Chapter 318. This is a bloody bead


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Before that, Mo Fan saw Zhan Kona completely different: he had a pair of wind wings behind his back, which had rather impressive outlines. Now, behind him, there were already two pairs of wings, between which there were moving air currents, and they could not be seen without a closer look.

Zhan Kon used his four wings, which wrapped themselves forward to form a cocoon to protect themselves.

Gray-white dust particles were approaching, but the wind element inflated this gray dust, creating a protective air whirl.

Zhan Kon, who was in his wing defense, began to release the magic of fire. Wind was not its main element. The fire was his real strength. Faced with Liu Nyan, he had no doubts.

The asterisk behind the asterisk, flashing fiery red, formed into constellations. Constellations, one after another, created a stellar elemental system of the average level.

The space of connected star systems formed a star cloud. Zhan Kon held on proudly throughout the process, as if the master of all living things, he controlled magic, which carried in itself a tremendous destructive power!

Star cloud!

As long as Zhan Kon let out high-level magic, he hovered in the air. Slowly he raised his hands and the magical ring of fire formed by the star cloud of the element of fire rose into the sky.

The fiery ring rose to the sky and gradually hung over the whole area, creating a spectacle of indescribable beauty …

“Burial celestial flame!”

All this time, Zhan Kon arrogantly stared at Liu Nan. With his own hands, Zhan Kon controlled a fiery ring that cut through the sky and with a terrible thunder brought it down!

A fiery red sky over the area flaming down the fiery layer! This spell is called “burial,” because countless fragments of fire, which collapse along with the firmament, bring destruction to everything that is in their way, turning huge surroundings into a pile of ashes and ashes.

And although the main purpose of this spell was Liu Nian, the numerous lizard-headed giants that were below, in the blink of an eye, turned into dust …

The destructive power of this magic was so huge that it cleaned up the entire street, which swarmed with servant-level creatures …

Mo Fang, who was on the ground, did not have time to contemplate the deadly battle of Liu Nan and Zhan Kon.

Throwing his head high, Mo Fan from the last of his strength followed the eagle, which flew to the top of the mountain.

Zhan Kon was busy exterminating Liu Nan, so Bai Ting Ting, Mu Nu Jiao, Zhao Man Yanu and Mu Ning Xue, who gradually approached their death sentence, could not come to the rescue. Observing this picture from the side, Zhan Kon imagined what was supposed to happen now in Mo Fang’s heart.

What to do?

How can they be saved?

Ahead was the boundless sea of lizard-headed ones, and it is not yet clear whether it will be possible to overcome them …

Dragon Lizard woke up!

At the top of the mountain that props the sky, the airspace was cut by two huge wings of this newly awakened monster.

The dragon winged lizard opened its half-staring eyes, yawned with its huge mouth, from which a swirling air flow was heard …

He lowered his head down to see what his relatives are doing. Seeing that they were preparing to eat, the pupils of the lizard moved. All his charges hostilely watched what flew in the air …

Dragon-winged lizard stared at the white eagle soaring in the skies and at the people that were in its networks.

He eagerly licked his lips, looking forward to the meal, at the same time indignant about how this eagle dared to fly into his possession.

At that time below, Mo Fan was already approaching this place …

The lizard-head was not considered, but Mo Fan simply could not be afraid, he was confidently approaching a huge mountain …

However, this huge lizard-level commander-in-chief, who with one bite destroyed the magic monster plant, all this time was looking only at the eagle nets, or rather their contents …

“You are going to sure death …”

At that moment, when Mo Fan stopped for a moment to breathe, a female voice was heard from the nearby ruins.

Looking around the neighborhood, he realized that it was Jiang I.

The stubbornness of this woman was simply amazing: having passed through the thick of the lizard-headed, having lost half of her officer corps, she herself received numerous bodily injuries – it seemed that they had absolutely no strength left to fight.

“If you dare to stop me, I will destroy you all!” – Mo Fan with cold eyes looked at what was left of the detachment of this militant woman.

He now had no opportunity to deal with these fighters, all his thoughts were busy saving their friends!

“Even if you do not take into account all these lizard-headed ones … As soon as you appear in front of the dragon-winged lizard, with one stroke of its claws it will release your guts, condemning you to death” – this time Jiang didn’t argue with Mo Fane, but simply put fact.

“Why are you telling me this? Or are you already so out of your mind that you want to go there instead of me? ”- Mo Fan no longer chose expressions.

He used bloody boots to go half the way here, as a result, the action of bloody boots had already dried up.

Ahead of him, a two-kilometer crowd waited for lizard-headed birds. Mo Fan himself did not understand how he was going to resolve this situation.

Even if Mo Fan gets to the dragon-winged, Zhan Kon, engaged in a showdown with Liu Nan, cannot help. It was as if Liu Nian specifically made Mo Fang alone to face all of this!

“Our commander-in-chief has already flown completely off the coils,” said Jiang I. with confidence in her eyes.

Liu Nian has changed a lot, becoming a psycho!

And if earlier he was simply obsessed with completing this experiment to create a new element, now he was filled with barbarous desire to kill!

But in fact, Jiang Yi knew about his madness even before they embarked on this mission.

“You yourself understand perfectly well that they will not be able to escape alive from the clutches of the dragon-winged lizard. And even if Zhan Kon is ready there, he will not be able to save them either, ”Jiang Yi continued to say.

Mo Fan continued to fight senselessly.

He will not be able to walk these two kilometers, strewn with lizards, and will not be able to save his four friends.

“Shut up!” He swore.

The flames sparkled uncontrollably around Mo Fan, and even electric lightning shook in the air – this happens when the magician is experiencing a strong emotional shock.

Jiang Yi saw that this young magician did not want to give up to the last, intending to break into this crowd of huge lizards!

“Are they so important to you?” Asked the officer.

Mo Fan did not answer.

This question did not even arise in his head. All this time she was busy thinking about how to kill all these creatures and get to the dragon-winged.

They dare not touch a hair of any of them!

“Mo Fan, if you really want to save them …” – in the eyes of Jiang I flashed a thought that she herself did not dare believe.

Opening her palm in front of Mo Fan, she said: “This is a bloody bead.”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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