Chapter 319. New Element – Demonic Element!


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“You’d better take this patient away from me, otherwise I’ll destroy you all!” – Mo Fan didn’t want to listen to the officer’s chatter. He calmly decided to climb the mountain while the dragon-winged lizard is in a half asleep state!

“If you want to save them, then this is your only way out,” Jiang Yi said in a calm tone.

On her soiled palm lay a blood-red bead the size of a drop of water. She did not possess any luminosity inherent in a particular element, but Jiang Yi was firmly convinced that this bead has tremendous hidden energy!

The Magic Association of the Five Continents did not want to recognize this subject, but by that time the state government had completely banned any research on the bloody bead.

She possessed such enormous demonic power, which increased each time. She carried a threat to humanity because she belonged to the demonic element …

But how can you separate her depravity from the true power?

Bloody bead only strengthens …

For example, if a person who can control it has a bead, then only he decides in which direction her enormous energy will be channeled!

A born magician of two elements … At his average level of magic, he already has three elements. Brave and fearless. Jiang And in fact, has not yet met such a magician who managed to make a breakthrough, being surrounded by such a crowd of monsters!

Jiang Yi was sure that Mo Fan around the world was the only magician who could control the new element.

“Even if all this happened because of us, then we are ready to appear before a magical court and incur the deserved punishment. But you and your friends … You should not become victims of this business. And now you are faced with a difficult choice: either you rush headlong into this lair and die, or you can crush this bead. Well, or you can just turn around and leave, and this will mean that those people in leather nets are not so important to you. ”- Jiang Yi said this with an open palm, allowing Mo Fang to see what this bead actually looks like .

Turn around and leave?

Mo Fan looked at the eagle, which had already flown to the top of the lair.

If Mo Jia Xing was in the networks, Mo Fan would not hesitate for a second if Xing Xia was there, Mo Fan would also rush there without hesitation.

And what about them?

Even having calmed down, Mo Fan, on the one hand, was tormented by the desire to save them, and on the other, by the fear of the crowd of these lizards!

Mo Fang’s head had a single thought all this time: no one could deal with this den, well, except for this demon, Liu Nan, or the dragon-winged lizard!

“Let’s get the damn bead over here!” – Mo Fan finally finally answered Jiang I.

“We call it demonic magic, it can also be called a demonic element from the category of dark magic” – Jiang Yi passed a bloody drop to Mo Fang.

Mo Fang did not have time for empty talk, especially since he did not have time to figure out what this thing is called.

In her hand she looked like a frozen drop of blood, and even looked like glass. In appearance, he would need to use the power of both hands to try to crush it.

“You are a magician of two elements from nature, you can use three nebulae, which means your internal resources are enough for a bloody bead. In addition, you have an element of appeal … According to our experiment number 788, after the demonization is completed, your heart will beat in response to the heartbeat of your draft animal, something like a blood fusion with your animal will occur, which will also affect the blood system of your wolf – Jiang Yi quickly whispered this in Mo Fang’s ear.

Mo Fan generally listened to everything, he just looked at the dragon-winged monster, who was already almost fully awake. It’s good that the monster’s attention was attracted by the confrontation of two high-level wizards – Zhan Kon and Liu Nan. Otherwise, with one stroke of his wing, he would already be next to Mu Ning Xue and the others.

Mo Fan bit his teeth through a bead. This movement made Jiang Yi go numb.

The rest of the magicians, who stood at a distance, seeing that Mo Fan was cracking a bloody bead, immediately changed their faces. They seemed to witness with their own eyes the birth of demonic magic, their eyes filled with horror.

After that, a thick bloody mist surrounded Mo Fan’s body …

Jiang Yi hurried to go as far as possible – she knew firsthand how terrible this bloody fog was.

The bloody mist was like a living … Slowly, it was as if he was looking at something, like a gin released from a magic lamp. As if judging the taste of his new victim …

Sharply the whole fog literally entered the pores of Mo Fan.

Mo Fan did not understand what was happening. At that moment, when he decided to look at his body, strange metamorphoses began to happen to him.

His pupils have changed – they have become so bottomless, able to fit the whole sky in themselves … Of the black ones, they became mysteriously silvery, and then fiery … and then violet!

His hair began to grow at a breakneck pace, becoming pale white, like the mane of his agile wolf!

Mo Fan’s skeleton began to grow with a crunch, and muscles grow. This all brought him incredible torment, it was evident that he was also subjected to a powerful spiritual influence … At this time, sharp blades and fangs appeared in his mouth …

The bloody mist completely dissipated, and a strange stain appeared on Mo Fana, located not far from the officer … All this time, bloody patterns constantly crept out on his body, and the stain became like an embryo, which developed at a tremendous speed! Gradually, the spot has become the shadow of an ominous wolf!

“The agile wolf … He was undoubtedly influenced too. The blood of a draft animal is changed for stronger control by the mage. In addition, the animal’s blood begins to pulsate with even greater force. ”Jiang Yi uttered it, looking at this shadow.

The bloody patterns on the body of Mo Fan became more and more. In their outlines, they were very much like the designs of an agile wolf.


Out of Mo Fang’s mouth, a beastly roar rang out. His body under the bloody designs retained human outlines, but now his breath has become simply demonic!

A pair of human eyes, long white hair – everything was soaked through with a demonic aura!

His bare feet left behind charred marks …

Countless lightning surrounded the whole body, which created just a killer image.

And the wolf’s shadow that followed behind his back, once again said that he is the master of dark magic!

People always like to invent non-existent monsters, making a collective image of all the demonic things they know.

But demonic magic is not like that!

Four completely different forces merged at their apogee in Mo Fan’s body, forming the image of demonic magic from ancient scrolls …

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