Chapter 309. Den of the Pangs Giants.


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They continued to run forward. The farther they ran, the more marshy the terrain became. Even some highways have become part of the swamp.

The agile wolf is a very agile animal. This dexterity was felt in his every step.

Suddenly, the wolf noticed that the terrain was too swampy to continue to run along the ground. Now you have to navigate the roofs of high houses. One such was just around the corner. It was about a hundred meters high. The animal rushed to the building to climb it, then jump to the next one.

Both buildings were not too far from each other, so it’s easy for an agile wolf to jump over.

The beast ran very fast, it even seemed that it had become a big blue arrow.

With such a speed in order to get on the hundred-meter building and jump to the next one it will take no more than a few seconds.

The wolf jumped and flew gracefully from one building to another.

“There! There he is! ”One of the officers shouted, pointing at two buildings.

At the same time, several officers with the wind element almost instantly shortened the distance and found themselves directly opposite the one-hundred-meter building. Unfortunately for them, the officers did not immediately notice a swamp through which one could not go “by the wind.” Therefore, they will now have to climb onto the roof of the building and also jump, only they do not have nimble wolves, which means it will take a lot of time.

In addition, a man will very quickly swamp the swamp. And it’s not worth mentioning the lizard giants. For these animals, fighting in the wetlands is a common thing. Such monsters will easily deal with six people.

“Do not let him go,” said a girl dressed in grayish-white clothes.

Two mages with the element of earth came closer, tried to clear the land from the swamp.

Only here the swamp was huge. In order to clear at least a small path, on which one could run, you need to spend some time.

The distance between the group of officers and Mo Fan was small, but to overcome it, you must first wait a bit.

At this time, Mo Fan continued to ride on. Despite the fact that almost the entire area turned into a swamp, the buildings had not yet collapsed. I was also lucky that his agile wolf had enough dexterity and endurance to move around the roofs, otherwise he would have hit a dead end.

*** Howl ***

The agile wolf let out a howl and landed on the roof of one of the houses.

Fifteen years ago, Jin Lin was not a very developed city. In many houses there were no elevators, there were only a few skyscrapers. The buildings were built at about the same height, which was most welcome. In this area, almost all the houses were at the same height, so it was not very difficult for a wolf to move around.

“Why are you pressed to the ground?” Asked Mo Fan with incomprehension.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? As saying? This is a wolf,” the wolf replied, explaining to this idiot that it was not he who was pressed to the ground, but this building would soon settle down.

Mo Fan looked around and noticed that the building was settling very quickly. While they were on his roof, the house is a donkey down a whole floor!

“Run faster, otherwise we will settle directly with this house!” Said Mo Fan to the wolf.

The agile wolf did not hesitate. The faster the building settled, the faster the animal ran.

At the time of the jump, Mo Fan, using his excellent knowledge in physics, realized that the agile wolf would not be able to jump to the next roof and slam into the wall …

The sun perfectly illuminated the terrain, so there was not a single shadow around. It was impossible to use the “escape of the shadow”.

I was also lucky that the wolf had time to cling to the edge of the house with its claws.

The wolf hung clinging to the edge of the building. Mo Fan was hanging, holding onto the fur of the animal.

Down there was still the same viscous and deep bog. However, this was not the worst news. Right under the hero and his beast, a suspicious whirlpool has formed.

A moment later, a huge, twenty meter-high lizard appeared out of the whirlpool. He widely opened his mouth, which is quite possible in size to compare with the cave …

The beast was waiting for Mo Fan and the agile wolf to get tired and fall right into his mouth.

The agile wolf tensed and still managed to climb onto the roof.

Mo Fan at this time looked at his pursuers. The group of magicians moved quickly enough. In front of the group, the magicians of the earth element fled and cleared the road from the swamp. The worst thing was that they did not depend on the presence of buildings around.

With every second, the lizard-like giants became more and more around. It seemed that everywhere you look, everywhere you will notice the approaching group of these animals.

Military magicians have almost overtaken Mo Fan, but their path lay unabashedly through a den of lizard-headed giants. Suddenly countless monsters appeared from somewhere in the quagmire. They, like the crocodiles, who saw how the victim fell into their water possessions, immediately sailed in the direction of the people.

The magic rumbled here and there. Still, this group of military was much stronger than the students. It was not difficult for them to kill the servant-level beasts. The magic of the primary and secondary levels ruthlessly killed the lizard-like giants. Mo Fan had no time to seize the moment and escape far away, as nothing remained of the animals.

For a group of such experienced and powerful magicians, even hundreds of servant-level animals did not cause any problems.

“It is strange, where did the devil go?” Said Mo Fan and looked at the road and at the officers who had paved the road.

At the beginning, chasing Liu Nian, too, was chasing the young man, but now he has disappeared somewhere.

Looking closely, Mo Fan noticed something. He realized that Liu Nanny was not around. A squad of mages of thirteen people, pursuing him, was commanded by some girl in grayish-white clothes.

The girl commander was a very strong witch. By how skillfully and easily she used mid-level magic, it was almost certain that she was very close to a high level of magic. Her power is certainly not inferior to Tang Yue.

The rest of the officers lost only a little in the strength of this girl, and they certainly were on a par with Mo Fang.

One or two of Mo Fan would have been able to cope with, but not with thirteen. Here even luck does not help.

*** Wolf howl ***

The agile wolf focused its attention on some part of the quagmire.

Ahead was once the most magnificent district of Jin Lin. Despite the fact that the buildings were immersed in a swamp, one could see the outlines of streets and roads. However, among these houses there was a strange smell. It also seemed as if an infinite number of eyes were watching everything alive.

“Are you hinting that there are at least a dozen with a few logs of lizard-headed giants ahead?” Mo Fan asked an agile wolf.

The animal nodded, confirming what was said.

The wolf tried to convey to Mo Fang what was dangerous there, very dangerous. It is so dangerous that the chance to stay there forever is ninety percent!

“Well, then we will put it on it. If we lose, we will just die with them, ”said Mo Fan gritting his teeth and resolutely entered the danger zone.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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