Chapter 306. Sacrifice yourself.


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The best material for the experiment?

So is it also connected with the awakening of the two elements?

Mo Fang had even more doubts. Based on what Liu Nian said, they have already used countless material for experiments. Everyone on whom conducted experiments, died. This is completely inhuman. This can not be carried out in secret from all.

Why is he, a man with two elements, the best material? How is this new element related to all of this?

Mo Fan tried to hide from all the fact that he had two elements. However, an awl in a bag cannot be hidden. Sooner or later it had to come to light. Surprisingly, it cost everyone to know about it, as immediately there were military magicians, who in general seemed irresponsible.

“And how is the awakening of the two elements and the new element related?”, Mo Fang went on to ask.

“Let him go first,” said Liu Nian. He was far from stupid.

“You will say, we will immediately release,” said Mo Fan.

“You think I’m a child?” You will all die one way or another. Let him go. Do you want me to please you? If you really manage to create a new element, your names will be listed in the heroes list, ”said Liu Nian.

Mo Fan understood that Liu Nanny’s patience is over. The young man turned his head and glanced at Mu Ning Xue.

The girl nodded back.

The fire slowly disappeared. The hand that held Liu Zheng He tightly weakened and released the hostage.

Liu Nian laughed. After he had had enough fun, he said: “After the experiment, the material lives in a matter of hours. The load is so powerful that even the last hours of life the object holds, having lost the ability to think sensibly. Although usually it does not reach. Most often, immediately after the object takes the medicine, it dies. It’s like living a life in seconds. Those who survived the experiment are very few. ”

Liu Zheng He was very scared, but still went to meet his brother. Fear pierced his mind. The young man knew that from such a distance, Mo Fan could instantly turn to ashes and no one, not even his brother, could save him.

“These experiments are evil! You don’t put a human life on anything! ”Exclaimed Mu Nu Jiao angrily.

“You’re free to think what you want. It all started with the fact that a particular animal parasite was discovered. Under such circumstances, he was not important humanity. Even though such experiments were banned in all magical associations, they did not want to stop. They were getting closer and closer to success. As soon as people show it, they will control everything. ”

“Animal parasite? Do you really infect living people? ”, Mo Fan shivered. He remembered the scaly parasite monster.

The scaly parasite monster infects people, after which they become monsters. In the form of monsters, the infected were an order of magnitude stronger than ordinary people. Moreover, everything coincided: the infected lose control of their actions!

“How exactly this happens you do not need to know. Do not be angry. Many, insignificant people die in bliss, many die from the clutches of monsters. You will die in the name of a new element, and besides, you will die heroes … ”, Liu Nian could not continue.

Liu Zheng He reached the place where he could be protected. Now Liu Nanny had no reason to waste his time on idle chatter. We must quickly destroy the witnesses. And immediately after that use this gifted boy as material for the experiment.

“Next time we meet, I will hit you right in your Achilles heel!” This is what I will tell you: go into the abyss with your experiments! ”, Mo Fan exploded.

Liu Nian did not attach any importance to this and laughed.

“Well, it’s only if you survive the experiment … to kill them,” Liu Nian gave the order, waving his hand towards the students.

At the same moment, right behind Mo Fan, an icy atmosphere began to be felt.

The snow began to dance in the air. The beautiful face was formidable and fearsome. She stood unsurpassed in the middle of a frozen place.

“Killer ice bow!”

Mu Ning Xue, like the snow queen, spread her arms, and an impressive magic bow appeared in the air.

Ice began to spread on the ground, snowflakes fluttered madly in the air, even low clouds began to freeze!

The cold was atrocious around. Mu Ning Xue herself did not expect to use her magic bow twice in one day. It seemed to her that she had invested all her magical energy in him, no, even more, she had invested her whole life in a bow!

Only now she will have to risk.

Mo Fan won time for her from the start. Mu Ning Xue realized that if they were not stopped, they would easily kill everyone.

She looked expressively at Mo Fan, after which he understood her thought. The only way to defeat such a large detachment of the military, led by a high-level magician, is to use a killer ice bow.

Even if she has to pay too high a price, the power of this arrow is enough to kill a high-level mage!

“The icy sphere … the seed of the spiritual level! Can not be! It can not be! ”, Liu Nian roared hysterically, his eyes bulging.

Seed of the spiritual level, and even along with a deadly ice onion! This combination was equal in power to a single high level spell. Magic weapons immediately instilled fear in the minds and hearts of people.

All military mages were under the influence of the icy sphere. Now it has become more difficult for them to form elemental star systems for the release of medium-level magic. This effect even affected Liu Nanny himself.

This time the arrow turned out to be much more powerful and larger in size.

An icy hurricane appeared from the freed magic around the girl.

Mu Ning Xue also stood in the very center of this natural madness and aimed at a man.

She loosened her fingertip and there was a formidable, angry, but still slightly feminine, chilling voice!


The same ruthless and merciless murders, the same great, doomed to failure ideas, they really reminded the girl hotly hated Black Church.

Even if the life of Mu Ning Xue flies away with the flight of this arrow, it will be worth it. If we die, only taking these people with us. They are not worthy to wear this sacred clothing – military uniforms!

The arrow flew smoothly parallel to the ground. Everything miraculously under the arrow immediately froze.

Liu Nian managed to react and jumped to the side.

An arrow with a whistle flew near the man and fell right into the man who was standing behind. It was the same officer who used the lightning element.

The arrow flew so fast that it passed through this person.

Immediately after that, a lot of ice flowers bloomed, which froze everything around.

Usually at dawn, all life wakes up like a swan. Now it was completely different. It seemed that everything around was frozen, that even time itself was subject to the elements of ice. It seemed that life left this part of the world.

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