Chapter 307. Seed of the Spiritual Level.


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Frozen clouds furrowed the sky. After some time, hail began to fall.

The trees are also frozen. Splinters of ice falling from the sky broke on the ground.

On the frozen ground were ice sculptures. Horror froze on their faces. Some of them tried to form a star system, but they could not – they froze.

None of those who turned into statues did not expect that the girl from the imperial university, the magician of the middle level, would be able to release such power that she would also have a seed of a spiritual level, the power of which will be combined with the power of the magic bow. This was not expected even the leader of the detachment.

This arrow was incomparably strong. Even for Mo Fang, a man who had already seen such an arrow, this sight was terrifying.

Only here, where did Mu Ning Xue have such a power, which surpasses her level.

Hair, chaotically developing a second ago, calmed down. Mu Ning Xue’s angry, angry and resolute became weak, as if deprived of her soul.

The bow, which she held in her hands, turned into icy dust, which immediately fell to the ground.

The weakened body of the girl also could not stand still and fell.

Mo Fan immediately hugged her and felt how cold her body was. It seemed that she was not much warmer than the dead.

Only after the young man felt the pulse of a girl, he calmed down a bit. Mo Fan will never forgive this narcissistic maniac killer Liu Nanny.

“Hurry, we’re leaving,” said Mo Fan and looked at the people.

Mu Nu Jiao, Bai Ting Ting, Song Xia, Zhao Man Yan and the others were still amazed by the effect of the spell, but after Mo Shang’s cry, they came to their senses.

All the members of the group, seeing what Mu Ning Xue became after this arrow, were filled with indescribable words of gratitude.

“Wait, take Mu Ning Xue with you, I am their target. Zhao Man Yan, look after them all and … “, – Mo Fan paused and looked at Mu Ning Xue and said with pity:” … whatever happens, do not let her die ”

Zhao Man Yan energetically nodded his head and led the others behind him.

Mo Fan could not allow doubts to bind his soul. Liu Nian has already begun to break free of ice. Some officers are also not completely frozen …

Clenching his teeth, Mo Fan ran toward the abandoned city.

Arrow Mu Ning Xue certainly could not send all of the military to the next world, but she could gain time to retreat.

Since Mo Fan learned that their goal was only himself, he simply could not go with the others.

They have eagles, and at least one high-level magician. If you just run where your eyes are, they will catch up.

The only place where Mo Fan could be saved is Jin Ling.

There are countless monsters in the city, some of them are strong enough to kill the whole group in a couple of seconds, while others can force the group to commit suicide. In short, if Mo Fan was to expect at least some help, then only from the city itself.

“Mo Fan entered the abandoned city”

“He will die there”

“We need to separate, if we run together – we can be caught by everyone at once.”

“Then … we will go before the others,” said Luo Song and Shen Min Xiao. They were so scared that they almost made their pants.

This business from the very beginning did not concern them. Once there is an opportunity to escape – they will certainly use it and spit on the rest. If the evil military caught up with them, they will die. But they are still so young, it’s too early to die.

“Okay, then I will take Sun Xia with me,” obediently assented Peng Liang.

Song Xia was still weak. If she runs alone, she will definitely not be able to leave. The fact that Peng Liang agreed to take it upon herself is a great success for her.

Zhao Manh glanced at the half-dead Mu Ning Xue, at Bai Ting Ting, then looked at the far away city of Jin Ling, to which Mo Fan was running.

“You three, follow me,” Zhao Man Yan made the decision.

Zhao Man Yan has already regretted that he agreed to protect Mu Ning Xue and Bai Ting Ting. He also wanted to live, he understood Luo Sun and Shen Min Xiao very well. However, after seeing the condition of Mu Ning Xue, after seeing that Mo Fan ran separately from everyone into the city, Zhao Man Yan realized that he would not be able to escape.

People ran in different directions. Meanwhile, the sun’s rays gradually melted the ice.

The first out of the spell came out Liu Nyan. Before the ice froze everything around, the man took advantage of some kind of protection. He was a high-level magician after all.

His face turned blue from the cold, besides, he was now experiencing such a wide range of emotions that it wouldn’t turn a tongue with ordinary fury.

And this is expected, because a group of students wiped their nose.

He is a formidable military man. For him, killing these students is like slapping a bound chicken …

Why do they run?

They tasted the unpurified blood of the monsters, destroyed the lairs of the monsters. They and that, and the truth to fight with these inexperienced students?

“You, we need to catch up with those people alive,” said Liu Nian to those officers who woke up before the others.

“Yes,” they blurted out. Their strength was not bad. They waited a bit and ran to chase Zhao Man Yan and the others.

“The rest is mine. The most important thing is to catch the object. We cannot let it pass, ”Liu Nian calmly looked at Jing Lin.

“Commander, it looks like these will not wake up,” the girl suggested.

“Well then burn them”


Several ice sculptures of people were successively shattered. Around there was a lot of blood and pieces of meat. But no one will ever know about it, because the fire immediately turned them into ashes.

There were seven ruined. This means that Mu Ning Xue’s arrow killed seven prominent mid-level magicians.

Liu Nan’s face was stony. It was a terrible shame, the only question is, will it be the first and last shame for them?

The ice slowed down the movements of the evil military, but could not cool them down.

Now they can not afford to deal with witnesses. Their main task is to capture innate talent.

A new item will definitely be created with it!

And after that, this element will become a trump card in their hands. It will be a trump card that will subdue even the monsters who have reigned in this world!

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