Chapter 31 Gloomy Blood Toxicity


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Just the fact that Chu Xingyun shouted at Yan Du was a big shock for the people.

So now Chu Xingyun’s attack on Yan Du has lest others stunned.

The speed of the sword was so fast that it came to Yan Du almost instantly. The fierce wind made his dry face tremble slightly and his face gloomy to the extreme.

Yan Du’s body moved, so he could avoid the sword and shouted angrily, “Stinky boy, how dare you shoot at me, you can’t find death!”

Chu Xingyun did not reply, and sword swept away and continued to try to kill Yan.

Every sword of his is very fast, and the sword is deadly. The light of that shimmering sword illuminates the dark cave.

“If you want to die, then I’ll make you whole!” Yan Du gave a low cry, swept his sleeves, and a purple and black smoke gushed out, leaving toward Chu Xingyun.

“Patriach be careful!” A Chu deacon exclaimed, they are the poisonous smoke, will fall into the present appearance.

However, when he opened his mouth, Chu Xingyun’s body was completely covered with poisonous smoke and could never be seen again.

“It’s foolish that heaven has its way and hell has no way to throw it.” Yan Du laughed fiercely, turned around, but felt a strong sense of crisis from behind, let him subconsciously flash to the side.

A clang!

The blade pierced the hard mountain wall and made a deep noise. Yan’s eyebrows frowned tightly. Turning around, Chu Xingyun stood behind him, holding the blade and sending out a rolling sword spirit.

“How could you possibly stand up after you fell for my phantom smoke?” Yan Du’s face was unbelievable, not only for him, but also for Chu Hu and others. They clearly saw Chu Xingyun completely covered by poisonous smoke, how could it be intact?

“Phantom smoke is a kind of chronic poisonous smoke, which dissolves in the blood immediately after inhalation, leading to limb weakness, and loss of resistance. As long as I seal the seven orifices, so that poisonous smoke does not intrude into the body, it will naturally have no effect on me.”

Chu Xingyun held up his Lingjian and pointed at Yan Du from afar, sarcastically saying, “You shouldn’t be naive enough to think that you could overwhelm me with fantastic poison smoke?”

“You…” Yan Du’s eyes are cracking. For the first time in more than ten years, some people dare to look down on him, and the other party is still a teenager.

Yan Du flicked his sleeve again, and a blood poison with a strong foul odor blew out into the clouds.

Chu Xingyun just glanced at it and then said, “This poison is special, insoluble in blood, but dissolves in spiritual power. It can spread all over the body with spiritual power. Finally, the poisoner decays and dies. It is easier to crack this poison without stimulating spiritual power.”

Say, Chu Xingyun converges spiritual power, so step forward.

The blood poison touched his body without any poisonous effect, just like the rain on him.

At this time, Chu Hu and all the Chu deacons were so surprised that they could not speak. Two times, Chu Xingyun cracked Yan Du’s offensive twice in a row, and he was so relaxed and tough.

Yan poisonous gas is urgent, constantly releasing toxins, however, each of his poisons will be recognized by Chu Xingyun at a glance, and the way to crack it has been put forward.

Yan Du knows very well that Chu Xingyun is mocking him, but he has no way.

Shortly afterwards, Chu Xingyun came to Yan Du, singing his sword and laughing as he went out. “I’ve heard that Yan Du’s poisonous work is incomparable. Seeing him today, I’m really disappointed. Of course, if you use dim blood poison, there may be a slight chance.”

“Hmm?” Hearing the four words “bleeding poison”, Yan became extremely stiff as he was struck by lightning and stared at the clouds.


The sword tore Yan Du’s arm directly, and a scar appeared, which immediately brought him back to his mind.

“Today’s enmity, I remember!” Yan poisoned, hated and gnashed his teeth. He looked at Chu Xingyun coldly. It seemed that he wanted to imprint his face in his heart. Then his figure flashed and the wind left the cave.

“Go, go?” Chu Hu and others saw the back of Yan’s runaway, first stunned, and then burst into cheers.

It’s shocking that if they hadn’t seen it, they would not have believed that Chu Xingyun, who was built from the five heavens of hardening, could have pushed the Nine Heavens of Yan poisoning to such an extent and made him flee in a hurry.

If it goes out, I’m afraid the whole Westerly City will shake!

“Master, when did you become so strong?” Chu Hu came quickly, eyes blooming brilliantly, suddenly there is a feeling of complete ignorance of Chu Xingyun.

A number of Deacons also cast doubtful eyes. If they want to defeat those who gather spirits in nine heavens, they must step into the spiritual realm of the earth. Is it true that Chu Xingyun has been concealing his strength?

Seemingly seeing through the minds of all, Chu Xingyun laughed and said, “The reason why I can overcome Yan Du is ingenuity. Didn’t you find that Yan Du has no inspiration from the beginning to the end?”

Everyone was stunned when he spoke.

Chu Xingyun didn’t say anything about it. As soon as he said that, they all found out this point. Yan Du did not really inspire people, let alone use any martial arts, but simply use poison.

“When Yan Du approached me, I smelled a peculiar smell from him. The peculiar smell came from a poison named Euphrates Blood Poison, which was extremely toxic. Even the warriors gathered in Lingjie were poisoned on the spot.”

“The man who practices poisonous feats must practice by swallowing poison. The poisonous breath emits from Yan Du’s body, which clearly represents that he swallowed the poison. In his practice, he must suppress the poison with all his strength. Once relaxed, the poisonous blood poison will spread all over his body and take his life in an instant.”

Chu Xingyun explained slowly, so that Chu Tiger and others suddenly realized that no wonder Yan Du did not dare to inspire the power, for the purpose of suppressing the dark blood poisoning, so as not to let the toxin completely spread.

“Although we have now banished Yan Du, but with Yan Du’s character, we will surely bear in mind hatred. When he digests the bleeding poison, will we still face him?” Chu Tiger’s heart was very cold, and he began to shiver at the thought of the pervasive poisonous smoke.

“Don’t worry, he can’t wait for that day.”

Chu Xingyun confidently said, “Dark blood poisoning is particularly fierce. With the strength of Yan poisoning, it can not be digested at all. In three days, only three days, the toxin will expand, condense into spots, spread all over the body, and begin to infiltrate into the viscera and viscera. By then, he will surely die unless…”

“Unless what, do you have antidote, Master?” Chuhu asked curiously.

Chu Xingyun smiled and did not answer, but walked slowly to the poisoned deacons of Chu, pointed slightly, and poured a spiritual force into them.

It was not long before the Deacons’faces became much more rosy and their bodies gradually recovered.

“The toxicity of phantom poisonous smoke is not strong. I have helped you suppress it temporarily. Now, let’s go down the mountain immediately. When we return to Chu Town, I will help you to prepare the antidote. Today’s business must be kept secret and must not be publicized.” Chu Xingyun warned.

“Yes!” People nodded and answered. After this, they admired Chu Xingyun even more. If he hadn’t done it, I’m afraid everyone would have died under Yan Du’s hands.

A group of people gathered up for a moment, then left the mine magnificently.

Before going down the hill, Chu Xingyun glanced intentionally or unintentionally at the side of the dense forest, the corner of his mouth, with an indescribable grin.


“Where on earth is this boy sacred? He can see through the dark blood poison in my body at a glance. He just wanted to stop talking. Does he really know how to dissolve the dark blood poison?”

As soon as this idea came to mind, Yan Du shook his head and denied it.

How can a teenager know how to solve the poisonous blood poisoning that he has been immersed in for many years? It must be a mystery.

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