Chapter 313. Bloody bead.


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Mo Fan could not believe Jiang I.

She stood nearby, with a look as if she was going to read morals. However, it should not be forgotten that two students, Zhao Ming Yue and Jing Jing, were brutally murdered by her.

Mo Fan believed that Jiang Yi had good faith inherent in all military mages, but her heart had already become dark.

Can you survive the experiment?

Do not joke. Mo Fan saw girls tormented by a parasite monster. Saw a monster-turned Xu Zhao Ting. Mo Fan has already met female magicians with such bright, rounded shapes that also possessed great magical powers.

However, most of all, Mo Fan hated such people, completely devoid of humanity, rolling in words to the right and left, showing their principles. Yeah, scum are scum, and animals are animals.

“If you continue to struggle with your last strength, if you still hesitate, then it will not work for me to save you!” Jiang Yi shouted loudly

“Yes, you are already doomed, and I’m still on my feet. If so skillful, come, capture me. Well, if you can not, then cease to carry nonsense non-stop! Damn it, are these lizards really animals with dragon’s blood? Dumb to ugliness! Did they appear by crossing with Liu Nyan? And then it looks as stupid as he is. You see, there are a lot of stupid, human flesh there, why did you come running here? ”, – Mo Fan stood on the ruins and shouted with enthusiasm. This helped him to ignore the feeling of imminent death.

Jiang Yi could not hold back a smirk.

And this guy swore quite well. To be able to mix with mud all, including dinosaurs, and even in a few phrases.

All right, let’s see how long you stand up, boy.

Monsters almost always used the same battle tactics. At first, the weakest animals were sent into battle: they exhausted people, then the beast of the level of the leader of the pack, such as the death lizard, entered the battle.

Now, just such a moment was soon to come. As soon as Mo Fan gets tired, a death lizard will appear, and then the young man will have to ask for mercy. At least this little fellow is not like those who die a heroic death.

“Experiments on the creation of a new element are really directly related to parasitic monsters and changes in the body of an object, but have nothing to do with the inhuman rituals of the Black Church. After the experiment is over, you will not die, but your body will be transformed, ”said Jiang Yi loudly.

“Do you know what the greatest weakness of a man and a magician is? None other than the body. Parasitic monsters can just fix this shortcoming, turning a person into something more. Therefore, we have conducted countless experiments and invented a bloody bead. After using the bloody bead, the magician acquires an incomparable power, one can say that the magician becomes half animal. And the beast is so powerful that it can kill other monsters with bare hands, without resorting to magic. ”

Jiang Yi continued to promote Mo Fang her ideas about the greatness of this experiment.

So that people can kill monsters with their bare hands?

This means that anyone can handle monsters. It also means that magicians will become truly invincible.

Liu Nian went crazy. All because the positive result of this experiment is too attractive. It can turn the world upside down.

That is why, in spite of the price that will have to be paid, in spite of the fact that the state has banned these experiments, in spite of the fact that people practicing this are persecuted on all continents, and even in spite of the fact that they are pursued by the hunters union, they are still continue the experiments!

“So since this is so cool, so why don’t you try the experiment on yourself? Such a good brainwasher like La Nyan will surely have a lot of madmen willing to do that! ”, Said Mo Fan with some delay. All the same, he had to kill the lizard giants.

“All previous objects were volunteers. And even though there were a lot of them, the experiment was still not crowned with success. Everyone who used the bloody bead either became dull animals or magically drained mummies, ”Jiang Yi continued

Mo Fang at this time had the opportunity to catch his breath. His agile wolf was finally able to drive away the death lizard and defended the young man, giving him the opportunity to rest.

While the student was resting, he looked at the defending Jiang & officers. After some time, Mo Fan said: “Since you love to give advice so much, come on and you will hear one. I offer you a new task. You will give birth to more spin-eats, and when they grow up, they will respect your ideals and ideas. After that, we will turn them into beasts. I just have connections with the Black Church, easily turn them into monsters. There just like them

“Don’t even think about comparing the Black Church, these bastards, and us!” Jiang Yi shouted

Maybe the girl herself has long understood that their actions are no different from the Black Church, but did not want to admit it. She is a holy military man!

Jiang Yi was breathing heavily, her face shook.

She knew how to perfectly control her emotions and looked at the battlefield with a cold-blooded gaze.

The lizard giants became more and more. If they want to cut their way, it will not be easy.

“The bloody bead consumes energy according to the level of the magician. If the magician is of an average level, then the bead will draw the energy of two nebulae … The spirit of the magicians does not withstand such a load, ”continued Jiang I.

“If the magical energy is absorbed too much, then the person will not withstand such a strong spiritual blow. If too little is absorbed, then this will not be enough to create a new element … ”

“That is why you were looking for me? A wizard with two elements? ”, Mo Fan smiled coldly.

That’s it. This bloody bead absorbs a huge amount of mage energy. From this energy and formed a new element.

At the initial level, the energy of a single star nebula will be required.

At the middle level, the energy of two nebulae of stars is required.

At a high level will require the energy of the three nebulae of stars.

Since this is a large percentage of the energy of a magician of any level, the chance that the object will not withstand the load is very large. As a result, many experimental subjects went crazy or turned into a dried mummy.

Since Mo Fan is a happy owner of two elements, he may have enough energy.

That is why he is the best material for the experiment!

“You have a very high probability of success. Even in case of failure, you have a chance not to die, ”continued Jiang I.

Time is short. She needed to quickly convince Mo Fan to surrender voluntarily. If this does not happen, then even she cannot guarantee that they will be able to get back alive …

“Did you say that to all the previous ones?” Asked Mo Fan.

Jiang Yi fell silent.

She did say these words to every person. She especially remembered her younger brother. He died a very painful death. His eyes were filled with hatred for his sister. Every night, she closes her eyes and sees that look full of hatred.

Just an experiment error?

This phrase was spinning in her head.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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