Chapter 314. Dangerous breakthrough


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Mo Fan glanced at the officers.

The military attracted the attention of an increasing number of lizards. Several death lizards fought with the military. If not for them, then these monsters would have killed Mo Fang.

It seemed that the lizard giants had no end or edge. It is now unclear how many animals he has awakened with his fiery fist. Animals from one lair crowded together and surrounded people.

Mo Fan was breathing heavily. He had enough magical power, except that his hands were not enough for all animals.

Lightning raged around the boy for twenty meters, which excluded the possibility of a sudden attack from the monsters. Only here the rest of the lizard giants took advantage of the fact that some of them paralyzed and began to approach.

Their teeth were already grinding nearby. With such huge tails, these monsters could easily break a man into pieces.

“Will not work! If it goes on like this, we are all doomed, ”said Mo Fan gritting his teeth and looked up at the sky.

“Agile wolf, win me some time. Don’t let anyone get close to me, ”said Mo Fan.

The agile wolf inspected the battlefield. Noticing that there were no monsters at the level of the pack leader nearby, the draft beast realized that they could fulfill Mo Fang’s request.

The animal nodded in agreement, as if to show Mo Fan: let you relax!

Mo Fan fully trusted the wolf and climbed the ruins, where he sat down in Turkish.

He began to cultivate. Now he had to make a bet again. His element of fire was reinforced in a three-stage tower. In addition, he had already received a lot of experience in battles and reached the third level of the average.

The young man was not embarrassed by the fact that he was in great danger; on the contrary, he believed that it was at such a moment when it was easy to die that he would manage to release his full potential.

Mo Fan engaged in a breakthrough, and all the dangers of this world temporarily placed on the shoulders of an agile wolf.

*** Howl ***

The agile wolf raised its face to the sky and howled.

The wind began to blow around the wolf, raising piles of stones and sand into the air. It was a “shock wave”! Only now she only vaguely resembled the previous one. Now the ability was much more powerful. Now the battlefield was soon to turn into a dust storm!

The storm instantly swallowed up part of the lizard giants.

The grains of sand are small, but they moved with such speed that they could easily pierce the wall, like small steel balls.

Small stones also brought the beasts instant death. The dust storm immediately turned red.

A billboard was torn down by streams of sand, stone and blood, causing it to fall to the ground. The wall of the store nearby was covered with holes of various sizes and turned yellow-bloody.

A group of lizard-like giants in a matter of seconds turned into a mountain of corpses. The storm struck them so cruelly that the blood flowed like a river. No matter how strong the skin of the monsters seemed, she could not withstand such a strong attack. Overnight there were a lot of corpses.

The agile wolf fought all this time with the help of his physical strength, did not use his abilities. Now, he instantly spent a lot of strength.

After the wolf used the “shock wave”, the beast was breathing heavily. Although the draft animal spent a lot of energy, the result was impressive. In one fell swoop, the wolf killed a dozen with a few lizard-headed giants.

Despite the fact that lizard-headed giants had thick skin, they walked in groups, which contributed to the rapid and mass murder.

Monsters around became slightly smaller, more precisely, to say, it became less than those who can move. The bodies have become much more.

The agile wolf very responsibly approached the task of Mo Fan and closely watched that there was nothing alive in a radius of twenty to thirty meters. For the sake of this task, the wolf even continued to use the “shock wave” for the mass extermination of the yasherogol giants.


Mo Fan knew that time is worth its weight in gold. The agile wolf will not be able to repel monster attacks for a long time.

The nebula of the element of fire in the spiritual world of the young man was still burning hot.

Only this fire was still not enough!

The flame must be brighter, more violent!

“I always treated you with understanding. Now your breakthrough is a matter of life and death. Do not be naughty at the Fat. Let’s expand your territory! ”Mo Fan told the stars, worrying for success.

Mo Fan finally focused on breaking through the nebula.

The young man concentrated all his spiritual energy and began to direct it into the nebula of the element of fire.

The nebula used directed energy to expand its own boundaries.

It is at this moment that magicians need to make a spiritual attack.

If the blow is powerful enough, it will destroy the boundary and increase the nebula, which will increase the stars and increase magical powers.

Mo Fang had time to spare. He could only try to make a breakthrough several times. If you fail, you will have to surrender to a psychotic girl.

Why give up?

For Mo Fan, death is the worst option that he can choose only last.

*** Wolf howl ***

The agile wolf began to howl, trying to awaken Mo Fang.

It was easy for an animal to kill lizard-like creatures, mass extermination attracted the attention of a death lizard.

The agile wolf will have to completely distract from the battle with the animals of the level of the pack leader, which means that he will not be able to defend Mo Fang from attacks. And in this state, the young man will immediately be eaten by monsters.

Meanwhile, Jiang Yi herself had already entered the battle.

They had more people here, and therefore lizard-like creatures were also bigger. If a woman now does not intervene in the battle, then victims may appear.

However, Jiang Yi managed to notice the dangerous situation in which Mo Fan was now.

“This guy just has something wrong with his head. Make a breakthrough in such a place! Damn you! ”, – Jiang bit her lip.

She could not let him die. She would never let him die. He is the only hope for the success of the experiment.

“The officer…”

“Officer Jiang!”

Several military men noticed that Jiang Yi left their battlefield and immediately screamed.

“You don’t have to worry about me. Protect yourself, and I will go save him. Keep running! Make me a way there! ”, Jiang Y. gave orders



Officers podnapryaglis and helped kill the monsters separating the woman and Mo Fanya.

At the moment when Jiang Yi made her way a hundred meters long, she noticed the flames that appeared. The fire appeared near the ruins and immediately took the form of a rose.

The flames lit up the streets filled with lizard-like giants in bright red.

Jiang Yi raised her head and noticed that the flame surrounding the young man’s body is now radically different from the previous one …

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