Chapter 298. Rain of Fire.


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His body hung down, there was still about 10 meters to the head of the spider. The furious eyes of the seducing spider looked at Mo Fan.

The spider wanted to climb up with the help of his limbs, but Mo Fan’s fist outstripped him.

“Fire rose / flaming fist / shaking!”

The fiery fist dropped violently, engulfing the head of a monster in flames, who this time could not hide from the blow.

The flaming fist used not only the flames of heat, but also possessed such tremendous striking power that Mo Fan was thrown far back. The spider was squeezed and burned in this fierce flame …

Mu Ning Xue stood nearby, her scarlet lips parted openly.

This Mo Fan, brave. An ordinary magician would not risk releasing medium-level magic from such close range.

This once again proved how experienced Mo Fan was. Most mages have to be dug in like pillars in one place so that they can make up the star system of the element. And if it works against the animals of the servant level, then against the animals the level of the pack leader is not, the magician is doomed to ruin.

Mo Fan’s fist force was so powerful that even without the use of fire, this meaty seductive spider could not crawl away from here half a day.

Mu Ning Xue, as usual, did not want to believe that the seductive spider would die only from Mo Fang’s magic. She once again released mid-level wind magic just at the time when the spider was attacked. The elements of fire and ice conflict with each other, so Mu Ning Xue used the wind blade to protect Mo Fan and not allow him to burn in her own flame.

The spell “wind blade / sky network” was released again. A huge hundred-meter whirlwind began to shrink, lifting the remaining flames from the ground.

After a few moments, the whole whirlwind became bright fiery, turning from wind magic into fiery wind magic. The firestorm was not going to fade away, on the contrary, it flared up with a new force.

Mo Fan, seeing how Mu Ning Xue deftly uses fire to enhance his wind magic, let out a spell of burning bones from his hands!

Balls of burning bones, released by Mo Fan, glittering, outlined a circle in this night darkness, and in a moment joined the fiery whirl of celestial networks …

“Don’t stop!” Said Mu Ning Xue Mo Fang.

Mo Fan mastered the magic of the elementary element fire element. And at that moment, when the balls of flaming bones descended from his hands, others were already forming on his palms …

Mo Fan continued to fuel the spell of the wind element throughout the duration of its operation. Only in this way was it possible to inflict irreparable harm on the seducing spider.

The constellation for the constellation … Mo Fang has never had to release the magic of burning bones so often. Presenting himself from the outside, he felt like a fiery machine gun. Such a method in its power was not inferior to the magic of the element of fire of the middle level.

However, the spider was not so simple, realizing that you need to interrupt this magic combination, he went to the tricks. A small jerk and in Mu Ning Xue flew a clot of poison.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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