Chapter 300. Take advantage of someone else’s predicament


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Spider turned into a sculpture, which was extremely indignant. He, the strong animal of the level of the pack leader, is humbled. The rage of the animal was visible to the naked eye …

However, he froze, it seemed that life itself left the animal for a moment.

Everything is frozen. The pond turned into a mirror, plants and stones into crystals of different sizes.

Mo Fan looked at all this in surprise and could not believe his eyes!

Mo Fan was familiar with the attacking objects. People often used magic swords, which were instantly charged with the magic power of a magician, turning into a destructive weapon. In power, such a weapon can be compared to mid-level magic.

Mo Fan used to see these artifacts at auctions. Those that would suit him cost no less than two tens of millions of yuan. And some had special effects, and therefore cost even more.

Since Mo Fan had several attacking skills, he didn’t bother much with the purchase of an attacking object.

As a young man, it could not even have occurred that today he would see a very rare magic artifact – a magic bow.

A magically appearing ice bow, the arrows of which froze a large area around. A person would not have had time to react to such an attack.

The power of this bow could not be underestimated. If Mu Ning Xue used this bow in competitions, she could single-handedly defeat the entire team of Mingzhu University instantly.

In addition, the ice formed was a completely different level, even compared to the strength of the ice seed.

The fact that the ice was so strong could mean that Mu Ning Xue controlled the power of the seed, and that is actually a level higher than the spiritual one.

No, not true. Even if her seed were more powerful, there was no point in hiding it.

Falling snowflakes only decorated the image of Mu Ning Xue.

The girl was breathing heavily, and the red dot disappeared from her face. However, after Mu Ning Xue fired one arrow, she turned from a ferocious, charming Empress into an exhausted and weak girl.

Mo Fan immediately ran to her. Seeing that she was barely standing on his feet, the young man helped her to stand on her feet.

“Still could not control the end …”, Mu Ning Xue intermittently talked to herself.

“Where did you get such a powerful magic item?”, Asked Mo Fan.

This murderous icy bow was not intended for mid-level mages. In truth, a person who does not possess an appropriate level of magic will experience heartache trying to use an item that does not correspond to his level.

Mu Ning Xue did not exactly reach the level at which such an artifact can be freely used. Mo Fan unwittingly began to worry about the soul of Mu Ning Xue.

Cultivation not only increased magical power, but also opened up more opportunities for the use of magical objects, both strong and weak. The higher the magic level of the sorcerer, the more powerful the artifacts are available. However, the use of high-level artifacts on the average level of magic is completely unacceptable. This is because objects have seals that bring suffering if the soul of the magician does not correspond to the level of the subject.

Maybe the bow of Mu Ning Xue was not a high-level artifact, but in any case he was close to that. If the seal of such an item interacts with an unsuitable soul, then so may not endure the suffering.

“I will rest and everything will be fine,” Mu Ning Xue sat. Her face was so pale that it seemed as if she would faint now.

Of course, Mo Fan sat nearby and was worried. The young man noticed that the magical power of the girl was almost exhausted. Mo Fang had many questions in his head.

This bow, it was different from most items. And what exactly, Mo Fan, who does not know much about this world, could not say.

However, Mo Fan had a premonition that all these huge changes in Mu Ning Xue are somehow related to the bow.

And it seems that the seed of a girl is not so ordinary, not just a seed of a spiritual level.

If the owner’s element coincides with the artifact element, then the effect may increase, including the elemental seed.

The ice that now used Mu Ning Xue was more powerful than ice seed. The ice was so frighteningly strong that even such a creature of the level of the pack leader was instantly defeated.

This was the last trump card of Mu Ning Xue. She would not have resorted to using it if it were not so necessary. Look how weak she was from using onions. There are many secrets hidden here.


Mu Ning Xue has been resting for quite a long time, except that it was still difficult for her to get up. Mo Fan all this time did not leave her step.

It is not known how much time passed before the girl opened her eyes. Her beautiful eyes looked at Mo Fang and almost immediately looked away.

In spite of everything, the girl still saw Mo Fang’s feeling of sympathy for herself. These feelings are hidden somewhere deep in the soul and are almost forgotten. However, sometimes still remembered.

That the young man had been with her all this time was touched by Mu Ning Xue and she was grateful for the care.

In fact, Mu Ning Xue is always grateful to him.

When Mo Fan was a child, he was not like the others. He always went against logic, always afraid of nothing and anyone.

All the children who lived next to her avoided her. Only Mo Fan paid no attention to what the elders were saying and why they were cursing. His dirty hands were pulling her along, leading to disgrace, which drove the loneliness and children’s fears.

He is irresponsible, he swears, he has a character like an obstinate tramp, but he is the only one who bravely stood on her side.

She used to like her. He was the only boy who was close to her. The others either stayed at a respectful distance, or were flattered strangely, or were embarrassed so much that they could not say a word, or they were too important

Mu Ning Xue shook her head and drove away memories from childhood.

Maybe she even started to remember all this because of seduction.

“Come on, everything is fine with me,” Mu Ning Xue said and stood up.

Mo Fan right there, unknowingly helped her. The fact that they were close before is in the past. Now they have grown, they already have a different life. Everyone has their own “no.” All this has long passed, there is no need for it …

She didn’t want to touch the men once again, and this Mo Fan acted arrogantly. One arm wrapped around her shoulders, and the other tightly squeezed her beautiful hand.

Mu Ning Xue really didn’t have the strength, otherwise she’d just use an ice dungeon for such a scoundrel using someone else’s predicament!

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