Chapter 301. The team broke up.


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Returning to the church, I was struck by the fact that the area was greatly transformed. The presence of elemental magic was felt everywhere.

However, it was also obvious that the battles were over. Only one thing was incomprehensible: where did all the people go?

“Mu Ning Xue, are you all right?”, – first discovered Liu Zheng He. He quickly ran over and noticed how Mo Fan was holding her by the shoulders. The young man’s gaze immediately became unfriendly, and he said coldly: “Let me be better.”

Mu Ning Xue was too lazy to call out to the mind of two guys, so she just sat down to rest on the ground.

Liu Zheng He really looked like a fly that was constantly spinning around her.

Mo Fan went to look for other people. He did not know where his beautiful and sexy Mu Well Jiao had gone. You can say, since they live in the same house, he is responsible for it.

After making a circle, Mo Fan did not find Mu Nu Jiao, but he found fat man Luo Song.

Before Mo Fang had enough time to take the fat man by his clothes, he said: “Yes, I answer you, she almost killed me. She’s already there, she’s already awake, she is talking to herself there … ”

Lo Sun was looking shabby. In his state of mind it was clear that he used all his magical objects. It seems that owning a mid-level spell of the second stage, Mu Nu Jiao was stronger than Luo Song.

Mo Fan quickly found Moo Nu Jiao lying in a bed of plants. This plant of plants – her handiwork. She had a nasty look, and her gaze was lifeless.

“Jiao Jiao, are you all right?”, – Mo Fan approached her, took off her necklace and put it on her.

The eyes of the beautiful Mu Nu Jiao began to awaken. However, she is scared. And scared so much that it seemed as if she had just woken up from a nightmare and was belatedly in fear.

“Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, I am with you,” Mo-Fan gently hugged Mu Nu Jiao. He tried to use the warmth of his body in order to heal her wounded soul.

Moo Nu Jiao did not react to the fact that she was embraced by Mo Fan.

“I … what happened to me?” Asked Mu Well Jiao, taken aback.

She did not remember what had happened. She only remembered that Luo Sung slandered the Mu family. This caused Mu Nu Jiao to have a fit of anger. All the rest she does not remember very clearly.

“Your mind was controlled, now everything, come on, come here,” said Mo Fan, and hugged the girl more tightly.

Mu Nu Jiao finally lifted her head, fear in her beautiful eyes was replaced by misunderstanding.

In the end, the girl came to her senses and seemed to understand something.

Mo Fan was so close. He felt the wonderful scent of her body, which made her heart beat faster. The young man realized that even a little bit and he would be seduced. Mo Fan caught himself thinking that he really wanted to kiss her on her pretty cheek, her sexy lips.

“Hooligan,” said Mu Nu Jiao, and pushed away the scoundrel who took advantage of her predicament.

If you think, Mu Nu Jiao now experienced the same feelings as Mu Ning Xue. If she had the strength, she would have hit him. He is not at all gentlemanly behaved.

Mo Fang didn’t care. He had a good mood. All because he managed to half the two goddesses. Mu Ning Xue’s body seemed to him particularly smooth, while Mu Nu Jiao’s body had charming shoulders.

“And what about the rest?”, Mu Nu Jiao changed the subject in order to avoid awkward silence.

“I don’t know if they are alive or not for me anyway,” said Mo Fan, without any interest.

“Why do you behave like this?” Said Mu Nu Jiao and looked at Mo Fang with displeasure.

“Here, I return to you. It was now quite dangerous, but there was no good from your talisman, ”Mo Fan pulled out and gave the girl a pearl.

Mu Nu Jiao, in turn, returned Mo Fanyu a necklace of concentration. However, after hearing from this guy something about the exchange of gifts between the bride and groom immediately left. She did not want to talk to this shameless.

Her thoughts were still not clear. After such a flirtation from Mo Fang, she had strange feelings.


After that, Mo Fan and Mu Nu Jiao found Zhao Man Yan and Bai Ting Ting.

They did not conflict with each other. But Zheng Bin Xiao was influenced.

Although his fervor quickly cooled Zhao Min Yue, who almost burned the young man.

Bai Ting Ting also healed the wounds of Zheng Bin Xiao, because the wounds were serious.

Since he was not killed by monsters, he almost burned at the hands of his own ally.

Such self-destruction within the team carried a lot of minuses. The resulting injuries, exhausted people, and most importantly – a complete lack of trust in each other in the team. A vivid example was fainted by Song Xia, almost burnt alive Zheng Bing Xiao, bitten by the hand of Xu Da Lung …

The team was broken. Now the condition of people is not much different from the seduced state. Now everyone believed that every man for himself.

“Tomorrow, we’ll be back in the morning,” said Zhao Man Yan.

“I’m not going to linger either,” said Sun Xia.

“But we have not finished, how can we return …”, – Liu Zheng He was confused, it seems that he was afraid that everyone would really come back.

“Yes, we almost died, what else is there to do?” At least I’m definitely returning, I don’t intend to stay here any longer, ”said Xu Da Long a little annoyed.

His hand was bitten by a dark flyman Liu Zheng He.

Even though Xu Da Long was possessed, he thought it was too cruel.

As for Min Cong and Liao Min Xuan, those who were the first to fall under the influence, Min Cong disappeared without a trace, and the second one sat down alone in a bizarre, foul mood.

From the moment he woke up, Liao Min Xuan looked weird and was more scared than others.

As for the missing Min Tsun, no one knew where he was. In addition, no one had the strength to look for him now, so they decided to wait until the morning, and if he does not find it, then search nearby. Well, if not found, then nothing can be done.

Everyone now was helpless and did not want to think about others.

Who would have thought that there would be such a monster who will powder all brains. Who would have thought that the best team would fall apart in this way overnight?

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