Chapter 30 Poison Yan


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Ten years isn’t too long for a prosperous family to decline.

During this period, the Chu Family must completely block the news of the heart warming fruit, otherwise they would be laid waste by other families, even the city government was no exception.

At that time, not only would the Chu family fail to get the heart-warming fruit, but even the Fire stone veins would be completely divided up.

Chu Xingyun did not pay attention to Chu Hu’s expression. He walked around the heart warning fruits in a circle. Every few steps, he stopped and looked carefully. It seemed that he was thinking about something.

A moment later, Chu Xingyun returned to his original position and took out a package without delay.

When the package was opened, dozens of green grass were placed in it, long strips without branches and leaves, giving off a slight fishy smell.

“Magnolia!” Chu Hu recognized these green grass at a glance, and could not help feeling doubtful.

Magnolia officinalis is the most common spiritual material, ranking in the first level. Apart from being used as a healing agent, it has almost no efficacy, and few people pay attention to it.

Chu Xingyun held these magnolias in his hand and walked around the heart warming fruit Tree again at the same pace. Every three steps, he carefully laid down a magnolia plant.

When all the Magnolia plants were put in place, a magical scene appeared.

However, the fog covering the cave slowly began to gather back, all gathered around the heart tree, rolling up and down, seemingly nourishing the heart fruit.

Chu Tiger looked a little stunned. He turned his eyes to Chu Xingyun. After a long time, he said, “Master, when did you learn magic?”

In Chu Hu’s view, the abnormal phenomena just appeared are totally contrary to normal principles, and thus they must be mysterious magic tricks.

Chu Xingyun’s bad breath way: “Heart Warming fruit grows in hot places, it belongs to fire, while Magnolia grass grows in cool places, it belongs to wood, Yin and Yang are in harmony, wood and fire coexist, fully in line with the law of Yinyang and Five Elements.”

“The Way of Yin-Yang and Five Elements…” Chu Tiger said with some difficulty, unable to understand anything. Chu Xingyun helplessly turned his eyes, said: “These things, after you achieve a higher level of cultivation, you will understand, in short, By doing so, I can accelerate the maturity of the heart.”

Chu Hu’s eyes lit up and asked, “When will it be ripe?”

“A month, a month later, heart warming fruit will mature, however, during this period we can fully excavate the fire stones.”Chu Xingyun said, feeling proud.

He is not only a powerful Wuhuang, but also the supreme eight-level alchemist.

Yin and Yang, five elements, spiritual medicine, these broad and profound truth, for him, is not at all a matter of concern.

Unfortunately, in Xifeng City, only Magnolia is the spiritual material of Xiyin genus. Otherwise, he can greatly shorten the ripening time of heart warming fruits.

When everything was arranged properly, the two men went out of the cave.

At this time, a noise came from outside the cave, which made the eyes of the two people freeze and look at each other, and hastened their pace.

Just outside the cave, Chu Xingyun smelt a fishy odor, the Chu Deacon were fallen on the ground, with purple black faces and seemed to be in extreme pain.

“So there were two fished that didn’t fall in the net?” Said a harsh old voice.

The pace of this person seems to be slow but in every step he moves about a dozen metre, and quickly came in front of Chu Xingyun.

It was an old man, wearing a black robe, thin body, besides wrinkles on his face, there are also a black and purple markings, at first glance, like a desperate ghost, it seems to be somewhat lame.

“Ling poison lines on face? , is it not Yan du?” When Chu Hu saw the black-robed old man, he couldn’t help exclaiming at his gains and losses.

Chu Xingyun’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and he was no stranger to the name of Yan Du.

Rumors have it that Yan Du is a loose practitioner wandering in the West Wind City. Nobody knows where he came from, let alone his identity.

Only know that this person’s personality is strange, sometimes mad, sometimes violent, often kills without reason.

Because this person is good at using poison and is trying to reach the realm of gathering spirits and reaching nine heavens, once launched, poisonous smoke often drifts, causing numerous casualties and panic.

It is no exaggeration to say that as long as the word Yan Du is mentioned, everyone in Xifeng City is frightened and few dare to provoke him.

“You still have some vision to recognize me.” Yan Du’s voice was very hoarse, and his voice was cold and said, “Look, you two are young, I won’t kill you, just get out of here!”

After that, Yan Du strides forward, ignoring Chu Xingyun and Chu Hu completely.

When Yan Du and Chu Xingyun staggered, Chu Xingyun with a gloomy face and a moving nose seemed to have noticed something. The gloomy look on his face dissipated, and a self-confident smile rose. He whispered, “Stop!”

Yan Du stopped suddenly and glanced back.

The pressure from Yan, made Chu Hu feel a strange tremble and suffocation.

“This is the strength of the Nine Heavens of Juling.” Chu Hu was unable to move, Yan Du’s strength, too strong, has stood at the peak of the West Wind City, I am afraid only the owner of the West Wind City, can fight with him.

Chu Xingyun was also under this pressure, but he still looked at Yan Du and said, “This mine belongs to the Chu family. Naturally, everything in the mine belongs to the Chu family. What qualifications do you have for me to leave?”

Hearing Chu Xingyun’s words, Chu Hu and the deacons of Chu family had open eyes. You know, the old man in front of him is a poison with a great reputation. Chu Xingyun dares to denounce him in public?

“The mine belongs to your Chu family. It’s true, but what does it have to do with me?”

Yan Du sneered and said, “All I know is that there are heart-warming fruits in this mine, and I happen to need this thing. If anyone dares to stop me, I will kill anyone. It’s as simple as that.”

Speech, Yan poisonous body exudes a strong killing, the face of the poison spots, like a vicious insect, up and down wriggling, let the space dead silence.

Chu Hu’s face is as grey as dust. Originally, Yan Du knew that there were heart-inflammation fruits in the cave. It seems that this time the bamboo basket is empty. Facing such a fierce role, the Chu family has no strength to fight back.

Just as Chu Hu was thinking like this, Chu Xingyun uttered again and said, “Well, I understand.”

When the voice fell, Chu Xingyun suddenly moved and stepped forward like a gust of wind rushing towards Yan Du.

He instantly strides forward like a beam of light and moves Towards Yan Du’s Chest.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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