Chapter 310. Dragon-winged Lizard.


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Mo Fan sent the agile wolf to the street, which was covered in dirt and debris. It was about two kilometers long, and looked like the main street of Jin Lin: all buildings here were high-rise, similar to offices and shopping centers. As if they were all corroded by dirt, constructions stuck out, windows were broken – there were signs of destruction everywhere …

Passing along this street about a hundred meters, Mo Fan saw a large mud wall. It was as tall as nearby skyscrapers and looked like a dam. The agile wolf warned Mo Fan that a dangerous zone begins beyond this mudo border.

The pursuers followed on their heels, and Mo Fan did not even think that he would climb so easily on this earthen slope. Climbing to its highest point, a huge mountain suddenly appeared to his eyes. This is the territory of an abandoned city, where could such a tall mountain come from? Mo Fan began to look closely, his body began to shake.

From a distance, which seemed like a mountain peak, it was a huge lair created from a solidified pile of alumina. This lair was located in the most fertile place of the city, and the height exceeded the highest skyscraper of the city of Jin Lin by almost a hundred meters, propping up the clouds!

The mountain was literally stuck with so many holes from which the hair on the head stood on end. Each of the holes was a den of lizard-headed giants. The agile wolf warned that in this region, Mo Fan would find exactly more than ten logs. Here, Fan Fan saw a huge mountain the size of a skyscraper overcrowded with these creatures. Fear gripped him, and at first he even thought about leaving. What kind of place is this? If all these creatures come out of their holes, then Jin Ling can be guaranteed a second disaster.

“No, it cannot be … I don’t feel such a strong smell of these creatures … Even if it is a place of conglomeration of pangs, that attacked the city of Jin Lin, most of them should have returned to the vicinity of Lake Dongting … So, this mountain is empty? Mo Fan very quickly calmed down.

Mo Fan for the first time in his life saw with his own eyes a lair of monsters in the form of a mountain, which they created from alumina with a height exceeding human skyscrapers. And most importantly, among all this clay construction, he saw imprinted inside cars, street lamps, billboards and even bones, and a lot of other stuff.

“It is either empty … or even if there is a part of lizard-headed ones inside, then one can hope … So this is it!”

Mo Fan peered even harder. The way the winged monitor lizard spread its wings was more like a sleepy siphon. His huge red head lop hung down from the edge of the mountain, his long mouth was half-open and saliva flowed out of it like an open tap.

So it means that the commander-in-chief animal that bit the magic monster plant is a dragon winged lizard!

This lizard was definitely a relative of Western dragon-like creatures that originate somewhere in another country, about which little is known. The blood relatives of these animals moved to the vicinity of Dongting Lake, bred there for thousands of years and, eventually, turned into the most terrifying monsters of the country!

Previously, Mo Fan saw dragon-like only on TV. But when he personally saw the lizard with a huge belly and wing span, Mo Fan was convinced of his dragon lineage. Genetically, they were lizards, but had dragon wings, for which they were nicknamed dragon-wings. With their horrific looks, they were scaring many times more than the winged ash wolves that attacked the city of Beau.

There was snoring.

A small whirlwind spun in the air from the snoring of this monster, who fell fast asleep. The sound of his snoring was like a rumble of thunder, and the air currents created were stronger than the magic of some wind magicians.

This death godlike monster, which is now drih on the top of the mountain, made Mo Fang’s heart quiver with fear. It is good that a decent distance separated him from the mountain, otherwise his entire boundless bravery would have evaporated from one bite of the dragon-winged beast.

Mo Fan with an agile wolf reached the surroundings of the mountain, which were heavily drained. There was not a single beast outside. Probably, they were all inside and rested before the next night outing.

The lizard-headed giants were not afraid of the sunlight, but the overcast and rainy weather was their favorite.

Soon, Mo Fan saw the warlords climbing the earthen slope. Among them, he saw officer Jiang Yi in gray-white clothes and other middle-level wizards. They fearlessly killed all the monsters in their path, attacking them in a mob.

“That’s where you ran!” Jiang Y cried out (girl in gray clothes) with a grin on her face.

Chasing a student around the neighborhood was clearly not their style.

“I didn’t even think to run away,” said Mo Fan with the air of a man who surrenders without resistance.

“Thought you might be hiding by getting here?” You know, this lizard will not scare us, ”said Jiang Yi with disdain.

“Come on? And what about those inside? ”- Mo Fan also laughed. The flame was already glistening over his left shoulder. He had no thought of using fire magic against his pursuers, he wanted to send her straight to the den!

A flaming fist let out flew over the street and headed towards the mountain. After landing, the fist created such a strong vibration that all the lair trembled. Out of the many holes, countless pangs have been sticking out, staring at uninvited guests!

For so many years, no living soul has set foot here! Their bellies rumbled from hunger … They have not tried human meat for so long!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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