Chapter 296. The Magical Web of Seduction


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“I only know that here in the neighborhood there is an animal that can control the psyche. I came back because I wanted to warn everyone that we needed to get out of here, but when I came, you were all at fault, ”said Mo Fan, Zhao Man-yan.

“Then go and kill this animal, then everyone will be able to recover,” Zhao Man Yan responded angrily.

Usually, Mo Fan was always decisive if you had to kill someone. Zhao Man Yan could not understand what was happening to Mo Fang today.

“Good. Then let me stay here while I keep the obsessed, and you go and kill this pest animal, ”said Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan was speechless.

Mo Fan didn’t really want to go for a simple reason: because he alone could deal with everything here, and as for the clashes with the pile of white animal bones, there is not even a need to strain.

Mo Fan would never want to deal with the others. He was disturbed only by Mu Nu Jiao, who also participated in the general brawl – she could just be stunned and carried away with her. It would be better to leave here as soon as possible.

While Mo Fan was contemplating an evacuation plan, a silvery silhouette appeared not far away, which was rushing here with the speed of wind.

“Come with me!” – Mu Ning Xue, using the path of the wind, turned out to be in front of Mo Fang. She grabbed his arm.

“Where to go … why? Be careful, be careful, there is a swamp in front … ”- Mo Fan shouted strangely. It was as clear as day that he did not want to go anywhere.

Mu Ning Xue picked up the resisting Mo Fang. The same body of water was getting closer … Mo Fan himself knew that the animal in the pond had to be killed today.

While Mo Fan wondered what kind of beast could appear before them from the pond, he noticed that Mu Ning Xue between his eyebrows also has a beautiful red outline. This mark on the silvery white face was so seductive that the heart in his chest began to beat faster.

Stop! Heartbeat is all nonsense! This means that the soul of Mu Ning Xue is also seduced!

Although no, also not true.

The souls of the rest are seduced, and they are now trying to exterminate each other, as if all the hatred and resentment accumulated in their souls find a way out, adding to them more anger.

If Mu Ning Xue is also obsessed, then why did she drag him here?

If she is completely obsessed, then she dragged him to the pond so that the pond monster could devour him? Or her deepest feelings are pushing her to kill?

“Ice saucer / freezing field!” – Mu Ning Xue did not waste other conversations using ice magic against this amazing reservoir

Her eyes were filled with the desire to kill, she was definitely seduced, but she had only one inner motive – to decapitate this water monster!

Mo Fang still had a necklace of collection around his neck, so he was not subjected to seduction. However, Mu Ning Xue has become a possessed killer, which means he will have to stay with her.

This girl was also very strange … At that time, while everyone was seduced and under the influence of this, they began to sort things out and fight, throwing out their hatred, resentment and anger … Although … To some extent everyone in the team had reasons to kill each other friend Everyone except Mu Ning Xue … Her soul was just filled with the thought of killing …

The freezing field completely covered the reservoir. Mu Ning Xue used an ice saucer to freeze it as soon as possible.

The monster who was in the pond, of course, will not just tolerate such attacks, so Mo Fan stood at the ready.

If a monster like a magical plant monster comes out, Mo Fan prepared to first stun Mu Ning Xue, then return and stun Mu Nu Jiao, Bai Ting Ting and Zhao Man Yan. And then grabbing them, quickly get away from here.

And the point here is not whether the intestine is small or not. There are enough all kinds of creatures in the world, and Mo Fan knew that now he could not bear with everyone. And if you can not win, then we must urgently run!

There was a creak.

The surface of the reservoir was completely frozen so that on its ice surface one could clearly see the reflection of the stars.

In the pond there was a living creature that could be seen before it was covered with ice. On the surface there were many, many arachnid small living creatures that were going to hide in the densely growing grass nearby.

However, Mo Fan did not notice that a large number of these spiders had managed to get out and was already running along his clothes.

My Fan was hard to find because they were very small and agile. Even on an ordinary day it would be hard to see them. It is good that a necklace that rescued him hung on his neck …

“So, Min Cong picked up these water spiders when he came here to get water? And they made him obsessed? ”Mo Fan thought to himself.

Precisely, it was these spiders … Otherwise, the necklace of collection now would not react so violently.

If Mo Fan would still be subjected to this seduction, then he had only one thought in his head – to run … He would run away alone and could not take care of others … Well, or he would also blow the roof as soon as he saw Liao Min Xuan …

There was a strange knock.

While Mo Fan was standing, thinking, at the pond, there was a loud sound from there.

The ice surface of the reservoir vibrated and cracked, turning into ice crystals in the air, accompanied by a white wave of ice water.

This wave flooded the whole wasteland …

Even more frightening was the fact that an incredible number of water spiders rushed to the water surface, scattering in all directions.

A bloodthirsty black-headed monster emerged from the wave, whose eyes glowed with an evil red light. With these eyes, he stared fixedly at Mo Fang, then at Mu Ning Xue.

It was a spider head about half the size of a room. The eyes were located between the brain and face. Her face was covered with a strange make-up and rinsed with ugly patterns.

The head was much larger than the rest of the body. But the most terrible were the sharp blades like 8 paws … but what kind of paws are there! Each of them was like a separate killer monster that came from the spider sternum!

Spider beast!

This type of animals belonged to cold-blooded, whose predatory skills were simply amazing: traps, curses, poisonous attacks, seduction, which almost no living creature can withstand!

It was clear without words that this particular spider was a seducer.

It was not clear how many years this seducing spider had been here, in solitude; how many animals he has already devoured, that he has fattened himself to such a state! However, it should be noted that animals with such a wide range of abilities, as a rule, do not have great fighting power!

Mo Fan took a deep breath … How nice that it was a seductive spider that met.

If he does not possess great combat capability, then he can be defeated!

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