Chapter 3: Too weak offspring


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A few days later–

In front of me was the nostalgic main gate of my castle.There is only a castle built as a three-dimensional magic circle, and even after 2,000 years, its calm appearance is still alive.It’s a bit old, but that’s since I lived .

The only thing that changed was that it changed its name to Demon Academy.If you look around you, there are people entering the main gate one after another.Probably the candidate who came for the entrance examination.

“Anos, please.”

He said it wasn’t necessary, but his mother and dad, who knew they had an entrance exam, had bothered to go to school.

“That’s you, that one.

Dad is messed up.

“No, my dad will fall”

“Oh, okay. That looks fine.”

“Yeah yeah. My Anos-chan is so solid in a month, so I’ll definitely pass!”

Naturally, no other demons have their parents.I was a little embarrassed by my gaze.

“Then we’ll go.”

Turn around and turn to the demons line up in front of the main gate.

“Good luck, good luck, Annos! Good luck, good luck, Anos!”

HM. It’s a problem for my dad …

But is this a human parent? It’s not bad, but it’s Yuko Kosoba or something.

“Flare, Flare, Misha! Fight, Fight, Misha!”

An embarrassing cheering different from his father’s was heard from behind.

Glanced in the direction, a bearded man was holding his fist and screaming.Despite some demonic blood, the blood of humans is apparently thicker.Is it about the same as my dad? That means humans.

In front of the man’s gaze, there was a girl who was shamelessly walking with no expression.Long growing platinum blonde hair is fluffy vertical rolls.A pretty girl with blue eyes, a smooth nose, and innocence in her expression.

The dress is a robe based on black and white. Are the embroidery and designs from the demons? So maybe my parents aren’t human parents like me. The mother may be a demon.

“Good luck, good luck, Annos! Good luck, good luck, Anos!”

Just before entering the main gate, I could hear my father’s voice from behind.The girl just looked back mysteriously, and followed me in the sight of Dad and looked at me.


I just met my eyes.

“Do not struggle with each other”

She laughed as if shouting.


The girl briefly gave consent.It doesn’t try to open her mouth if she’s sloppy or silent.

But he doesn’t seem to be alert here.

“I am Anos. Anos Voldigord.”

After uttering it, I wonder if it was a little bad.After all, this is the name of the founder of the Demon King.I hope we don’t have to make a fuss, but it’s also true that there is no reason to hide it.

Well, anyway, you know.The only difference is early or late.

“… Misha …”

Unexpectedly, she didn’t specifically mention my name.

“… Misha Necron …”

It was strange to show no interest, but that would be fine.Two thousand years have passed.Nobody is interested in Demon King Anos.

“Good morning, Misha.”


Again, Misha replied briefly.

As he tried to go through the main gate, a man stood in front of him.It has dark skin and its whole body is trained like steel.Is the white hair trimmed short, and the appearance age is about 2?

The man smiled with a nasty smile looking down and told us.

“Ha. I took the entrance examination with my parents.When did Demon King School become a children’s playground?”

HM. What is this suddenly?

“… Hey, that?”

“Oh … I don’t like it … I’m not sure if I could see Zeppes, who wouldn’t be able to go home with five bodies …”

Apparently, this guy seems so famous.Is it so that the column continues to the right hand side.There must have been an amphitheater for the show, but indeed, the entrance exam will test your skills.

“Is Misha good at fighting?”

“……Not really……”

I am not good at it.Well, it’s okay because we’re at peace.

We headed to the right hand side, where the lines continue.

“Thank you …! Oh, you, you!”

I turned around because I was so loud.The man I was looking at was looking at me.

“Hmm. Did you finally turn here?”

Yeah, I don’t care about my offspring. Will you give me some moxibustion?

“It’s bad. The magic is too small to see.”

“What … what? …?”

Immediately, the man looked angry.

“Is this an insult that you know as Zepes Indu, the Duke of the Devil?”

“Duke of Devil …? No, I’ve never heard of it. Is it famous?”

Oh, I see. It’s not a mythological age, but a nickname that was born in less than two thousand years.

“Hey. You apologize now.”

It was a very cold voice. Zepes looks relentlessly and holds his fist. Magical particles gather and a number of magic circles are drawn there.

Hi, fu, mi … Five magical circles?

When he opened his palm, a jet-black flame condensing darkness was summoned.

“What …!?”

Magic Flame “Hora, are you surprised? Good, begging for my life? I’ll forgive me if I lick my shoes. You can make his face like a skeleton. Hi-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

A magic flame, what a low-dimensional magic formula. Did you draw as many as five multiple magic circles to handle this degree of <>?

As expected, I can’t be surprised if I use such a large mouth and show such magic that is inferior to children’s playing with fire.What a pathetic man who, despite being my descendant, was not blessed with magic.


And exhale.

“… what ……… it’s stupid !? Such stupid !?”

Magic Flame Summoned in the palm of Zepes, <> was blown out in my breath.

“Thank you, sir … what did you do …?”

“What a surprise, I just blow the fire out of the match.”

Magic flame “If my <> is the fire of the match …?!”

In the first place, how to use magic power is fundamentally different between me and Zepes. He desperately gathers his magic and exercises his magic hard. But one of those works involves nature and magic. In mythological times, if we couldn’t do this much, death would have been certain, but is peace bokeh so detrimental to magic?

But it must be a good era.This is because the weak demons can speak so large.

“Thank you … this kind of insult … I don’t think I’ll return alive …”

However, I guess it’s true, but this guy … you still don’t know the difference between the levels?

“wait a minute”

When she uttered, Zepes’s body became stiff, as if she had been bound.

“……What happened?”

“Nuh … Uh, it’s moving … What’s going on …?”

Oh, I see. Are you forced by the magical power that naturally comes into my words? Hearing what you say in this traditional spirit seems to have only weak anti-magic.

“Well, reflect on it for a while.”

As soon as he said, Zepes looked awfully sorry.

“I wasn’t talking about humans for the first time …. Oh, if there’s a hole, I’d like to get in …what an apologetic thing …”

Zepes continues to reflect on him, standing out like a scarecrow.

The test taker who saw it uttered a surprised voice.

“… Wow, he’s apologizing to that Zepes ….”

Magic Flame “Oh, have you seen it? I erased <> in an instant. I am a considerable anti-magic user …”

“… I don’t see this face, but it might be a dark horse of a chaotic generation …”

That’s exaggerated. Well, I kept my voice modest. Even with his magic power, it will be able to release the coercion after one minute.

“It’s bad to wait. Let’s go.”

I called out to Misha who was waiting for me and started walking.

“… Anos …”

She calls me in a small voice.



Laughed leaking without thinking.

“I do not deny, but it is not appropriate in this case.”

Misha listened, with a little begging her neck.

“… what’s right?”

“He’s too weak.”

We walked into the test arena, the arena.

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