Chapter 308. Head of Land Lizard


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Everything happened suddenly and extremely strange.

Mo Fan tried to run as quietly as possible, laying out in his head on the shelves, all that happened recently.

Well, they are conducting experiments to obtain a new element, but at the same time all their actions seem rather dubious. That is, it seems that everything that was done to find a new element was only in the interests of this demon, Liu Nanny.

It is remembered that, in order to begin a search for a new element, in addition to long-term studies, the approval of the entire magical world is also required; it is especially important to obtain permission from the magical association.

The magic association has never published anything related to the research of a new element. So this is something very dark, it is even possible that the search methods are similar to those used by the black church, which turned people into monsters.

In such magic, human life always comes at the price, and the greatest success is the creation of low-quality animals, which is incommensurable to the sacrifices made.

Liu Nyan clearly made a breakthrough in this area, which means it is possible that turning into a monster is the key to a new element.

And indeed, take a scaly parasite monster, if a person gets infected from it, then over time it will become like him. So, it will receive a similar combat power, and in the future will be able to develop it to incredible heights … Unless, of course, after reincarnation, it will be able to keep the sanity.

And if so, then this new element is somehow connected with the transformation into monsters, it is even possible that the parasitic monster appeared in one of Shanghai’s many laboratories.

Mo Fan never thought that such experiments were possible at all, so he took everything that happened to the tricks of the aliens. And it doesn’t seem to him at all that something like this can bring universal happiness. After all, it is precisely such an argument in defense that Liu Nian brings. Who knows if he really has something in common with the magic of the black church.

“I wonder how Mu Nin Xue is there, no, she definitely could not die … If only Bai Ting Ting could help her …”, said Mo Fan with anxiety.

During the seduction, Mo Fan discovered the soul of Mu Nin Xue. As if he was under strong alcohol, and it is not clear whether this is pure truth, or just emotional nonsense.

This could not be only an impact on the emotions, and he would never forget it. She, sacrificing herself, saved so many doomed to certain death, and it certainly will never be erased from memory.

And this demon Liu Nan, personally with his own hands, wouldn’t kill him, without a drop of pity. And the bastard Liu Zheng He, who left a mark, because of which the devil who killed so many came. I don’t know if he died from the cold of the arrow of Mu Nin Xue, if he didn’t die, then tear out his heart, and feed him to the dogs.


Mo Fan got to the abandoned city, it seemed to him that someone was following him all the way.

Most likely, these were local monsters, Liu Nian would not fly openly in a place that gives Mo Fang good chances of escape.

Wherever Mo Fang goes, danger lurks everywhere. He is completely alone, because of maneuverability, rather well, against a large group of Liu Nanny, but forever playing hide and seek will not work. Therefore, it remains to hope that the monsters of the abandoned city will help to order the pursuing squad.

“It should be this way, it would be good for the lizard-headed giants to be very hungry,” said Mo Fan to himself.

When Mo Fan himself walked, recounted the creatures, he stumbled upon this place full of lizard-headed giants.

Once upon a time, the center of the city of Jin Lin was flooded, and all the high-rise buildings were half under water. Now, in some places, the land even cracked from drought, but in general the place turned into a swamp.

The monsters in the ruins of Jin Lin are huge, but this place, surrounded on all sides by a swamp, can be called a preserve of lizard giants.

It was there that Mo Fan ran. Most likely, this is the most dangerous place in Jin Ling, which makes it the only hope for salvation.

Ahead of all the swamp overgrown with reeds. It was quiet and among the reeds of the reeds could not even hear the singing of birds. Only clay strangely bubbled under their feet and sometimes burst, breaking dead silence.

**Oh! **

The agile wolf sighed loudly, throwing his sharp glance at the dried pile of clay standing off the coast of the swamp.

“Eat what is it there?”, – Mo Fan cursed, suddenly, noticing the same pile of clay. A mouth full of huge fangs and throats, capable of swallowing an adult … Yes … This monster knows a lot about disguise. The color of his skin exactly merges with the clay around him, and when he is motionless, lying on the ground, Mo Fanyu seemed like nothing.

Fortunately, the agile wolf was quite vigilant, and managed to jump aside, and this lizard-headed giant eventually bit the void. Otherwise, such a monster in the light would have ripped a man into two parts.

How many ranks of lizard giants exist.

The servant giants of the servant level look almost like an adult crocodile: the head of a lizard, the cheeks can open like umbrellas, and the tail is one third of the entire body length.

The lizard-headed giants of the level of the pack leader have their own name: death lizards.

They are divided into different subspecies, depending on their special properties. There are fiery, poisonous, ice and earthen species.

This, which Mo Fang encountered, clearly had a special attribute of land. His body was almost completely merged with the environment, gave him only glare of eyes. He was chewing on someone, and I think the victim did not understand why a thick layer of clay suddenly attacked her.

Snow-white fangs protruded from the mouth of the death pangolin, eyes were a little bulging, not expressing a hint of joy.

He crawled pretty quickly, it looked like he was sliding his huge body on the ground.

The earthen dinosaur was very tricky, pretending that he was going to bite the nimble wolf again, he waited until the wolf, dodging, jumped to the side, and sent its hammer-like tail to the landing site, sweeping everything in its path.

The agile wolf flew off a couple of tens of meters from the strike. Mo Fan flew away with him, struggling to fall into the reed thicket.

Mo Fan heard the sound of a crunch, it seems that the agile wolf broke through the bones of the chest.

** Market **

The agile wolf snarled angrily, and in spite of the resulting fracture, he rose to his feet.

“Do not fight! We are haunted by the troops of the devil. We need to move faster into the depths, there will be even more such earthen death lizards who will bury these reptiles alive! ”Said Mo Fan to the agile wolf.

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