Chapter 3 Millennium Like a Dream


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The two walked out of the water home, and the crowds looked at the mocking eyes.

The things that happened just now in the Patriarch Hall of Water, they heard more or less, but hearing and seeing are totally different things.

When they saw Chu Xingyun appearing with Shui LiuXiang, they all laughed, and the laughter was full of disdain.

It’s true that you have a frog!

The waste like Chu Xingyun should be matched with Shui LiuXiang!

“Don’t pay attention to them, let’s go home.” Chu Xingyun looked at Shui LiuXiang faintly smiled, took her, and greeted the crowd’s slang words, without any escape.

The house where Chu Xingyun lives is not in the West Wind City, but in the Chu Town outside the city.

Although it is a mansion, it is better to say that it is a yard. It covers a small area. Only the poor 3-Feb room is empty, and there are no servants and prostitutes.

Sixteen years ago, the Chu Family was not the case. It was the famous Big Clan of the West Wind City, and even the City Lord Mansion had to be polite.

Unfortunately, Chu Xingyun was not born long, Chu Family was assassinated, whole family up and down, heavy casualties, Chu Xingyun’s mother also lost.

In order to find the whereabouts of his wife, Chu Xingyun’s father left the West Wind City, and then went to Buhui, life and death.

Since then, Chu Family has gone downhill and has to move to Chu Town. Many of the family’s industries have also been taken over by others on the grounds of Chu Xingyun’s youth.

In the end, only leaving this yard to Chu Xingyun, life is extremely stumbling.

Young Master has two characters, no name!

“It’s a little anxious to go out, so I’m not clean.” Chu Xingyun looked at the weedy courtyard and was a little embarrassed to scratch the back of his head.

“Cloud big brother is willing to marry me, I am too happy to come, how can I care about this.” Shui LiuXiang smiled, she said this sincerely, as long as she can be with Chu Xingyun, even if she suffers, she will not Will complain.

The two just walked into the yard and walked over to a figure, a thin teenager, holding a big cock in his hand, his face blue and purple, and even a few blood marks on his arm.

“Young Master, you can be regarded as coming back. Today is your big day. I stole a chicken and prepared to kill the cooking. I will give you a celebrate.” The thin teenager is chuckled, a grin, the whole face It hurts to twitch.

“Little tiger, why are you this?” Chu Xingyun couldn’t be happy, but sighed.

The thin teenager, named Chuhu, grew up in Chu Family since childhood and lived with Chu Xingyun.

Today, Chu Xingyun wakes up and finds that Chu Hu is gone. The entire courtyard is empty and lifeless.

At that time, Chu Xingyun thought that Chu Hu could not go down, had left Chu Family, and found another way out.

Absolutely didn’t expect, Chu Hu did not leave, he heard Chu Xingyun go to the water home to mention the news, he went to steal a chicken back, to congratulate Chu Xingyun.

These injuries on his body, needless to say, Chu Xingyun can also guess, must be beaten when stealing chicken.

“Young Master, if I didn’t accept Chu Family, I was afraid that I would have starved to the streets. This bitterness is nothing. For Young Master, even if it is going through fire and water, I will not leave.” Chuhu said, Both knees will collapse.

Chu Xingyun hurriedly held him, his eyes filled with emotion, said with a smile: “Today is a big day, don’t say these unlucky words, quickly kill the chicken, we have a good meal.”

“Well!” Chu Hu nodded, revealing a smirk, and immediately caught the big cock into the kitchen.

As for Chu Xingyun and Shui LiuXiang, they were not idle. They packed up the courtyard, moved out the tables and chairs, and hung red lanterns at the door. Although it was simple, the whole yard was filled with festive atmosphere.

After a full meal, the night has come, a round of moon hanging in the night sky, sprinkling soft moonlight.

Since today is the day of big marriage, it is reasonable to say that Chu Xingyun should spend the spring with Shui LiuXiang and form a couple.

But after dinner, Shui LiuXiang burst into the room with a red face and locked the door.

This scene, suddenly let Chu Xingyun some didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

He knew in his heart that Shui LiuXiang was sincere to him, but Shui LiuXiang was too young, just a little girl of 15, and was not ready for men and women.

“Young Master.” At this time, Chu Hu washed the bowl. He followed Chu Xingyun’s gaze and looked at Shui LiuXiang’s Room. His face immediately showed a smile with a deep smile. “I remember in the warehouse, There seems to be a spare key, or will I get it for you?”

“You guy, Young Master, I am such a person!” Chu Xingyun gave a white look and whispered: “Small slick, think about these things, don’t hurry to sleep.”

“Oh.” Chuhu curl one’s lip, a smoke, went straight back to the old room.

Looking at the back of Chu Hu’s departure, Chu Xingyun shook his head in a bad mood, but the atmosphere made him feel very comfortable and had a kind of home warmth.

Back to the own Room, Chu Xingyun didn’t immediately go to sleep, but sat on the bed.

I saw that he took a deep breath, and the closed eyes suddenly opened. At the eyebrows, there was a golden glow that burst into a baby’s fist-sized jade stone, which fell into the hands of Chu Xingyun.

Looking at this familiar jade stone, Chu Xingyun smiled, still feeling a little incredible.

Before today, he clearly remembered that he was suffering from the Heavenly Spirit mountain, and when he saw that he was about to step into the emperor, a long gun passed through the chest and pierced the heart.

The hands-on people are Chu Xingyun’s worship brother, one of the top ten Martial Emperors, the Martial Emperor, and the Xiao Sentence of heaven.

This person and Chu Xingyun got acquainted with the endless sea. At that time, Xiao Sentence of heaven was besieged by countless powerhouses. It was already in a desperate situation. Chu Xingyun saved him, helped him to break through and help him healing.

Since then, the two of them have liked each other and then bowed to brother, together with the true continent, into the secret, killing the enemy, taking secret treasures, deep friendship, deeper than the brothers.

But in the end, Xiao’s sentence of heaven betrayed Chu Xingyun, secretly attacking him and let him die on the spot!

Before he died, Chu Xingyun was still unbelievable. When a dark cloud shrouded him, he opened his eyes again, but was surprised to find that he returned to the age of sixteen.

At the thought of this, Chu Xingyun fell into a distant memory.

I remember that in the last life, Chu Xingyun hurriedly ran to the water home after he was cured. He gave Shui Qianyue a kiss. The final result was not only rejected by the water family, but also seriously injured by Shui Chongxian, and he was driven out of the West Wind City. .

At that time, Chu Xingyun almost felt that he was going to die. He was Shui LiuXiang, helped him healing, and gave him a place to live. He took care of him until he recovered.

It was also that period of time that Chu Xingyun fell in love with Shui LiuXiang deeply. The two left Xifeng City, and they were invisible, wandering in the Imperial Dynasty, and lived a life of sleep.

At that time, although it was very bitter, they all had each other and their faces were filled with happy smiles.

But it didn’t last long. They were unfortunately attacked by Beast Tide. Shui LiuXiang died under the claws of Monster Beast to protect Chu Xingyun.

In that scene, Chu Xingyun will never forget, deeply imprinted in my mind.

After a lifetime of nine deaths, Chu Xingyun survived.

Despite the innate talent, but with his sensitivity to survival, he swayed the whole continent, got many adventures, and finally became the Ba Tian Martial Emperor of 叱咤turmoil.

“The millennium time is like a dream. Since God gave me another chance, I will not let the regrets of the year happen again!” Chu Xingyun clenched his fist, in the heart, when he swears silently, his mind slowly emerges. Two familiar and strange figures.

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