Chapter 312. One against all.


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“Print lightning!”

Mo Fan Fan’s arm threw lightning, dancing furiously, she was like a serpent, in waves, then again and again she flew up, then fought on the ground, spreading in all directions.

The fourth level of lightning printing is capable of creating even more electrical discharges, and they can spread along the ground. Mo Fan sent a lightning seal through his legs, creating an electric field twenty meters around.

In the middle of this field, the electric arcs attacked each other, and the lizard-headed birds that fell within the radius of action immediately covered paralysis. It looked like a countless set of pythons wrapped around everyone, preventing them from moving, and all they could do was scream with rage.

They saw that literally a step away from them was a juicy piece of meat, but this fucking electric field completely paralyzed the whole body, and all that was left was to look at such a desirable prey.

“What a terrifying power of this lightning seal …”, said Jiang Yi with amazement

Even if it is a seal of lightning enhanced by the spiritual seed, it is still impossible to achieve such a power of a paralyzing effect. This seal of lightning is clearly beyond the scope of an affordable medium level magician.

Lightning printing is an entry-level magic, and Mo Fan mastered it perfectly. As soon as the first field disappeared, he immediately created a new one. No matter how lizard-headed around him, they still will not be able to approach him more than twenty meters. Which makes it possible for Mo Fang to be invulnerable to stand in the middle of the crowd of these creatures.

Jiang Yi looked at this guy with completely different eyes. A person who has developed to such an extent the magic of the initial level is clearly special.

However, what happens here does not affect the situation in general. The military detachment has already surrounded the territory, using ice freezing and earthen waves – deceleration. After the done actions, the possible danger comes only from the animals of the level of the leader of the pack and above.

Somewhere far away there was a cloud of large lizards, they moved forward, crawling on each other, and from here they looked like an avalanche.

Around five hundred meters everything was choked with lizard-headed ones, they climbed through high-rise buildings, climbed the ruins of houses and crushed each other on the ground.

At the feet of Mo Fan, dozens of corpses of lizard-headed ones already accumulated; it is not difficult to kill such servants at such levels, only a couple of dozen are a drop in the vast sea of lizards. And it is hardly at all possible to exterminate them all.

I looked again at Jiang Yi and her officers, they seem to have a rich combat experience, and they don’t use intermediate-level magic in vain.

Students who were doing this practice very often used intermediate-level magic on servant-level beasts. This is a very reckless act. In the wild world, magical power is life, spending it all and even the weakest monster will easily tear you apart. And it turns out that keeping your magic power under control is a key point in order to survive.

Each military of this unit is well aware of how to save their magical powers. They do not use mid-level magic, for even though it is a flock of lizard-headed ones, they can still be exterminated. However, from here to the lair of these monsters is no more than one kilometer.

“Agile wolf!”, Mo Fan shouted, making it clear that the wolf should pay attention to the lizardheads three hundred meters to the left.

The lizard-headed giants are worth keeping under control, because the greatest danger they make up in the middle of the streets, gathering in a group, and like a tank, demolishing high-rise buildings.

The agile wolf bared his teeth, cast a malicious glance at the lizard-headed giant towering over the others.

It was red from head to toe, and looked like it was decided to fry a huge crocodile well. He climbed between the two houses, and apparently intended to bring them down.

He crawled slowly, and all the lizard-headed birds surrounding him gave way to him.

“The fire lizard died …”, said Jian Yi, drawing attention to this lizardfish.

She could not let Mo Fang die, so in any case she had to help him.

And if you intervene, then of course it will be easier to catch the moment and use magic, in order to catch Mo Fanya alive.

“Come on, catch me! Well catch, creature, you’re just a stupid failed genetic experiment! There are so many people here, old buggers will be enough! ”, Teasing, Mo Fan himself climbed behind the fire lizard of death.

The new arrivals of lizard-headed animals are becoming more and more, Mo Fan can, using a lightning seal, draw a safe zone for himself. But the death lizards are not so simple, despite the fact that the fourth level of lightning printing is effective against the animals of the level of the pack leader, but then it is required to concentrate all power into one point.

“Agile wolf, you need to bring him here!” Said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan and the agile wolf work together perfectly, especially in similar battles.

But as soon as the agile wolf tried to lure the fire lizard of death to the right place, Jiang Yi intervened.

She immediately made it clear that she was better suited to the role of Mo Fang’s defense. But at the same time, regardless of the actions of Mo Fan, she should grasp him safely and securely.

Might Jiang And commensurate with the power of the current supreme judge Tang Yue, the nimble wolf did not dare to oppose her, Mo Fan also didn’t do anything more. He had to act in the old fashioned way: large agile wolf, small ones.

Without the help of an agile wolf, it became more difficult for the mute-headed to deal with the lizard-headed ones, and Mo Fang had to strain himself.

He, leaning on the collapsed building behind him, stood on a hill.

Going down was simply impossible. There are wide-set lizard-headed carpets.

Mo Fan, without respite, released magic, an enhanced lightning seal, not allowing monsters, gave him the opportunity to gradually move.

Magic can sometimes wipe out a huge number of monsters, but in the case of such a dense ring it is certain death for the magician. And if it were not for the lightning seal, paralyzing everyone twenty meters around, Mo Fan would have long been swallowed up by the abyss of lizards.

“Eh, my child, surrender. Although your seal of lightning is something out of the ordinary, it gives you the opportunity to fight alone against such a flock of pangs, but you will soon run out of magical energy. After that you will become the food for these countless hungry bellies. Surrender without resistance and perhaps you will live. The head said that you are the best material for the experiment, and despite the fact that no one had this element before, your chances are much higher, ”said Jian Yi, still trying to keep Mo Fanya from countless lizardheads.

Jiang Yi cannot approach the required distance, since it is worth taking into account that Mo Fan is able to react violently and decide to commit suicide. He is clearly one of those people that would die proudly rather than groaning.

Jiang Yi tried in every possible way to force Mo Fan to surrender. She could deal with all the lizard-blocking paths in an instant, but it is much more important to capture this kid alive and unharmed.

Mo Fan should not go to feed lizard. If he dies, then everything is gone. She hopes that he will reasonably judge everything, because if everything continues like this, then they will all die together. But if he surrenders, it is far from a fact that the experiment will certainly lead to his death.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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