Chapter 302. Kill them all!


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Liu Zheng He was sitting next to Mu Ning Xue. He was not affected by the effect of seduction, but he was tired of fighting with Liao Ming Xuan and Xu Da Long.

He wanted to talk to Mu Ning Xue, but she was silent, but the young man did not know how to approach.

He looked up. While wondering how to start a conversation, I noticed that several snow-white pairs of wings appeared in the sky. These wings just flew in their direction. Even now it was already light, but the wings were clearly visible …

Liu Zheng He was delighted, but preferred to hide it.

Meanwhile, the wings preferred to land not in the city itself, but not far from it.

The landing site was not far from the location of the group, in a short period of time it is possible to easily reach this area. Liu Zheng He began looking around in search of Mo Fang.

Just at that time, Mo Fan, along with Mu Nu Jiao, Bai Ting Ting and Zhao Man Yan, went to meet the young man. Moving closer, Mo Fan said: “It seems that no one has any desire to continue the task. Well, come back? ”

“Ming Tsong has not yet been found,” Mu Ning Xue lifted her head.

“No need to search. He was accidentally killed by Liao Ming Xuan, ”Xu Da Long said suddenly.

Liao Ming Xuan heard this phrase immediately said: “Do not slander me here.”

“I killed and I killed, I was still under obsession,” he said dismissively.

“Liao Ming Xuan, did you really kill him?” Asked Mu Ning Xue.

“I … I didn’t do it on purpose, I didn’t control myself at all …”, Liao Min Xuan answered, holding his head.

She and Min Tsun were good friends, who would have thought he would kill him. And so that the dead body was transformed beyond recognition.

“Then, we’ll get everyone packed, we’ll be back,” Mu Ning Xue ordered, taking advantage of her status as commander.

After this incident, no one had the courage to continue the task. This city turned out to be much more terrible than everyone thought. God alone knows how many people will live by the end of the research.

Everyone was very tired, and more importantly, scared.

Previous monsters and so kept the team in fear, but this exceeded all possible boundaries. The seduction of such a spider can make a person kill even a very close friend, which could not help but frighten.


After collecting things, the group examined Min Tsun’s body and decided to bury him. The students used the element of earth to dig a grave for a young man. No one wanted his body to be eaten by monsters.

Seriously injured Song Xia has already woken up. Her belly was still wrapped in a gauze bandage. The girl looked exhausted.

If she can survive, then consider yourself lucky. However, this did not prevent her from helping others to gather.

Zheng Bing Xiao was also not in the best condition. The saddest thing was that Bai Ting Ting did not have any magical energy to heal students. Whether Zheng Bin Xiao can survive is a good question.

When the group just arrived in the city, everyone was fresh and vigorous. Who would have thought that a monster-infested city would quickly correct this omission.

Despite the fact that some were the most prominent students of Mingzhu University, while others were of the Imperial University, the question of survival in this area was more urgent than ever.

In universities, they were called talents. They were especially strong against their peers. However, what they learned in school and what the older generation told them was worthless. If you are killed, it means everything; if you get hurt, then you can not survive.

The students from the group were special, the strongest in the whole country, everyone had even a little bit of pride, and now, all they could do was go back.

The exchange of experience this year turned out to be very painful.


Gradually, the group left the city.

It was finally cleared up, the birds singing came from the depths of the forest, which undoubtedly diluted the atmosphere of death that prevailed in the city.

Soon there was still a railway overgrown with moss and grass. Railway tracks went through the forest and stretched into the distance, to the city, the life in which our travelers now seemed just heavenly.

Now everyone was going faster than usual, they wanted to get to populated places, to warm houses as soon as possible.

As soon as the group started walking along the train tracks, the students noticed human silhouettes coming out of the forest. People were dressed in the same uniform, very similar to the army, but the color was completely different.

They were about twenty – thirty. Next to each person were also large, white eagles. The birds had a huge wingspan and a huge chest.

Mo Fan has already seen these eagles, they are tamed in the army.

“Military? Have they come to save us? ”After seeing the people, Zhao Ming Yue and Jing Jing came to life.

Seeing living people here was just happiness.

“They have some kind of weird uniform,” said Zhao Man Yan.

“Surely they have arrived to save us, Zheng Bin Xiao will be able to help, that’s great!” Said Peng Liang.

Liu Zheng He stopped and also looked at people.

A group of military mages approached students. One of them was a man with fleshy lips, big eyes, thick eyebrows and a pipe in his teeth.

He was dressed in an army green, long coat. The man looked at a group of students and fixed his eyes on Liu Zheng He.

Liu Zheng He squinted at the place where Mo Fan stood and signaled to look at that man.

Liu Nian shook his head slightly and slowly raised his right hand. Then he turned his head and told the magicians standing behind him: “Outsiders! Kill them all”.

He said this phrase so calmly and in passing, as if he had ordered not to kill, but simply to take him away.

However, he ordered something to kill!

Hearing this order, Liu Zheng He paralyzed fear. A second later, he stiffened and smiled and said: Brother, you probably made a mistake, they are all with me from the Imperial University and Mingzhu University.

“That is why it is necessary to destroy witnesses. I don’t want anyone else to know about this case, ”said Liu Nian indifferently. By the way he behaved, it was clear that he had killed a considerable number of people!

Although the people behind Liu Nyan were also not credible. From them from all for kilometer bore death. All these people are officers. All of them are at least medium level mages. It seemed that the students in comparison with them were only domestic sheep, cornered by cruel wolves.

Under the feet of Zhao Min Yue and Jing Jing, who first went to meet the military, ice chains appeared!

Ice chains immediately flew towards the two girls and pierced them. The silvery-white fetuses turned scarlet …

The girls, filled with the energy of life, in the blink of an eye turned into two corpses.

It was so frightening that everyone else could not believe what they saw!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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