Chapter 305. The best material for the experiment.


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“Well, if so, then there is no point in exchanging your brother’s life for someone else’s life, I will die. But if you tell me that you have lost here and why you behave as inhuman as the dogs of the Black Church, then I will let your little one go and your secret will die here with me, ”said Mo Fan.

Liu Nian was surprised.

However, he was not surprised by the drastic change in Mo Fang’s decision, but by the fact that at his death hour he decided to exchange Liu Zheng He for information, and not for the salvation of the rest of the crew.

“Does he really just take time out?” Liu Nian thought.

Relying on his rich life experience, he definitely decided that Mo Fan was just drawing time. However, the question still remained: why does he have time? No one will come to save them in this wild city, and to resist his team, which has a high-level magician … It was just ridiculous.

After a little hesitation, Liu Nian finally decided to answer Mo Fang.

In any case, Liu Zheng He’s life was worth it. He understood that he had already driven these students into a corner, and weak-willed people are capable of much in such a situation, even kill his younger brother.

“One experiment is being conducted … – in a monotonous voice, began the story of Liu Nian – … which can completely change the current structure of humanity.”

“So, for the benefit of humanity are you trying? What does this have to do with our university internship? Have we really blocked your way on your low way, that you have to destroy us? We didn’t see anything! ”Said Mo Fan.

“Low?” – Liu Nian dragged on, and, laughing, said: “There is nothing in this low. Any noble cause inevitably entails bloodshed. There are so many dead in this experiment that your death will be a drop in this bloody sea. But only after its successful completion will the true deep meaning of everything started. People will no longer be forced to live under the heel of the impure forces, to the extent that the hordes of the evil forces will be completely destroyed … ”

“Your noble cause, here you go. What are you cornered here? To kill us? ”Mo Fan quipped.

“You are killing everyone in your path, how are you different from the Black Church? Improve yourself with high-flown speeches, ”Peng Liang plucked up the courage to speak out.

“What do you, students, living on campuses, understand in life? These magicians always praise only their victories, but they never talk about how many people die in their battles with unclean forces, how many cities are being erased from the face of the Earth …. They consider themselves masters of the world, sticking out their superiority and greatness, ostensibly protecting humanity. What a ridiculous nonsense! You, who have not yet sniffed combat powder in your life, will not understand! Mankind is only dragging out its miserable existence in the cities, breeding uncontrollably so that their children would also actively multiply, but they all do not know that all this “development” is the period of the apogee of dark forces! These dark forces are full of people, controlling them. But they do not exterminate humanity completely, otherwise, what will they later eat? Humanity must be fruitful in order to satisfy the hunger of unclean forces! ”Said Liu Nian.

During the entire time of his speech, Liu Nian never smiled, his dark face was bursting with noble wrath.

He himself went through wars of people with hordes of creatures, and he knew much more about this than these students from an ivory tower * (p.p .: idiom with the meaning “cut off from real life”).

Mo Fan was deep in thought.

Wow! Here is a speech! It was like the Black Church was brainwashing its adepts.

If you recall the tragedy of the city of Bo, then Liu Nyan was right.

Mo Fan could not even think that humanity, according to Liu Nan, is so insignificant: “they do not destroy mankind,” “in order to feed”, “humanity must be fruitful, otherwise the impure forces will have nothing to eat”!

Here it is necessary to add the idea that humanity has survived until today, not because of the efforts of magicians who are on guard of people, but only because of the strategy of impure forces. This thought is terrifying.

Is this all true?

Mo Fan did not know the answer to this question.

“Survival, fertility of mankind do not speak about its greatness. All this says only that people are like cattle in a stable, ”said Liu Nian with a smile. He actually enjoyed it.

In his very first battle, he piously believed that magicians protect humanity, protecting against evil spirits. In fact … the whole of humanity will not be able to resist even one onslaught of all the unclean forces!

In his worldview, humanity must be destroyed. Now he was going to start with these students … This moment was filled with indescribable pleasure for him.

“Okay, you’re talking about the structure of humanity, but what does this have to do with us?” Asked Mo Fan.

Mo Fang didn’t like talking on such high-profile topics, he just wanted to know why Liu Nian didn’t want to let him go.

Mo Fan never met him, and even more so, he was not aware of this experiment.

“This study … – Liu Nyan thought again, this case was not really such a big secret, so he blurted out – … this research is connected with a new element!”

“What ???” – Mu Nu Jiao and Zhao Man Yan yelled involuntarily.

Liu Nian repeated once again: “If the experiment is successful, then we will be the pioneers of the new element!”

“Since the advent of magic, we have been fighting with evil spirits. But for thousands of years, magicians could awaken an extremely small number of elements. For the last time, it was possible to awaken a new element – the element of light, which made it possible to restore faith in humanity. But this is still not enough; an even stronger magic element is needed. ”

When Liu Nian reached this point, his eyes radiated a luminous glow.

And if earlier he was a cold-blooded leader of thugs, now he looked like a psycho who caught the fad.

This excitement and clouding of reason never even noticed Liu Zheng He, who was his little brother. This is his madness well hidden under cold-blooded appearance.

“So you say you are going to create a new element?” Asked Zhao Man-Yan, not believing his ears.

“That’s right. You must think that I had a roof at all, didn’t you? ”- Liu Nian replied, laughing.

“This is … well, this is … as if ….” – Zhao Man Yan didn’t find something to say.

“And you, Mo Fan, are the best material for our experiment” – Liu Nian turned to Mo Fan. He looked at him as the beautiful creature he was looking for.

“I ???” – Mo Fan showed himself.

“Yes you are! Because you by nature have two elements! ”.

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