Chapter 315. Fiery fist of nine palaces.


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“How? How did he manage to make a breakthrough? ”, Said Jiang Yi in astonishment.

Even among the military there would be no one who would dare to do such things right in the middle of a battle with monsters. It is worth noting that to make a breakthrough is required to fully focus on this matter. Even the slightest disturbance can be decisive.

There were about a hundred lizard-headed giants around him, each of whom fiercely wished the death of a young man.

Wasn’t he afraid that his agile wolf would miss at least one creature? Was he not afraid that if he did not succeed? Is he not afraid of his almost inevitable death?

The flame that the ruins had was ready to devour everything around. Mo Fan was burning with his whole body. His silhouette was supposedly covered with magma, which made it seem even more violent and harsh.

“Man, you did well, leave the rest to me!” Said Mo Fan and smiled. This smile looked very wild against a burning body.

The wolf, having heard the words of the young man, went back to the owner.

Mo Fan controlled the stormy flame with the power of thought alone. The young man easily stopped the languages raging around the flames. After a moment, the obedient fire concentrated in the young man’s right hand.

The young man’s hand seemed to plunge into a stream of really hot, burning flame.

“Rose of Flame!”

“Fire fist!”

The face of the young man was orange from the fire. Even the pupils acquired an unusual, fiery color.

After a moment, Mo Fan slammed his fists into the ground, freeing the accumulated power.

The power of fire poured into the surface of the earth with tremendous speed. Immediately after that, cracks appeared on the surface. It seemed that the earth would not stand and split in this huge area.

“… nine palaces!”

Mo Fan shouted, putting all of himself into these words. In the end, the power of the spell reached a critical point, and the huge hundred-meter square covering the entire battlefield turned into a large number of monstrous pillars of fire.

The first pillar of fire appeared around Mo Fan.

The second one appeared ahead, a little further away. It seemed that about thirty meters from Mo Fang, everything was destroyed by fire.

The third pillar appeared right behind Mo Fan, closing up a row of pillars of fire.

“Come on,” a scream sounded.

Suddenly, pillars of flame also appeared on the left and right of Mo Fang. The previous ones that were ahead, about and behind the young men had time to go out.

The flame destroyed all the monsters in front of and behind Mo Fang within a radius of one hundred meters. Not a single monster that fell into the fire survived.

After the second wave of fire, a third one appeared, creating several more pillars. The bodies of the animals in a few moments turned into ashes. Moreover, the voracious flame did not spare even the already dead bodies of lizard-headed giants.

Nine palaces!

Here they are, the nine pillars of the flame, which are called the nine palaces!

All the pillars of the flame were painted bright red in the color of the flame rose. For a moment, all the monsters around, dead or alive, turned to ashes. The fire even climbed onto the roofs of five to six buildings. Against the backdrop of such a frightening picture, lizard-headed giants seemed unbearably pitiful.

Jiang Yi also reached the third stage of the average level of magic, but her spells were weaker because they were not amplified by any seeds.

Mo Fan’s seed added a lot of power to the fiery fist. Most likely the whole lair of the lizard giants was destroyed in one second.

Just a few moments ago, monsters surrounded their dense ring. Now, around them was scorched earth and endless emptiness. There were no more pieces of meat, bone, or any other parts of the bodies of the monsters on the ground. All that was on earth was a huge amount of ashes.

In addition to the usual lizard-like giants of the servant level, a death lizard also fell into the affected area of the spell. The flame is very strong, but not powerful enough to instantly kill the beast of the pack leader. The skin of the lizard quickly charred, and he ran away with his tail between his legs.

If the animal had not left the affected area in time, then in a few seconds it would have divided the lot of weaker brethren.

All lizard-headed giants in this area obeyed the death lizard. However, having seen their leader cowardly fleeing from the battlefield, they were stunned. None of the animals in a hurry to run forward, to attack the humans. Who would want to run into the clutches of his death?

“This is our chance! Run! ”Said Mo Fan, seeing that the monsters are not in a hurry to attack, and jumped on his wolf’s back.

The fact that the spell cleared the battlefield was good for the recruiting monster. The agile wolf jumped over the ruins and ran to the nearest building …

His drafted wolf ran to the building, and the lizard-headed giants surviving miraculously followed him. Rows of sharp teeth were constantly trying to chop off a piece of wolf’s tail, but they did not succeed. Mo Fan seriously worried that now the monsters would be able to catch the draft animal by the tail, but the wolf managed to dodge at the last moment. Lizard-like creatures gritted their teeth – they were left with nothing. The whole action lasted no more than three seconds, but Mo Fan managed to experience both fear for the wolf and horror from the chase and excitement. The young man, just in case, removed his legs so that they were not accidentally touched.

“Spinning, do not play with fire, scared me very much!”

The agile wolf turned off this street, a huge shadow immediately fell on the young man and the draft animal. It is good that there were few lizard-like creatures on this street.

Caught in such a deaf place, Mo Fan first of all decided to send the agile wolf back to the recruiting world. Now the young man can easily use the “escape shadow” to move.

Just now, Mo Fan looked to the sky. No, the young man did not want to enjoy the beauty of the sky before dying; he wanted to wait until the sun came out from behind the clouds. Without the rays of the sun, he can not use the element of the shadow to move!

And if there is light, there will be shadows.

Mo Fan went to a deaf place and immediately used the “escape of the shadow”. Right at that very moment, lizard-headed giants appeared. The young man had time and did not face them face to face.

On the street not far from here, the sounds of fighting were heard, and the lizard-headed giants hurried to check what was there. They did not see where Mo Fan and his wolf had gone. And even more so they were not disturbed by the strange shadow moving between the shadows of the buildings.

The animals ran to the noise and soon came to the place where their relatives killed. There were military magicians.

Jiang Yi noticed that Mo Fan turned off this road, but while they fought off the monsters, while they were able to check the parallel streets, Mo Fang was gone …

Mo Fan just fell through the ground!

He just turned into the next street, and the lizard-headed giants returned and attacked them, as if there was no Mo Fang a few seconds ago.

“Ran away?” – Jiang Yi could not believe her eyes, however, in this quarter there were only monsters and nobody else

It is worth noting that this young man had once escaped from the city of Bo, figured out with representatives of the Black Church in Shanghai. Jiang Yi thought that this is the will of chance, nothing more. Only now she believed that fate and luck had nothing to do with it.

She could not find Mo Fang.

Intuition told the woman that Mo Fan concealed some force, not otherwise. She could use special skills to find a young man, but it is not possible to use it at the moment. The battle with the lizard giants that had broken out was so serious that it was unclear whether they could survive!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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