – her degree of seduction was low. Liao Ming Xuan and Ming Cong – with them, everything is clear, you won’t be helped.

Mo Fan pretended that he was going to watch, although he actually went to look for a water source, which Bai Ting Ting indicated.

At the first reservoir was Min Cong. In addition, how to run for water, Min Cong would never have agreed to leave the church, of course, he was there!

With the arrival of midnight, the empty city was covered in a silent terrifying atmosphere. Somewhere in the distance came the barely audible sounds of animals, which made the hearts beat even more often. No one knew what kind of animals this were at night on the hunt.

Cold starlight illuminated the outline of the silent, deserted city. Anyone else would never have agreed to leave the safe church at midnight, but Mo Fang had courage with interest.

The shadow element gave Mo Fang the ability of night vision, so Mo Fan very quickly found the place where Min Cong was drawing water.

However, Mo Fan did not go straight there, but first made a detour around.

Reaching the ravine with water, scattered bones, which belonged to an unknown animal, were found under my feet.

The remains are so remains – Mo Fan has seen enough of this for his time. However, when he pushed the densely growing grass in front, he saw a whole pile of bones, which were scattered in layers.

The bones lay in the area about fifty meters from the place where Mo Fan stood. It was a whole swamp strewn with enemy remains!

The stars coldly illuminated with their radiance the white remains, which made them seem even more terrible. The number of dead animals was unknown, there was only one question left – was it possible that the place that seemed so nice and safe was completely littered with animal remains ???

Mo Fan continued to explore the area further. Following the next row of wild herbs, he saw several animals. Apparently, there was a battle here, and they violently gnawed the bodies of opponents.

Having examined them closer, it became clear that they were one-eyed wolves.

It is unknown for what reason, but these one-eyed wolves were even more brutal. Some kind of inner hatred forced them to make each bite even more powerful, so that fresh blood spilled around.

“Strange … One-eyed wolves are herd animals … Usually they do not attack their own ones,” Mo Fan thought to himself, watching the sharp movements of the magical wolves.

More time passed, and these animals attacked a few more of their own. As a result, the only surviving beast lay down on the green grass nearby, which was now completely red with fresh blood, and the air around it was filled with the smell of death …

Mo Fan, full of bewilderment, took another look at this amazing reservoir.

No, that will not do. This place is too weird. Everyone needs to leave here.

A pile of remains, and even one-eyed wolves that kill each other … There was some kind of witchcraft that controlled these animals.

Mo Fan did not go too far, because it is not known what level of animals he can meet there. A pile of white bones made it clear that nothing good was expected there.

Turning to the side of the church, Mo Fan unexpectedly saw that from the inside the church was covered by a huge powerful wave of magic.

This is fire!

This is a big fire!

On the approach to the church, something bright red caught his eye!

The church, which had only recently been seen as such a quiet place in the deserted city, was now engulfed in flames. The silhouettes of several people were visible nearby, drawing constellations and making up star systems …

Mo Fan was dumbfounded, not understanding what could have happened after he left.

Not a moment’s hesitation, Mo Fan turned into a black shadow and in this darkness rushed towards the church.

The church was in flames, a bright fire became more and more distinct.

Upon arrival, Mo Fan saw Bai Ting Ting and Peng Liang, who together pulled out exhausted Song Xia.

On the other side of the church, he saw Moo Nu Jiao and Luo Sun fighting. They both used mid-level magic, leaving no room for each other to retreat.

How Mu Well Jiao and Luo Song had a fight? Did Lo Sung do something obscene about Mu Nu Jiao?

There will be no mercy!

“Dead fat, you dare to hurt my Jiao Jiao!” Now I will destroy you! ”Said Mo Fan angrily. The flame was already burning in his palm.

“Wait, she first began! Don’t be so angry, Mo Fan! ”Said Luo Song in a frightened way.

Lo Song had already used all his magic items in the battle with Mu Nu Jiao, and if Mo Fan had been in her place, then nothing would be left of him. Generally, what the hell did they begin to squabble among themselves? Want to exterminate each other?

Mo Fan looked closer and saw that between Mu Nu Jiao’s eyebrows there was something red in color that resembled raw blood. His face reddened with anger by the exquisitely beautiful Mu Nu Jiao was something out of the ordinary … but it was also beautiful …

“Mu Nu Jiao, too, fell into this trap … Her inner experiences stirred up, forcing her to attack her own, just like those one-eyed wolves that exterminate each other …” – such thoughts crept into Mo Fan’s head.

He could not oppose Mu Nu Jiao, to hurt her was to torment himself.

“Hey, fat Lo, protect yourself, but don’t hurt Mu Well Jiao, but for now I’ll try to find the source of all our troubles,” said Mo Fan Lo Sung.

Lo Song soon burst into tears. What did it mean to not hurt her? When he himself will soon become disabled under her onslaught.

Using the shadow, Mo Fan reached the other side of the church.

There, Mo Fan saw Zhao Man Yan and Zheng Bing Xiao being attacked by Shen Min Xiao, Jing Jing and Zhao Min Yue.

Near Zheng Bin Xiao, a cave demon appeared who was so strong that he alone could cope with an earthen wave more than ten meters high!

No one would have thought that Zheng Bin Xiao would quietly risk using his contract beast as the leader of the pack.

The beast could fully withstand the magic of the element of fire mid-level Zhao Min Yue!

“Powerful animal!” Mo Fan thought to himself.

“Mo Fan, just don’t tell me that you are crazy too!” – Zhao Man Yan shouted to Mo Fan.

“I am not obsessed!” Mo Fan asked excitedly.

Zhao Man Yan and Zheng Bin Xiao sighed.

Mo Fan was suddenly pissed off. These three or four people will not be able to curb it! Spiritual seeds of fire and lightning are not toys for you!

“You better hurry up to find a method to calm them down! Otherwise, we will not kill them, but they will kill us! ”- the voice of Zhao Man Yan was heard.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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