Chapter 304. Only One Will Survive.


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Liu Nian frowned.

He expected Liu Zheng He to join him as an assistant now, but did not expect such a turn of events.

In his eyes, it was just a bunch of students who had no experience of real battles. A clear stump, these students will not survive a battle with such thugs like them.

Who knew that this boy Mo Fan would quickly react and think of taking Liu Zheng He as a hostage.

Liu Zheng He, too, an idiot, was going to run, but did not reach it.

“Older … older brother! Save me! ”Came the tearful voice of Liu Zheng He.

Liu Nian was merciless, he did not even flinch. Mo Fan was also decisive, his body was already covered with flames. He could kill Liu Zheng He at any moment, without batting an eye.

“Interesting …” – Liu Nian stretched out, puffing on the smoke of a cigarette, he made it clear to those behind him that they should stop.

Liu Nian could not let Liu Zheng He die. Over all these years, he never got a family and children, so he intended to make Liu Zheng He his successor. Liu Nian himself could soon appear before the court, and he was indifferent to his own fate, but he had to save Liu Zheng He. But he should not have made it clear that he was so worried about the fate of his little brother.

In fact, Liu Nian could have sacrificed a little brother in the name of that great work that caused him to be here. If successful, he had to become a person who changes the course of the universe! Any sacrifices in this matter are not in vain!

“Oh, you son of a bitch! Listen to me! I am the very Liao Ming Xuan of the Imperial University Magical Association! If you kill me, then your whole family will die! ”Liao Min Xuan shouted hysterically.

“What?” – Liu Nian frowned out his eyebrows. A dark fire burned in his eyes.

Seeing this violent shine in his eyes, Liao Ming Xuan, just hysterical, immediately calmed down.

He no longer made a sound, and his body was numb to the tips of his fingers. Liao Min Xuan could not even move.

His body began to become covered with something greyish-white, starting from the feet, gradually passing over the whole body.

The gray-white phenomenon was spreading faster and faster through his body. It looked like cement, which dried out in the blink of an eye. The frozen body of Liao Ming Xuan became completely gray-white, it turned into a stone!

Liao Min Xuan continued to resist to the last, but after a few seconds he turned into a gray-white statue!

“People like him will not be able to leave,” said Liu Nian, dragging on again, making it clear once again that he would not take into account these garbage.

Tobacco finally wrapped up Liu Nan with his dope, and his long-term chronic back pain subsided a bit, which allowed him to recover.

He carefully considered Mo Fan, who was keeping his younger brother. He was all like a sharp blood sprinkled knife – it became clear that he was extremely dangerous.

“Say what you want,” said Liu Nian.

“You tell us what you want!” We have done nothing wrong to you, why do you want to kill us all? ”Said Mu Nu Jiao with her face flushed with anger.

All this time, she was shaken in earnest, which betrayed her fear, but she tried to control herself. Why are they, without the slightest reason, decided to kill them? It’s good that Mo Fan managed to grab this traitor Liu Zheng He.

“So you’re the granddaughter of Mu Zhang Xing …, brave … And if I said that your grandfather is on my side in this matter, how would you react? ”Said Liu Nian with a brutal grin.

Liu Nian didn’t worry – his players had already surrounded them all.

To save Liu Zheng He was, of course, a noble cause …. After all, the only brother. But if you still kill them all, then they will be able to get rid of unnecessary consequences.

And this student is an unusual student! Anticipating universal destruction, I decided to get out so beautifully! But for the people behind Liu Nanny, this was a trifle.

“So, we are changing one life for another. You choose who you want to live, ”said Liu Nian, without any interest.

Mo Fan frowned, the temper of this demon was hard to predict. And the most important thing is that up to this point, Mo Fan has not figured out why they want to kill them all. Are we talking about some kind of top secret secret … why else should they remove the witnesses?

“And this girl next to you is nothing … We immediately see that you have an unusual relationship. You let go of Liu Zheng He, and in return I can guarantee that I will not kill your girl. ”Liu Nian opened his mouth, showing his big yellow teeth.

“Change to five! Me, (pointing) him, her, her and her. Do whatever you want with the rest, ”Mo Fan blurted out.

The words of Mo Fan made Luo Song and Shen Min Xiao to be frightened.

Peng Liang and Song Xia also looked at Mo Fang uncomprehendingly. They both considered him a teammate and could not think that he would leave them like this without even consulting him.

“I told you, only one!” – Liu Nanny’s voice became harsh.

“Well then, it will be me,” Mo Fang replied without hesitation.

“Haha, interesting kid” – Liu Nian laughed out loud.

At this time, Bai Ting Ting, Zhao Man Yan and Mu Well Jiao could not believe everything that was happening. They could not have imagined that at such a difficult moment, Mo Fan would leave them too.

“I tried,” Mo Fan told them in an apologetic voice.

“It makes no difference to me. If it were not for you, then I would already be dead, ”laughed Bai Ting Ting. Everybody could guess from her voice what she said with all her might.

Mu Nu Jiao bit her lip. Reason told her that anyone could face such a heartbreaking choice. But at the moment that Liu Nian said to choose only one, she hoped that Mo Fan would choose her.

“Mo Fan, you certainly upset me. However, if I am still destined to die here, then I hope that you at least help me kill this scum … ”- Zhao Man Yan also tried to squeeze a fake smile out of himself.

“I myself am going to nail him,” answered Mo Fan.

Liu Nyan shook off the tobacco as he looked at these suckers.

“Well, did you finish your death speech? Let go of Liu Zheng He, otherwise no one will survive! There will be no other opportunity! ”Said Liu Nian.

“I have already said, let me go,” Mo Fan said again.

“Unfortunately, everyone can go from here, except for you …” – Liu Nian began to smile.

Mo Fan looked at the teacher of these thugs in astonishment.

Are they from the Black Church?

Not. Can not be. Their measures are even more inhuman, definitely – they are not associated with the Black Church. Their facial expressions were somehow detached, as if they knew for sure that they would not return from this mission …

Why are they here?

They are too weird!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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