Chapter 311. Grasshoppers on a leash.


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Faced with such an act of Mo Fan, the girl, without the slightest change in her face, said in a cold-blooded voice: “Do you really think that you can surpass me and all this officer staff that is in my submission?”

Mo Fan used the situation to completely confuse all the cards.

Lizard-headed giants, without hesitation, will attack people, and they certainly will not understand the professional hierarchy of those present. Mo Fan was also forced to defend himself against the assault of these lizards along with Jiang Yi and her subordinate officers!

Now you can see who can survive in this battle!

Jiang Yi couldn’t understand Mo Fang’s such behavior, considering it to be simply childish. He decided to start a battle with the officer elite, on account of which each officer had several hundred souls of dead monsters, and for which endless battles were a way of life.

This child is taking part in such an internship for the first time. Does this kettle think it can escape from the officer headquarters using these creatures? Even if he has ten lives, and he may die ten times, the officers will not allow any loss on their part!

“You know the titles of military mages! You – just garbage among the officers, freaks! And your “holy” intentions are just as rubbish! ”Mo Fan cursed.

He saw that this officer was literally filled with officer arrogance and confidence in the abilities of his team.

In fact, in such a situation, when everyone was forced to take a blow from countless pangs, and it was impossible to say for sure who would survive and who wouldn’t, Mo Fan also secretly hoped that his four elements would save him .

Mo Fang liked to blame people, which made his mouth shut. Basically, the curses were addressed to Jiang Yi, who firmly believed in her officer duty, however, today she has already made an unforgivable mistake.

All of them were selected officer ranks. Liu Nian will not spare anything for the sake of achieving the goal, however, Jiang Yi was not the same, although she had atrocities for which she was responsible. Jiang Yi herself reassured herself with the thought that small losses on the way to a great goal are common and inevitable things.

Jiang Yi watched as more and more lizard giants and death lizards surrounded them with their hordes. The rest of the magicians from this picture, the soul went to the heels, despite the fact that for them, too, it was just lizards.

“If you think you can survive, then I will give you that opportunity,” said the officer with a grin. With her hand, she gave orders to the rest of the officers, and with her eyes felt Mo Fanya.

“What?” Mo Fan was intrigued. Did this impudent officer see her outstanding abilities in him, and now she is trying to negotiate?

“I will not fight. Your life is more precious than the life of my officers. Even if one of my people dies here, you have to stay alive. If you manage to survive, then I will fulfill your every desire, ”said Jiang I. Jiang And could not allow Mo Fang to die. For the experiment, he should be alive, so it was necessary to protect him.

Mo Fan understood that this was a deadly battle that would affect absolutely everyone.

“Anyone?” Mo Fan laughed. However, when he saw that the lizards were already at a distance of less than 500 meters, a smile slipped from his face.

“Except for one thing – I cannot let you go,” the officer replied.

“It’s not fair. Now everything is the same as grasshoppers on a leash, ”Mo Fan said carelessly.

A huge number of lizardheads have already cordoned off the neighborhood. There was nowhere to retreat … It is not known who will survive … Is it possible at such moments to think about something else?

“This is the maximum that I can offer. And yes, since you are a simple student, you cannot gain my respect as a student either, ”said Jiang I.

“I’m not quite catching up with something,” said Mo Fan, with a doubt in his voice.

“I found out information about you. Resolving the situation in the city of Bo, cleaning the followers of the Black Church in Shanghai is all directly connected with you, ”the officer said calmly.

“Well, if so, and if you respect me as a man, then quickly order your people to disperse. Nothing good will come of it if we all perish here, ”said Mo Fan. He saw that Jiang And reluctantly goes to all this – freaking officer rules!

“I can not” – directly cut off Jiang I.

“Well mother! I have no desire to play these games with you! ”Said Mo Fan angrily.

There was no time left for chatter – the nearest pangolin was already a hundred meters away from Mo Fang. The student saw a car-sized lizard rushing toward them at full steam, with an uncontrollable desire in the eyes to taste human meat.

“The fire!”

Mo Fan masterfully released magic. The red flame of the fiery rose already outlined its trajectory.


The fire had already inflamed the body of that lizard-headed giant, causing its huge body to tremble. The flames spread rapidly throughout the body. However, the lizard did not die, its scales were very dense and impenetrable for some kind of entry-level magic.

The lizard was not afraid of pain, and, fluttering in flames, headed towards Mo Fang, who released this fire!

“Die!” Mo Fan violently released the magic of fire.

The flames now flew right into the giant’s lower jaw, tearing its mouth open. The lizard carcass fell to the ground – it did not die, but became immobile as a corpse.

At that moment, when Mo Fan attacked this lizardfish, thirteen officers began to release magic separately.

There were many of them, but the lizard-headed ones were much more: the whole road was littered with their moving backs, the sounds they made were so shrill that they resembled lightning strikes, torn by their ears.

An officer in gray-white clothes, arms folded, stood among his subordinates. Her face showed no fear — it expressed nothing at all.

To die here or die from a court sentence – for it did not make a difference. The most important thing is to finish the mission!

She cold eyed the district, not even thinking to join the battle.

And if Mo Fan survives, and her charges die? No … he still can not let go. I made a mistake once, now we have to move on

The commander-in-chief just went crazy. But since she had already sworn to serve faithfully from the very beginning, then what is the use of regretting now?

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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