Chapter 297. The Battle With the Huge Spider


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The agile wolf has already gone to rest. If he were here now, Mo Fan would be sure of his victory, but now he was forced to take the rap himself.

Even if he is different from the leader level beasts … When Mo Fan had met a monster from a curse aura, a scaly parasite monster or a three-eyed wolf, he understood that these animals belong to their average level, but their abilities cannot be called outstanding.

Or a magic monster-plant, he, too, belongs to the beasts of the level of the leader, but not everyone can resist his abilities – he belongs to the strong beings of the average level of the leader of the pack.

Looking at the seductive spider, even from the prevailing atmosphere, it was clear that the forces of the spider are far superior to the forces of ordinary animals, but do not reach the abilities of the magic monster-plant.

Mo Fang still had a necklace of composure, so his soul was protected.

Mu Ning Xue was eager to kill, and here it was already without a difference whether her soul was protected or not.

Apart from seductive power, resisting the seducer spider was not difficult. The primary task was to behead him, because it was not clear what was happening at that moment with people who tried to destroy each other and if they could resist the one-eyed wolf if he got there.

There was a crash.

The seducing spider began to swing its limbs, sharp as blades, crossing them like hands left and right.

The spider was thirty meters away from Mo Fang and Mu Ning Xue, therefore, no matter how he swung his limbs, he could not reach them. Does he think so easily? It was not there … the seducer spider snapped off his two forelimbs, which flew to Mo Fang and Mu Ning Xue!

Mo Fan quickly rolled away to the side, and the necklace on his neck squeezed sharply.

Suddenly, the sensation of coolness descended from above. Raising his head, Mo Fan saw a blade stuck in the wall, and slowly cut down the cut pieces of grass.

Good shot!

Mo Fan, before that, thought that such animals, that they were waiting for their victims in the gorges, did not have strong fighting skills, but in the end this beast itself almost chopped off his head!

Finding Mu Ning Xue’s eyes, Mo Fan saw that she had built an ice defense in front of herself, which, unable to withstand the impact of the blade, broke up into two parts.

The ice magic of Mu Ning Xue failed to withstand such an attack, which means she had to use the magic of the wind.

With the help of the wind path, she quickly moved away, and then began to make up the star system of the wind element.

A strong hurricane caught her, inflating the wide hem of her clothes … The silvery silhouette spun in the air, a red mark glowed brightly between her eyebrows, a deadly fire burned in her eyes, and she looked like a storm goddess, in every movement of which the aura of destruction was felt!

The spiritual seed of the wind element increased the degree of destructiveness of magic. Everything within a hundred meters of Mu Ning Xue was destroyed!

The spell “blade of the wind / sky network” began indiscriminately by the air flow, which then turned into a huge wall from the wind. Caught in the center of this spell, the seducing spider made a piercing sound and began to scrape with his limbs, attacking the shrunken wind fence.

As a result, the hurricane shrank, driving the seducing spider with all its paws deep into the ground with a force that would have been enough to lift the whole house into the air.

There was a whistle.

Tenacious seductive spider forces were very powerful. Half of his limbs caught on Mu Ning Xue’s sky nets.

The spell “wind blade / sky nets” of medium-level magic persists for a relatively long time, but the spider was able to cling to the wind wall so that the wind speed did not crush it as if in a blender.

Seeing this, Mu Ning Xue frowned. This monster was far superior to the animals of the level of the leader of the pack: the second-level wind blade with the spiritual seed of the wind – yes, such a mix will smear any animal of the level of the leader!

“Mo Fan, help me!” Mu Ning Xue shouted. She understood that her destructive power was not enough here.

“You hold him well, but he also reacts quickly!” Said Mo Fan.


The magic of the wind is not as focused as the magic of lightning or fire, it could be understood by the non-suffering kind of seducing spider.

“Fire rose / flaming fist / braking!”

Mo Fan was resolute. He directed the most powerful magic of fire, accompanying her with the flame of a fiery rose.

A deadly fire rose spun on the spot where the spider ran. Raging flames engulfed the place … Formed a fiery pillar, spouting magma!

The braking effect had a large destructive area, but this spell could not change the location. The seducing spider had a strong premonition, and having understood where to fire the projectile, jumped aside!

At the moment the spell began, the spider jumped to a height of more than ten meters!

I could not believe that such a massive animal can jump so high! As a result, the red-hot magma did not touch the hair on his shaggy body!

Who would have thought that the seductive spider would be so stubborn. Very quickly, he rose from the ground and his eight limbs so quickly began to touch the surface that an earthen wave formed around …

“Freeze him!” Mo Fan shouted, seeing that the furry spider was moving toward him. Mo Fan quickly moved away.

Its speed exceeded even the speed of a scaly parasite monster, but only the scaly was the size of a man, and this one looked like an excavator. He was similar to a small mountain, which could simply crush, especially a little human there.

Mo Fan did not dare to use the shield of darkness.

He recalled how, during boredom at school, he saw a video clip on a weibo * (Chinese social network), in which one American prankster decided to test the phone’s protective case. To do this, he hit it several times with a hammer, in the end nothing happened to the case, but after disassembling, it became clear that a completely new phone had collapsed inside.

A similar situation was now. Mo Fan had no doubt that with a shield of darkness bought for such fabulous money, nothing would happen, but a strong shake-up could erase him into powder.

“Bloody boots!” – Mo Fan decided to resort to another magical artifact.

A glow of bloody color appeared, which, taking shape, enveloped Mo Fang’s legs.

The bloody boots flashed to the beat of his heartbeat, giving the extremities inhuman strength that filled Fang’s sense of brutal superiority.

The seducing spider attacked, grinding with his sharp limbs all the obstacles in the form of mounds and plants.

Mo Fan did not take any chances, and rushed to run to the ruins heaving behind.

Spider rushed after him. Mo Fan barely climbed onto the brick wall of the ruins, being right at the top of the monster.

“Try once more my fist!”

Mo Fan quickly released the magic of the mid-level element of fire, and his whole body became fiery!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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