Chapter 299. The Killing Ice Bow


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Only Mu Ning Xue managed to defend herself with magic, as the seducing spider attacked again, took a mouthful of poison and spat at Mo Fanya.

Mo Fan was taken aback, he had no protective magical items, but the bloody boots still acted and he was forced to turn tail.

It is foolish to compete in speed with a substance thrown with such force, and Mo Fan, found the first shadow that he had found and disappeared into it with the help of magic. Mu Ning Xue already managed to escape far from here, and Mo Fan hoped that she did not see his ability.

In the place where the poison had gotten, everything was covered with black blisters and in a moment it was gone. Mo Fan came to the edge of a puddle, wearing his shoes instantly dissolved, and even though he had time to remove his foot, the liquid hit his fingers. Despite the fact that the magic of healing can quickly heal wounds, but it is far from universal, and because of such a poison, complete healing is impossible.

Mo Fan, with one bare foot on one leg, flew into a rage, and shouted towards Mu Ning Xue: “Use the ice dungeon to bind him, and I will give him one powerful piece of tasting!”

Mu Ning Xue immediately responded to the words of Mo Fang and quickly began to draw an elemental star system.

The elemental star ice system appeared under the feet of Mun Ning Xue, an innumerable multitude of thin strands of ice formed around it. If you look closely, you will notice that this is exquisitely fastened chains.

More and more new threads formed very quickly, taking the form of chains, they circled around Mu Ning Xue, collided with each other and made a ringing sound.


She pointed the direction with both hands and all the ice chains rushed to the place indicated by her. All of them immediately were right in the face of a seducing spider. Waving his huge paw, he easily cut them.

“Go ahead again!”

Mu Ning Xue controlled these chains well. This time she attacked the spider from all sides. If it were a simple beast, he would not have dodged for anything, but this is not necessary for the seductive spider, although the chains bound all his eight legs, he easily destroyed them again.

“Get up!”, Suddenly, Mu Ning Xue pointed to the top.

Ice chains appeared from the cracks under the legs of the seducing spider, they firmly bound their hind legs, wrapping themselves around for several laps, not giving the slightest chance for him to free himself.

“Great!” Mo Fan shouted. The finished elemental star system already sparkled under his feet, she glittered with magnificent black color.

“Qianjun – thunder and lightning!”

Mo Fan did not use the strike of the lightning demon, since it is usually used for several purposes, but this time it was much more effective to use a directional strike, concentrated in one point, against which it is impossible to resist.

Seeing the clouds over a seducing spider, he already knew that something incredible was coming, but his paws were firmly connected with the ice dungeon of Mu Ning Xue, and he simply had no opportunity to dodge.

This strike of thunder and lightning, one can turn a person into a handful of ashes. At first, clouds are gathering in the sky and black discharges sparkle like tar, then the same black lightning rushes down at a crazy speed and reaches the target, causing enormous damage. If the usual lightning no longer leaves a chance for salvation, then the reinforced seed, spreads everything into pieces with multiple power. Lightning hit the head of a seductive spider, something bahnulu, smoked, and then it became clear that a huge hole had formed in my head.

Blood and bits of brain spattered all around.

The seducing spider made a painful, drawn-out cry, and no matter how much meat it absorbs, this hole in the head can hardly be overgrown.

With his horrible, murderous eyes, he stared at Mo Fang. The seducing spider rose to his feet, uttering a cry again, he was able to break the chains of the icy dungeon.

“Is he still able to stand?”, – Mo Fan was scared in earnest.

Usually, if his thunder and lightning strike hits the target, he immediately kills, even if it is an animal of the level of the leader of the pack, but the spell strengthened at times with the help of Qianjun doesn’t leave a wet place from the enemy.

The body of this seducing spider was disfigured, and after such wounds it is simply impossible to stand on its feet, not to move.

Mo Fan in a hurry began to retreat. He felt a mad rage coming from a seductive spider.

“Killer ice bow!”

Nearby, Mu Ning Xue stood, understood the danger that Mo Fang was facing. She pushed her right hand away, activating the spiritual seal.

The pieces of ice swirled around Mu Ning Xue, gathering together and forming a beautiful, crystal-clear long bow, on its handle is the figure of a crane with its wings spread.

Mu Ning Xue squeezed her bow tightly, countless small pieces of ice were gathering in the air, gathering together in an arrow. From a sharp tip, a rod grew, on the end of which, the pieces of ice were fastened and formed plumage.

Mun Ning Xue immediately put an arrow between the middle and index finger, pulled the bowstring. Silver snowflakes were falling from an arrow falling on her waist and chest. She loosened her fingertips. The arrow flew out, slipped on her charming cheek, and rushed with a whistle straight to the target.

Following the arrow formed a frosty whirlwind, leaving a trail of snowflakes. Once in the hole on the head of a seductive spider. Around the arrow, everything began to freeze and, soon, the ice completely covered the body of the spider.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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