Chapter 303. Werewolf in magical uniform.


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The crowd stood in a daze.

Military magicians in the eyes of those present were always a stronghold of power, but these turned out to be devils.

Jing Jing and Zhao Min Yue – the girls from Mingzhu University were the same as everyone else, blindly believed in the good intentions of the military, and what the result was. Their eyes were still open and looked away. They had long been tired of all this exchange of experience, and rather wanted to return home, take a shower under the pleasant warm water, they had already seen, in the face of those who came to save them, the last seconds in all this hell. Instant, and their life was cut short.

“These are storm clouds! Careful! ”- it was not clear who said exactly this, but everyone immediately lifted their heads, their attention was gathered by the gathering clouds.

It was not by chance that lightning passed by the clouds themselves, and peals went much slower than that of Mo Fan, he quickly recognized the magic of the lightning element in this.

“This is the third step of a lightning strike! Hurry up, all loose! ”, Mo Fan shouted in a hurry.

His last words could not be heard; they were drowned out by a louder roar of thunder.

The sky was shining ever brighter, but the rumble of thunder still filled the world with light.

Suddenly, the lightning went down, mercilessly striking Zhao Man Yan in the head. But he managed to use the Holy Shield and the golden glow protected it.

Another bolt of lightning struck from the sky, this time hit the body of Zheng Bin Xiao. He had already been seriously wounded before, how could he protect himself.

He opened his eyes wide and fell to the ground, watching the lightning strike him. The entire front of his body was charred. He was still fighting for his life, but he was already bleeding too far.

All this was happening, right next to Zhao Man Yan, and he, with his eyes full of horror, looked at Zheng Bin Xiao. Blood was trickling down his face, his clothes, his legs. No, he doesn’t remember him like that at all, even last night, when he called on the huge pack leader, Zhao Man Yan looked at him a little with envy, but now everything is different.

Lightning began to beat even more often, such a horror, most likely, the work of two magicians at once, using a lightning strike. It seemed as if lightning dancing their complex dance, strikes in a crowd of people.

These students are those who were called the most talented in their educational institutions, each of them had and used more than one magic device, and still could hardly stand against such magic. But such is the magic of the third-step lightning, and she continued her march, striking blow after blow, breaking any defense.

“Help! Help !!! ”, – the lightning hit Xu Da Lung’s hand, spread through the body, making the healthy Xu Da Luna the same as with Zheng Bin Xiao.

The blood scattered around, painting from head to foot in red Liu Zheng He. All this blood around was his teammates Jing Jing and Zhou Ming Yue, now also Xu Da Luna.

His whole body shook, he could not decide to go face his elder brother.

In the heart of Liu Zheng He, Liu Nian always remained the eldest brother, who paid attention to every little thing that was always ready to help, could always find a way to get out, even from the most hopeless situation. Liu Zheng He lost his father in his childhood, and Liu Nian was able to take good care of him.

And he would never have thought that his older brother could ever lose his mind, and would start killing people so mercilessly.

When his elder brother asked to leave a sign on the way, saying, then this is a necessary condition for completing the task. Liu Zheng He agreed without hesitation, because if that helps his brother Liu Nyan to find them, in case he needs help.

It was extremely unexpected for him that his elder brother would come to kill. This is such a close older brother.

“Fool, don’t come, do you want to be buried here with them?” Liu Nian shouted at the top of his lungs.

Liu Zheng He did not want to die, especially when he saw people around him die one by one.

Although he still did not believe that this magician who killed people was his brother, he still obeyed the order. It still couldn’t keep within his head that a person who had raised him from an early age could raise a hand to him.

Liu Zheng He saw Mu Ning Xue, and he wanted very much to push forward with her.

But they were beating lightning everywhere, Liu Zheng He noticed that the Bai Ting Ting defensive artifact was broken by another lightning, but he still did not dare to go forward.

“Do not be silly, come back soon!” Liu Nian yelled with irritation.

For Liu Zheng He, it sounded like an order, he turned and ran to the military.

He understood perfectly well that if he disobeyed, he would face the same fate as the rest: death from a lightning strike.

“I decided to run!” If you die, die with us like that! ”, Mo Fan was beside himself with rage, in an instant he had lightning in his hand.

Among the dancers of the lightning, Mo Fan held his own, reinforced black lightning in his hands, directed her towards the fleeing Liu Zheng He. The seal of this discharge of lightning was much larger than the ordinary magic of the third stage. And the black electric arc quickly passed along the ground, reaching the feet of Liu Zheng He.

Liu Zheng He did not take her seriously, the magic of the initial level will not be able to harm him.

But this black electric boa linked the body, paralyzing all his muscles a hundred times stronger than the usual lightning magic, Liu Zheng He could not believe what was happening.

Let it be the magic of lightning, enhanced by the spiritual seed, but how can the magic of the initial level be so strong.

Liu Zheng He absolutely could not move, he could only look forward and hoping that the elder brother would come and save him.

Unfortunately, some people managed faster.

It is not clear how Mu Nu Jiao completed the formation of the elemental star system of plants, and bound the legs of Liu Zheng He.

The lianas, bound Liu Zheng He tighter, were roasted by the fire of Mo Fang, who, burning, was furious and looked like a human torch.

“Son of a bitch, give your orders to stop, otherwise I will completely fry him!”, The fire in Mo Fang’s hands became even brighter, this raging flame pressed Liu Zheng He to the ground.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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