Chapter 317. The starry place of a high-level mage


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Chapter 317. The starry place of a high-level mage

Liu Nian stood on the back of an eagle, and looked into the stubby face of the rider of this bird.

Zhan Kon?

Is this the guy who is in charge of the southern military corps? What does he care about what is going on at Dutinha?

Everything that happens is strictly classified, how did the military manage to find out about it, not really someone from the runaway students already managed to get across?

Impossible, otherwise it would mean that they had with them some means of communication. And to get to the military corps so quickly will not get any ground transportation. The fact that Zhan Kon just happened to be close by is even more incredible.

Liu Nian bared his teeth. The cigarette in his hands was trembling, he could only provoke: “You’re just a pathetic army garbage that didn’t cope in the city of Bo, how are you going to confront me alone, Zhan Kon? You knew for a long time that this guy immediately aroused two elements and hid it, doesn’t it mean that you had your plans for him? ”

“Nonsense! You think that all people are the same scum as you, and are ready to use any means … To pay bloody prices, to use innocent people like this kid. I feel sick of you putting pressure on a student in such ways. If your parents found out about what you were doing, they would certainly ask you a good spanking, ”said Zhan Kon, trying not to go on a serious swearing word.

He, too, was angry. Zhan Kon noticed long ago that Liu Nian was obsessed with Mo Fang, and would certainly try to grab him.

Who knew that Liu Nan would go crazy, go to practice with students, and decide to kill everyone who witnessed what was happening.

These students are the elite of their universities, with great potential in the future, but due to ambitions Liu Nanny will eventually find death in these ruins.

The military for so many years did not see bastards like this!

“Zhan Kon, do you really think you can stop me?” Liu Nian laughed.

Since the case was publicized, well, nice. Perhaps this is for the better, there are no military ranks, and you no longer have to worry about a bunch of small things. Those who commit great acts of shackles to anything.

“Send them to feed that thing,” said Liu Nian, looking at the mountain in the distance, where a huge creature had just awakened, the corners of his mouth rose in a cruel smirk.

“There … there is a dragon winged lizard,” the officer said, with a trembling voice.

With his finger, Liu Nian pointed to the top of the mountain, which was the highest point above all the ruins, where the “supreme ruler” of this place sat – the giant dycoon.

Just take and send these four students to feed the dragon-winged lizard? Is it too cruel? In addition, if you fly too close, then perhaps this monster will eat it along with an eagle.

“You dare to disobey the order?” Liu Nian looked angrily.

“No, not at all,” said the officer, squeezed out of himself, instilled by the army, turning the eagle toward the mountain.


In the leather network, Bai Tin Tin’s face turned white. Zhao Man Yan, Mu Nin Jiao may not have met this dragon-winged lizard, but she met.

The eagle flew to the monster, and although it was still more than one block away, Bai Ting Ting was already in a cold sweat.

“What is this?”, Zhao Man Yan was staring in amazement at the top of the mountain from the leather net.

“This is … This is the beast that devoured the magical monster plant,” said Bai Ting Ting, with a shudder in her voice.

Is he really?

Over time, I ate a magical monster plant …

It was difficult for them to cope with a magical plant monster, so this dragon-winged lizard is their death.

They would prefer to die crashing, falling from a height than to become a ration of this dragon-winged.


“Liu Nyan, you really went crazy. Enough, don’t make that mistake again, ”Zhan Kon shouted with anger.

“Zhan Kon, do not think that the world, as before, revolves around you. You do remember that there is a man in the Tianshan rift waiting for you. Come on, take courage, and go after her corpse! ”, Liu Nian laughed with bestial madness.

Zhan Kon frowned, as if something had pierced his heart. Eyes filled with thirst for murder.

Bes seemed to enjoy this kind of Zhan Kona, still laughing.

“The tiny town of Bo, a herd of stupid magical wolves, but you still could not repel the attack, again making it clear what a wretched you are, and I really felt sorry for you!”

Zhan Kona flinched, all his muscles tightened, and the scar, looked like an open mouth.

“Now you think again that you will show your courage and courage, you will become a holy justice, funny, yes, funny? Look at those students, so innocent, so miserable, if they survive will become the backbone of the state. Come on, if you really can, step over my body, come to the rescue of them, prove that you are not rubbish! But in fact, you are still nothing, trash to the bone! ”, The words of Liu Nan were terrible to hear.

Any measure of anger has reached its limit.

Zhan Kon stood with a stony face. He raised his finger and pointed at Liu Nan, his voice sounded powerful and convincing: “I don’t have the opportunity to do this, but I will never accept the fate.”

The disaster of the city of Bo, his heavy duty, a winged ash wolf, a black church, and not shed enough blood for wolves, not to atone for the sins of the black church.

And today, he, Zhan Kon swears that he will execute Liu Nan, will clear the honor of the military, and even death is no excuse.

The wings flapped under the gust of wind. The first priority is to save four students sent to be devoured by the dragon-winged lizard. Zhan Kon quickly put on the wings of the wind, and turned into a small point in the sky, randomly cutting circles.

“Mountain eye!”

How could Liu Niang let Zhan Kon go. On the way around him began to appear a brilliant constellation, completely covered with complex lines.

The constellations made a star map, all this was poured with a huge variety of colors. In the end, all this around Liu Nan was six different constellations.

The brown constellation was extremely difficult, but Liu Nian skillfully arranged and painted all the stars as needed.

This Bes really set in motion the magic of high level land!

“Get stoned!”

He spat out the spell. In an instant, the light blue sky was covered with a gray dome.

Stone specks filled the air, white clouds suddenly became clay and began to crumble.

Clouds petrified, and people even more?

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